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Ptp 2011 brochure 4 20-11

  1. 1. SPIRITUAL weekend August 12–18, 2011Sevierville Events Center • 202 Gists Creek Road • Sevierville, TN 37862
  2. 2. SPIRITUAL weekend Friday–Sunday, August 12–14, 2011 Great Smoky Mountains • Sevierville, Tennessee • Events Center $125 per person (children/teens free when attending with parents) Popular Features Diverse Speakers of One Gospel • Beautiful singing, meaningful Dr. Jason McKeown, David Henry worship MD Anesthesiologist Jamaican Songleader • Ten class choices each hour Michael Houts Roy Williams Former Atheist/MIT Grad High School Coach –tracks for preachers, elders, Alan Highers Joe Wells deacons, youth workers, mem- Federal Judge/Editor Youth Speaker, Kaio Editor bers, families, teens, children, Michael Shepherd Marlene Howell and two tracks for women The Walking Bible Registered Nurse • Bible teachers workshop/Make Burt Jones Janie Craun and Takes Islam Scholar Editor, Christian Woman • “Tentmakers”–sessions for bivo- Loy Mitchell And Many More! Missionary cational preachers Matt Vega • Evangelism Panel/Tips Law Professor • Hot Button Issues • Hispanic classes (in Spanish) • Homeschool classes/resources • Public school classes • Free marriage/family counseling • Teen classes, devotionals, and social activities • Children’s VBS-style classes • Children meet Digger Doug! • Childcare available • Extensive bookstore/exhibits • Discounted lodging (as low as $30/night)2 See to register
  3. 3. From The DirectorsPTP is for EVERY member of the Lord’s church.We have done all within our power to assemble a life-changing event to refresh thespirits of those who are laboring in the Lord’s vineyard. Practical topics. Outstandingspeakers. Convenient lodging. Beautiful locale. Extracurricular bonuses. Great sing-ing. Multiple class choices each hour. Wide-ranging themes. Ministry Resources.Discounted hotel and free fellowship meals.Do you need a spiritual boost? Spend a week or weekend with us recharging in theGreat Smoky Mountains! THE POWER OF AN IDEA Polishing the Pulpit began with three friends getting together to brainstorm sermon ideas. We soon invited a few other friends and someone said, “This is great! We should tell others.” We did and invited a speaker to discuss sermon preparation and give sample sermons. Interest increased; more speakers were invited. We moved to a hotel conference area. We dreamed big. “Let’s invite the best speakers in the brotherhood and see who we can get.” They came. Wives wanted in, so we added women’s classes. While these great speakers were assembled in one place, we decided to offer classes for elders. They loved it. People began coming from all over the country. Youth workers and deacons became interested. We added tracks for them. PTP moved to a large event center in the Smoky Mountains. Attendance ap- proached 1000. Christians from other nations began coming. “Why don’t you have classes for regular members?” we were asked. So we added a Spiritual Renewal Weekend, as well as tracks for members, teens, and children. Attendance surpassed 2000. That brings us to 2011. The largest PTP ever is in the works—122 speakers, 10 concurrent sessions each hour, 426 separate classes spread over seven days. Our attendance goal is 2500. What does God have in store for PTP now? Come and see! | 3
  4. 4. 2 Events ________ in 1! Gain: Table of Contents Spiritual Renewal Weekend 8 • A few highlights + Polishing the Pulpit 10 • Features and attractions __________________ 12 • A greater value than ever = Recharged Christian 13 • Bring a group to PTP Cost: 14 • Tracts 18 • Classes for children and teens SRW $125 22 • Event Center map + PTP $200 ____________ 24 • Schedule = Both: $200 50 • Horario e Información del Taller Hispano What? 51 • Workshop information 52 • Can’t afford to come? Yes, you can come for 54 • Ten creative ways to cut costsboth events for one price! 56 • Host church information Register online ahead of time 57 • Lodging to get the best deal: 58 • FAQs 60 • PTP purpose statement 61 • Regsitration form (now you can register and pay online!) 63 • Speakers check for schedule updates4
  5. 5. RECHARGE Your Batteries! • 122 speakers from 13 states • 10 class choices each hour • 476 class topics • 7 days/ 66 hours of instruction Something for everyone!Renew Your Mind! • Practical lessons • Outstanding speakers • Sound doctrine • Enjoyable fellowship refresh Your Spirit! • Emphasis on personal spiritual growth • Beautiful singing, invigorating worship • Practical lessons and free resources • Come alone or bring your family (childcare, children’s classes, and youth activities available) • Enjoy the Great Smoky Mountains, outlet shopping, great restaurants, golf, and recreational choices | 5
  6. 6. What People Are Saying Your cup will be filled; bring extras! The greatest lectureship/preacher semi- — Robert Guinn, Collinsville, IL nar in the brotherhood today. — David McCain, Mt. Pleasant, TX You get a true sense that there is hope for the future.— Steve Simmons, Cape Produced the encouragement I need Girardeau, MO working in the North where the church is more sparse that in the South. The most profitable place on the face of . . . I have no intention of ever missing this globe that I could have spent a week one again. of my life. — Gary Bennett, Grand Island, NE — Ken Upchurch, Hattisburg, MS The singing brought tears nearly every Helped me see that the church is alive and service. well in America! — Debbie Bumbalough, Nashville, TN — Phil Rembleski, elder, Rescue, CA Without doubt, the most encouraging The women’s sessions are extremely event I attend . . . extremely practical and valuable. Every year I think it cannot be relevant. — Chuck Webster, Hoover, AL improved upon, but you do it. — Sandy Vanhorn, Waldorf, MD A once-in-a-lifetime experience we get to enjoy once a year. Superbly organized with exceptional — Bob Prichard, Oxford, AL speakers addressing real-to-life, real-to- ministry topics. This was my first year My kids have already discussed things and I look forward to next year with they’re willing to give up so we can great anticipation. come every year! — David Sproole, West Palm Beach, FL — Sandi Smith, Ft. Worth, TX Reaffirmed my faith and made me want While it takes money to attend, the truth to do more for Christ. is, you can’t afford not to go. — Gwyne McIntyrwe, Memphis, TN — Roger Scully, High Point, NC PTP benefits my work greater than any Never underestimate the power of one other thing I do—from sermon aids, thing you take home from PTP. As a marriage enrichment, to being spiritually result of the suggestion to use Searching uplifting! — Gary Williams, Tupelo, MS for the Truth, there are 17 precious souls in our home congregation today that The greatest uplifting, faith-building were not there last year. To God be the experience this side of eternity. glory! — David Olive, Rogersville, AL — Kim Melott, New Martin, WV Helped the church to become “small- The statement “renew, refresh, recharge” er,” more intimate for me. — Rick . . . is true. — Ricky Phillips, Martin, TN Brumback, Austin, TX6
  7. 7. I enjoy much and learned much and One of the finest programs among us . . .meet sound preachers. the lessons are always biblical, relevant,— Bonthra Esudas, India and very helpful. — Wendell Winkler (1931 – 2005)My wife and I make it our vacation eachyear now that our children are all grown. Polishing the Pulpit provides an opportu-— Fred Nowell, York, PA nity for workers for the Lord to get their spiritual “batteries” recharged. The en-One of the most encouraging moments couragement, enthusiasm generated byof my life. PTP carry over to a congregation from the— Johnny Ramsey (1930 – 2006) renewal preachers, elders, and their wives, and other church workers experience.I have spoken on a lot of lectureships, — Tom Holland, Columbia, TNbut I can honestly say I have never en-joyed one more than this one. After each session, I say just give us ten— George Bailey, Dallas, TX more minutes, and after each PTP clo- sure, I say just give us one more day . . .There is nothing else like it. . . . If I could — Stacy Rogers, Pontotoc, MSgo to only two ‘brotherhood’ eventsper year, I would attend the Freed- Having come from Australia where theHardeman Lectureship in February and church is small and limited in resources,Polishing the Pulpit in August. . . . No PTP broadened my outlook of thematter how many other programs you church and rekindled my desire to reachattend, do not miss this one. — Alan out to people . . . It has been a life-Highers, Spiritual Sword, Editor changing experience. — Chantelle Swayne, AustraliaFantastic opportunity . . . speakers aresound; the material is rich.— Wayne Jackson, Christian CourierWonderfully organized. Great lessons.Solid, sound, heaven-saved, down-to-earth preachers . . . by offeringa teens’ tract, classes for our youngchildren, homeschooling lectures, greataccommodations, getting tobe in the mountains, PTP simply offersmore. — Eric Lyons, Montgomery, ALMost influential event we attend.— Glenn/Cindy Colley, Putting theMusic Back in Marriage Seminars | 7
  8. 8. A FEW HIGHLIGHTS View from the Events Center 59 New Speakers – PTP stays fresh by The Professor – Luke Griffin’s training rotating presenters each year. Of this is as a research librarian, and for several year’s 122 speakers, half didn’t speak at years he worked as both a professor PTP last year. and government documents expert. His series includes, “A Librarian Looks at The Doctor – Dr. Jason McKeown is a Numerology in the Bible,” and, “Before faithful Christian and an anesthesiolo- You Go To College: The Comparative gist at UAB, the prestigious Birmingham Religion Class.” research hospital. His popular lecture series on medical issues and diseases The (Former) Atheist – Michael Houts in the Bible is both informative and gave up atheism for Christianity at faith-building. MIT. His new series includes “A NASA Scientist Looks at the Age of the Earth,” The Lawyer – Matt Vega is a law “A NASA Scientist Looks at the Stars,” professor at Jones School of Law and a “God’s Fingerprints Are Everywhere,” graduate of Yale Law School. No strang- and “The Cosmological Argument for er to PTP, Matt has a new series on the the Existence of God.” Credibility, Admissibility, and Relevence of the Gospel narratives.8
  9. 9. Bounce Class – Youth workers have achance to “bounce” ideas off of DavidShannon and share with each otherwhat is working for them.By the Numbers – Outside-the-boxthinking is one thing that sets PTP apart.This year we expand the ever popular 7Minutes of Wisdom (including a ladies’version); add in 15 minutes of visionand a 2-for-1 teen class; and start 40/40classes (40 seats/40 minutes).From Spiritual Disciplines to SexIssues to Addiction Recovery –Cliff Goodwin challenges us to renewour passion for God in the privacy ofclosets. Joe Wells shows how cultureis challenging the church. Not foryounger ears, but handled with discre-tion, this year we will tackle “Sex Issues:The Tough Stuff” for those who needmore information that can be coveredin Sunday school. The Mt. Juliet (TN) Shadowlandchurch has developed an astonishing Burt Jones lectures across the countryAddiction Recovery program. Join Jaime on Islam. At PTP, he will cover suchHarper for the series called, “Restoring topics as:Sanity: Overcoming Real Life Struggles What is Jihad?Through Godly Solutions.” The origin of IslamHonor to Whom Honor – Robert R.Taylor, Jr., has long been recognized The status of women in Islamas a brotherhood gentleman scholar, Is their god our God?preacher, writer, and defender of thefaith. We are pleased to present him this What is the Qu’ran?year’s Lifetime Service Award. Who was Mohammad?Greybeard’s Forum – Always memo- What is Shar’ia?rable, this popular last-day event hasbecome a “must see” for PTP regulars. | 9
  10. 10. FEATURES AND ATTRACTIONS Sevierville is the gateway into Entertainment the Great Smoky Mountains. Entertainment in the area includes The Great Smoky Mountains Park is the Blackbear Jamboree, Nascar Speedpark, most-visited National Park in the United Dixie Stampede, Dollywood, Smoky States, and it is within a day’s drive of Mountain Car Museum, REEL Theatres two-thirds of the nation’s population. Movies, Great China Circus, the Smoky The park has over 4,000 species of Mountain Palace Theater, and much plants and animals, some of which live more. There is an 18-hole resort golf only here. A walk from mountain base course adjacent the Sevierville Events to peak compares with traveling 1,250 Center. At Dollywood, there will be a miles north. It has a rich cultural history. Barbeque and Bluegrass festival from From the Cherokee Indians to the Scots- August 19 – September 5 that includes Irish settlers, this land was home to a Ricky Skaggs and Kentucky Thunder, variety of cultures. Located just off I-40 Riders in the Sky, Rhonda Vincent and Exit 407, with great outlet shopping, fun- The Rage, and The Grascals. There will filled attractions, and amazing shows, also be celebrity concerts in Pigeon the newest lodging (and lowest lodging Forge that include Lee Greenwood tax), Sevierville makes a great place to at the Smith Family Dinner Theater have PTP and Spiritual Renewal Weekend. (September 3 – 4), and Don Williams at The Events Center is seven miles south of the Tonite Theatre (August 19). I-40 on TN State Route 66. Turn at traffic signal number 17.4 (Gists Creek Road at “Smoky Mountain Parkway”).10
  11. 11. Food ShoppingSevierville has over 100 restaurants, With specialty stores and boutiques, fleamany within two miles of the Events markets, antique stores, art galleries, andCenter. Toward Sevierville: Buddy’s two enormous outlet centers featuringBar-B-Que, Cracker Barrel, Zaxby’s, Ruby 200+ outlet stores, Sevierville fulfillsTuesday, Starbucks, El Paso, The Diner shopping wish lists daily. New stores(50s style), Smoky Mtn. Pizza, Chinese are always opening, including the newBuffet, Pizza Hut, Golden Corral, Subway, shopping complex at Bridgemont EventFuddruckers, Chop House, Outback, & Entertainment Destination. PopularTexas Roadhouse, Mr. Gatti’s, Applebee’s, shopping destinations include Bass ProConner’s, Olive Garden, Red Lobster, and Shops, Orvis Company Store, Tanger Fivea full selection of fast food establish- Oaks Outlet Mall, Governor’s Crossingments. Toward the Interstate: Taco Bell Outlet Mall, Belk Department Store, andand New Orleans Seafood on the River. Super Walmart.Just down the road, Pigeon Forge andGatlinburg offer just about any restau-rant imaginable. Nearby, Kroger has afull deli and groceries if one wishes to“stock up” in his room. 11
  12. 12. A GREATER VALUE THAN EVER Most speakers/sessions ever – This year’s expanded program has 122 speakers in 476 sessions. Expanded weekend program – Pre-event classes (Friday afternoon) for teens and Bible teachers. Saturday afternoon sessions for bivocational preachers, job seek- ers, and homeschool moms. New tracks of classes – Evangelism/Missions; Marriage/ Family; Small Church/Big Plans; Evidences; Technology; Widows Songleading School – Join Burt Jones Saturday after- noon to learn how to sing/how to lead. Future Preachers’ Training Class – Kirk Brothers has been training future preachers for twenty years and re- cently joined the faculty at Freed-Hardeman. Now boys 10–14 will learn hands on how to prepare lessons at PTP. Singing. Beautiful singing. More singing! Including an outdoor singing with the beautiful Smoky Mountains as a backdrop. Sandwich Sessions – Eat a quick bite and get in an extra session before the others get back. Take home handouts – Most sessions will have a hand- out. Collect a notebook full for future use. Free parking at the Events Center – Save $30 from previous years. Free marriage/family counseling – Schedule an confi- dential counseling with a faithful Christian couple. Expedited registration (barcode) – Shorter lines. Less hassle. Meet and Greet – Looking for a preaching job? Looking for a preacher? Meet in the Food Court Monday at 3:30 p.m. Looking for a job in the securlar world? Randy Duke’s Saturday seminar will help with resume prepara- tion, interviewing, and other human resource skills.12
  13. 13. BRING A GROUP TO PTPChurch Trip! Bring the church What are you doing aboutvan. Carpool. Meet up at PTP! future leaders?A growing practice is for churches to One reason many congregations do notload up the church van and bring a have qualified elders and deacons is thatgroup to PTP. In some cases, members they have not been proactive in trainingpay their own fees; in others, elders men to grow in leadership abilities. PTPpay the registration and members pay provides an atmosphere for men andlodging and food; some churches pay their wives to learn the Bible, an op-registration and expenses (especially portunity to learn about leadership fromfor preachers, elders, and deacons and capable speakers, and a forum to gainfamilies). Sending several members does practical experience in problem-solving.incur some expense in registration fees This exposure helps them prepare toand lodging, but it is an investment in lead in the future. Why not pick three orthe future of the church. PTP provides four men who have potential to serve aseducation, training, motivation, and future deacons, preachers, or elders andresources to help local congregations be pay their way to come to PTP? Proactivemore effective in building up the church leadership helps ensure that the nextand reaching out with the gospel. It pro- generation of the church will prosper.vides an opportunity to learn what othersound congregations are doing and ways What about sending yourto adapt those ideas in local situations. preacher and youth minister?It helps preachers, elders, deacons, and Professionals in medicine, education, andmembers grow closer together as friends other fields are required to take additionaland co-workers. It is a wise investment for training each year to stay abreast in theira church to make in its future. field and to improve their effectiveness. The Lord’s work is the most important on earth, and we should be even more diligent in training our workers. Most preachers and youth leaders know they need to improve in some aspect of their church work—pulpit presentations, visiting, work ethic, personal skills, or evan- gelism. They need a broader base of Bible knowledge or association with others with whom they can share ideas. Are there promising young men who could become excellent preachers? Elders, invest in their continuing education by sending them to PTP! PTP exists for improving the brother- hood through encouraging preachers, youth leaders, and church leaders. 13
  14. 14. TRACKS What about other church Sunday. We schedule the equivalent of members? two gospel meetings in one weekend. An elder attending PTP for the first For those who are retired or are able to time said, “This is the best thing I’ve take vacation days, classes continue for ever been to. I can’t believe I’ve missed church members daily, Monday through it all these years.” He continued, “I’m Thursday. Some of the finest speakers going home to tell the church about from across the brotherhood present this. Every Christian needs to be a part timely lessons on a variety of topics. of PTP. It would help our congregation Invest in your faith. Invest in the future tremendously.” That prompted us to of your congregation. Let’s leave the add a track for “regular” church mem- church strong for the next generation. bers. Every congregation is composed of Christians who—though not cur- rently serving as preachers, elders, or Preachers deacons—are heavily involved in various PTP began as a preachers’ retreat and parts of the work. Most have never had has never lost sight of its core group. any formal religious training. They ben- PTP is ”by preachers for preachers,” efit tremendously from PTP’s in-depth, meaning each PTP director is a full-time practical sessions. preacher and understands the work from the inside looking out. Those in PTP begins with a “Spiritual Renewal the trenches of local church work may Weekend” designed to benefit all Christians. better understand preachers than those Some are unable to take off a full week, in the ivory towers of academia. so they come Friday night through There are more classes for preachers this year than any in PTP’s eighteen year history. There are 63 sessions on preach- ing and ministry this year (an average of 9 hours a day), not counting technol- ogy classes or missions and evangelism classes. Topics cover everything from how to put together a sermon to how to organize your office; from how to counsel someone in need to how to preach the book of 1 Peter; from the preacher’s personal life to how small churches can14
  15. 15. grow. Bring your thumb-drive and literally Deaconsfill it with sermons in one session. Trade Deacons and their wives are essentialsermons, reconnect with old friends, start to the work of most congregations, anda new network of associates, rub elbows they are a vital part of the plan Godwith brotherhood “legends” and faithful gave for the church (1 Timothy 3). Butsoldiers of the cross, and just take time to where can deacons go for training?“breathe” and enjoy being a Christian again. There has not been much emphasis given to their work over the years. PTPElders has expanded its slate of classes forFor years, the church has invested much deacons again this year. In some classes,in training men to preach and in helping elders and deacons sit side-by-side andthem to continue to improve their abili- grow together in faith, motivation, andties to do their work (lectures, workshops, ability. At other times, sessions are splitmission opportunities). At the same time, so both groups can receive training morewe have done little to train and encour- specific to their part of Christ’s work.age elders in their vital tasks. While wehave some of the most capable men inthe brotherhood assembled, we’ve askedthem to address topics relevant to churchleaders. These classes are designed for el-ders, those serving in business meetings,and those who hope to one day serveas church leaders. This year an emphasisis made on elder-to-elder classes, in thevein of Ezekiel’s “I sat where you sat”speaking style.
  16. 16. TRACKS Youth Workers encouragement, support, and motivation The long awaited “Bounce Class” launch to function in the vital role God has given occurs 8.15.11! them as church leaders’ wives. Bounce ideas, programs, problems off Ministers’ wives have a wonderful op- David Shannon and each other. Get portunity to make a difference in the practical ideas; learn about new resourc- kingdom of Christ. PTP is the place to find es; find out what is working elsewhere instruction, motivation, resolve, and practi- that can be “plugged in” where you are; cal how-to information to make the most go home rejuvenated! of your opportunities to serve Christ. Sessions on issues specific to youth min- Classes. Classes! More classes! Whereas istry as well as the opportunity to pick most lecture programs have one or and choose topics from the preachers’ two general ladies’ classes per day, PTP track, technology, evangelism, and mar- offers two or three choices per hour—a riage and family tracks makes PTP the total of 79 classes (on average 11 per perfect place to customize for the spe- day). Depending on your age, responsi- cific needs of today’s diversified youth/ bilities, and circumstance, you can tailor college/family/associate minister. your class choices to practical issues or textual studies; marriage enrichment or widowhood; parenting or empty nest Wives emphasis; homeschool or public school; Without their wives, no elder or deacon evangelism or encouragement. There is could be qualified to serve. Beyond something for every minister’s wife at PTP. that, these women are usually at the very heart of the ongoing work of the Special interest tracks that are popular congregations where their husbands among preachers’ wives include Bible serve. Yet have you ever heard of classes teacher workshop and “make and takes” for elders’ and deacons’ wives? Now you (12 sessions) and Homeschool (11 sessions). have! At PTP they can receive instruction,16
  17. 17. BUILDING FAMILY MEMORIES Take a “Pray”cation You have heard of a vacation, and lately stay-cations have become popular, but PTP gives the unique opportunity for a “pray-cation.” Many families and friends take their annual vacation to attend PTP, which offers an opportunity to combine the beauty and fun of the Smoky Mountains with the spiritual renewal of Bible lessons, worship, singing, and prayer. PTP is the one event that the whole family looks forward to. Children love PTP VBS and PTP Camp. Teens can’t wait to see their friends again, and make new ones. Mom enjoys classes from a woman’s perspective. Dad gets his pick of an array of subjects to challenge, motivate, and encour- age him. Getting to eat out a few times, drive through Cades Cove, play putt-putt, do some outlet shopping, or squeeze in a game of golf are just added benefits. For the same cost, or perhaps a great deal less, a family can return home revived physically, emotionally, and most important,What is vacation really for? spiritually! refresh RENEW RECHARGE! | 17
  18. 18. CLASSES FOR CHILDREN Back by Popular Demand . . . Children ages 6–9 get to go to VBS style classes, watch DVDs of Digger Doug, learn Bible geography, sing, or enjoy other fun activities. Celine Sparks coordinates the morning sessions with a host of parents, preachers, and others with a love for children to help out with these sessions, plus Digger Doug and Iguanadon have been known to show up once in a while. Children ages 10–12 get to go to PTP Christian Camp. Brint Rice and Darrell Powell are Backwoods Christian Camp board members and bring decades of experience working with children in a camp setting. Children gain valuable lessons in a fun atmosphere. In coordi- nation with the children’s classes, this will allow smaller class size and more Children have seen Digger Doug on DVD for years. Now they finally get to meet him! variety for the children. New This Year . . . Boys ages 10–14 will go to Future Preachers’ Camp in the afternoons. Girls have “Outreach Awareness Class” with Bonnie Rushmore. Children ages 6–9 will participate in “Watch Me Teach” sessions with Diane Winkler. Bible teachers and mothers are invited to observe Diane interact with the children and pick up both “how to” and “what” to teach (1:30 p.m. Monday–Wednesday). Louis and Bonnie Rushmore will teach Bible Geography and “Buckets of Bible Time” each afternoon. Children have evenings off.18
  19. 19. TEENS Power Up --- PTP Teen ProgramClasses you actually It’s all about relationshipswant to go to! Teens love the classes, but they arePOWER UP, this year’s theme, revolves buzzin’ about the fellowship and the in-around the little prefix “in”—you will be teraction. It’s all about people—seeingamazed at what lessons come from such old friends and meeting new ones. Eacha tiny word. The speakers cover a vast vari- year friendships are formed that will lastety of topics from the biblical viewpoint. long after we return home. Some willEnjoy rock solid truth presented by great last a lifetime—even into heaven!speakers who understand young people.This year features more girls only/boys Night owlsonly classes, age specific studies (junior Special “late night activities” in thehigh/senior high), as well as a better Exhibit Hall include games, get-venue (teen classes are moved from the acquainted activities, and full courtExhibit Hall to Deep Creek and Ballroom B). basketball, plus inspiring singing and thought-provoking devotionals.Singing straight from heavenAdults who overhear the teen sing-ing periods know just about what theangels will sound like. Sing old favorites,learn new favorites, praise God with thevoice He gave you.
  20. 20. WHAT’S NEW FOR TEENS? We are adding some exciting sets off from downtown Gatlinburg, new activities for this year. and fantastic views of the Great Smoky During the afternoon break on Saturday, Mountains, its easy to see why this is interested teens will take a trip to Ober one of the top ski destinations in the Gatlinburg. This is a mountaintop resort country. (For more info see http://www. featuring nine whitewashed trails. The Tickets are usu- snowmaking system at the Ski Resort ally $40, but with our group discount produces enough white stuff to please you can get in for only $27. Parents snow bunnies of all abilities. With an meet group at Ober Gatlingburg skylift amusement park, an aerial tram that in Gatlinburg at 1:00 p.m. No meals included, so eat enroute.20
  21. 21. Sunday night we rent Sevierville Bowling Important stuffCenter just for our group. No cost—this Appropriate dress for sessions is pants/is included with your (or your parents’ ) shirts. No shorts, short skirts, or lowregistration fee. necklines anytime while at PTP (includ- ing social events and after hours). PTPThere’s more! T-shirts are highly thought of!On Wednesday night, teens get toclose out with an extended period The elders ask that we not use the poolof fellowship and fun at the Pigeon areas during PTP (see FAQs).Forge Community Center. It has a large PTP T-shirts available at the event.gymnasium, bowling lanes, racquetballcourts, walking track, fitness cen- Check PTP Teens out on Facebook, too!ter, ping-pong, foosball, and even a All sessions for children and teens are freePlayStation. with parents’ paid fees. | 21
  22. 22. EVENT CENTER MAP Map Deep Creek (HD) Courtyard (CY) Elevators Restrooms Audio Sales Restrooms Cades Cove (HC) Restrooms Meeting Room D (M D) Ballroom D (B D) Ballroom A (B A) Ballroom B (B B) Ballroom C (B C) Meeting Sidewalks Room C (M C) Meeting Room B (M B) Gift Shop Meeting Room A (M A) Restaurant Courtyard Childcare (Ages 2–5) (Vendors) Hotel PTP Camp Room Exhibit Hall (EH C) Airway between the Hotel and the Event Center Tables VBS Room Event (EH T) (VBS) Center Lobby (Registra- tion) Restrooms Parking Lot22
  23. 23. SCHEDULE KEYSRoom Key Color KeySEC Sevierville Events Center General/Keynote/ChurchEH SEC Exhibit HallEH T SEC Exhibit Hall Tables PreachersEH C SEC Exhibit Hall Camp room Elders/DeaconsVBS SEC Exhibit Hall VBS roomBA SEC Ballroom A WomenBB SEC Ballroom B Teens/ChildrenBC SEC Ballroom CBD SEC Ballroom D Evangelism/MissionsB BC SEC Ballroom BC (combined) Marriage/FamilyB CD SEC Ballroom CD (combined)BABC SEC Ballroom ABC (combined) Small Church/Big PlansBBCD SEC Ballroom BCD (combined) Ministry/TechnologyMA SEC Meeting Room AMB SEC Meeting Room B EvidencesMC SEC Meeting Room CMD SEC Meeting Room D Youth WorkersM CD SEC Meeting Room CD (combined)FC SEC Food Court CDs are arranged in numerical orderCY SEC Courtyard (alphabetical by speaker) at the CD sales table. Use the letters and numbersHC Hotel Cades Cove Meeting Room in the CD column on the schedule toHD Hotel Deep Creek locate the CD you want.HD 1 Hotel Deep Creek 1HD 2 Hotel Deep Creek 2 “M” – Main or Men’s CD tableHRL Hotel River Lodge Meeting Room “W” – Women’s CD tableScC Sevierville church of Christ Classes with powerpoints or handoutsGcC Gatlinburg church of Christ are designed with these symbols:SKcC South Knoxville church of Christ ¤ – PowerpointBCT Bowling Center ◊ – HandoutC C Community CenterO GA Ober Gatlinburg Schedule | 23
  24. 24. FRIDAY, AUGUST 12 PTP SCHEDULE Time Presenter Topic Room CD Track 3:30-4:15pm Brad Harrub Teen Early Bird: Intense: The Christian Life BA M-073 Teens Beats Any Other Hands Down 3:30-4:30pm Jeanny Gilpin Teacher Early Bird: Chalking. Come to Exhibit EH T Bible Teachers Kellee Gilpin Hall after you register and get started making Bible school make and take visuals. Work at your own pace on such topics as the Parables of Jesus, The Creation of the World, the Plagues of Egypt, Pauls journeys, more! 4:30-5:15pm Shanna Homeschool Early Bird: How to Start a HC W-060 Women Anderson Homeschool Group. Shanna, Tonya, and Amy Homeschool Amy Judd are founding members of a very success- ful homeschool group, for members of the Tonya Strong church of Christ. Seven years old, the group recently obtained a charter as a fully func- tional, legally recognized, non-profit group. Brad Harrub Teen 2 for 1 Session: Before You Go to College, BA M-072 Teens Lets Talk about Fraternities or Sororities. Eric Owens Teen 2 for 1 Session: God Loves You More BA M-138 Teens than You Could Possibly Understand Chuck Preachers’ Eary Bird: Some Features of Logos BD M-205 Technology Webster Bible Software 5:00-8:00pm Celine Sparks PTP Childrens VBS VBS Children 6–9 Brint Rice PTP Camp EH C Children 10-12 5:30-5:50pm Mike Vestal PTP Kick-off: On Holy Ground.◊ B C M-203 General/ Combined 6:00-6:45pm Joe Wells Be Aware – Agendas Facing America. When HC M-210 Youth Workers Israel stood on Jordan’s banks ready to enter Canaan, God said they were to be different from the Canaanites. This lesson addresses the changes our nation has undergone, the agendas pushing for change, and our need to be different. Kyle Butt Invincible: Nothing’s Going to Get Me Down HD M-017 Teens (Philippians 4:13) Cindy Colley Joy in the Journey: The Poverty Striken B A W-022 Women 1 Millionaires (Matthew 5:3) David Lipe He Took My Burdens All Away B BC M-115 Keynote/General Steve Marriage Enrichment: How to Go Home from B D M-079 Marriage/ Higginbotham This Week with a Better Relationship Family Michael A NASA Scientist Looks at the Age of the M CD M-096 Evidences Houts Earth: You Can Trust Your Bible (1)24
  25. 25. PTP SCHEDULE FRIDAY, AUGUST 12 Time Presenter Topic Room CD Track7:00-7:45pm Wesley A Ready Answer: Do Miracles Occur Today? HC M-183 Evangelism/ Simons How to answer common arguments made in Missions favor of modern day miracles. Teah Beginning Homeschool: Where Do I Start to HD W-041 Women McWhorter Get Where I Want to Go ◊ Homeschool Sheila Butt Joy in the Journey: Nice Girls Finish First BA W-013 Women 1 (Matthew 5:5) Joe Wells Incredible (God Is Amazing) BB M-214 Teens Evidences Michael Is It Nothing to You? Keeping our hearts soft B C M-180 Preachers/ Shepherd and our passion for souls strong. Members B.J. Clarke Hot Button Issues: The Authority of the Bible B D M-022 Elders/Deacons Jeremy Pate Graduating from Church? An Honest Look at M B M-143 Youth Workers Transitioning High School Grads Joe Williams How to Help People Dealing With Cancer M CD M-218 Marriage/Family8:00-8:45pm Jason A Doctor Looks at Medical Issues in the HC M-129 Digging Deeper McKeown Bible. Evidences of inspiration from the Bibles contents regarding health and dis- ease. Dr. McKeown is a UAB anesthesiologist and member of the Hoover church of Christ. Matt Jones Youth Late Night Singing HD Teens Glenn and Marriage and Family Counseling (call ahead HRL Counseling Cindy Colley to schedule an appointment ) Sessions Jane Joy in the Journey: The Happy Mourners B A W-058 Women 1 Washington (Matthew 5:4) Gary Back in the Closet: Practical Advice for B B M-061 Spiritual Growth Hampton Improving Personal Prayer Alan Highers The Rise and Fall of Denominationalism (1): B C M-088 Keynote/General The New Testament Church Steve How to Have a Successful Blog M B M-078 Technology Higginbotham Melvin Sapp Success, Gods Way: Decide—The Power of a M CD M-160 Deacons/ Winning Attitude Members9:00-9:30pm Late Night Singing B CD Keynote/General Jerry Youth Late Night Devo: A Pure Vessel— EH M-001 Teens Anderson What Do Mustard and a Wedding Dress Have in Common?9:30-11:00pm Matt Jones Youth Late Night: Get Acquainted/Fun ‘N’ Games EH Teens | 25
  26. 26. SATURDAY, AUGUST 13 PTP SCHEDULE Time Presenter Topic Room CD Track 8:00-10:45am Glenn and Marriage and Family Counseling (call or HRL Counseling Cindy Colley check at registration for appointment) Sessions 8:00-8:45am Cliff The Spritual Discipline of Solitude B A M-053 Spiritual Goodwin Growth 8:45-11:45am Celine Sparks PTP Childrens VBS EH VBS Children 6-9 Brint Rice PTP Camp EH C Children 10-12 9:00-9:45am Jason A Doctor Looks at Medical Issues in the Bible HC M-130 Digging Deeper McKeown (2) Johnnie At the Feet of Gamaliel—Paul in Public HD M-112 Teens LeMaster School: What We Can Learn for Today (1) Janie Craun A Recipe for Peace (1). Studies in the Book B A W-025 Women 1 of Philippians. The need for a spiritual cook- book in dealing with the issues of life. Marlene A Nurse Looks at Chronic Fatigue B B W-036 Women Special Howell Interest Kyle Panel: Here Is What We Do, It Might Work B C M-246 Members and Massengale for You—Bible Study Methods/Ideas/ Evangelism/ Loy Mitchell Suggestions Missions Matt Richardson Melvin Sapp David Lipe Hot Button Issues: The History of the B D M-117 Elders/Deacons Instrument of Music in Churches of Christ Sam Dilbeck Using InDesign to Design Church Publications M B M-038 Technology Kyle Butt Does Mark 16:9–20 Belong in the Bible? M CD M-012 Digging Deeper 10:00-10:45am Roy Williams My Advice to Parents of Athletes . . . Roy serves HC M-219 Marriage/ as a preacher, school assistant principal, Family coaches high school sports, and, as a parent, has had daughters on championship teams. Mike Vestal Homiletics: From "Thus Saith the Lord" HD M-201 Preachers’ to "Thou Art the Man" (The Necessity of Breakout Application in Preaching).◊ Kathy In a "If You’ve Got It, Flaunt It" World, Is B A W-047 Women 1 Pollard Modesty a Thing of the Past? Mothers Teen Girls Joe Wells Mens Issues/The Tough Stuff: Be Alert. Based B B M-215 Youth Workers on Ephesians 6, this lesson looks at Satan’s Arrows. Just how much is the media in our lives? Fathers/Teen What is coming across as entertainment? Boys26
  27. 27. PTP SCHEDULE SATURDAY, AUGUST 13 Time Presenter Topic Room CD Track10:00-10:45am Alan Highers The Rise and Fall of Denominationalism (2): BC M-089 Preachers/ The Great Apostasy Members Gary Elders Skills: Striking the Balance BD M-059 Elders Hampton between Delegation, Accountability, and Micro-management Eddie Deacons That Deliver. Practical suggestions M B M-139 Deacons Parrish for doing your work diligently, efficiently, and joyfully. Luverne The Importance of Family Bible Time M CD W-051 Women Small Shepherd Group11:00-11:45am Jeremy Pate Creative VBS Ideas. Jeremy has a degree in HC M-140 Youth Workers Graphic Design/Illustration and shows how Deacons to incorporate design into ministry. Preachers’ Breakout Kyle Butt Indecent: What If Girls Dont Dress Modestly? HD M-013 Teen Boys Cindy Colley Modesty Fashion Show B A W-023 Teen Girls Mothers Renita How to Treat People in the Workplace B B W-004 Women Special Archey Interest Jason Practical Tips on Taking Care of the Spirits B C M-131 Preachers McKeown Temple. A doctors advice on how preach- ers and others can lead a healthy lifestyle. Includes a weight loss plan. David Lipe Hot Button Issues: Questions Related to B D M-116 Elders Baptism Jerry Martin Counseling Basics. Who, when, and how M B M-124 Ministry to be a first responder to those facing lifes challenges. Jerry L. Martin, PhD, LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor). ◊ ¤ Michael A NASA Scientist Looks at the Age of the M CD M-097 Evidences Houts Earth: You Can Trust Your Bible (2)12:00-5:00pm Matt Wallin Teen Trip to Ober Gatlinburg ($27 ticket). O GA Teens Parents meet group at Gatlinburg skylift at 1:00 p.m. No meals included, so eat on way.1:30-2:15pm Wesley Tentmakers: Weekly Scheduling; Avoiding B C M-186 Preachers Simons Burnout. Tentmaker sessions are for preach- ers who work secular jobs and also serve congregations as ministers.1:30-3:30pm Melissa Homeschool Bonus: Advice on Curriculum HC W-059 Women Webster Homeschool | 27
  28. 28. SATURDAY, AUGUST 13 PTP SCHEDULE Time Presenter Topic Room CD Track 1:30-3:30pm Burt Jones Songleading School B A M-109 Ministry Randy Duke Seminar: Finding Employment in a Tough M CD M-040 Ministry Economy. Randy covers the employment process, resume writing, interviewing tips, and finding the right fit. Good for individuals looking for that next job or for congregational Marriage/ leaders looking for their next staff person. Family Book Room Open EH General 2:30-3:15pm Sam Dilbeck Tentmakers: Microwave Sermon Prep Can BC M-039 Members Still Produce a Healthy Congregation Jeanny and Demo: Ellison Die Cuts (Make and Take) EH T Bible Teachers Kellee Gilpin 3:30-4:15pm Jeff Archey Tentmakers: Work Arrangements with Con- BC M-007 Preachers gregation, Opportunities to Grow, Family Life 5:45-6:00pm Congregational Singing B BC General/ Combined 5:45-9:45pm Rushmores PTP Childrens Classes VBS Children 6–9 Brint Rice PTP Camp EH C Children 10-12 6:00-6:45pm Loy Mitchell Meditations for the Lords Supper. Multiple HC M-134 Spiritual Growth devotionals to use in the Lords Supper to add depth and variety. Cindy Colley Joy in the Journey. Happy Are the Hungry B A W-019 Women 1 (Matthew 5:6) Alan Highers Why Are There So Many Churches? The Rise B BC M-090 Keynote/General and Fall of Denominationalism (3): The Origin of Denominationalism Brad Harrub American Idol(s) B D M-067 Teens Greymere Forum: Heres What We Do, It Might Work M CD M-241 Elders Eldership for You 7:00-7:45pm Dan Winkler Loving God with All My Heart B BC M-223 Keynote/General Kyle Butt Inhibitions: The Importance of a Trained, B D M-016 Teens Monitored Conscience Wesley What to Do if you have a Child, Friend, or M CD M-187 Ministry Simons Church Member Go to Prison 7:00-9:00pm Glenn and Marriage and Family Counselling (call or MB Counseling Cindy Colley check at registration for appointment) Sessions 8:00-8:45pm Joe Wells Be Engaged—The Sexualization of America. HC M-211 Youth Workers A major problem facing ours culture is the sexualizing of girls and training boys to look at girls as sex objects.28
  29. 29. PTP SCHEDULE SATURDAY, AUGUST 13 Time Presenter Topic Room CD Track8:00-8:45pm Janie Craun A Recipe for Peace (2): Studies in the Book BA W-026 Women 1 of Philippians. Seven key ingredients every woman needs in her spiritual pantry. Brad Harrub Sex Issues/The Tough Stuff: Contraception BB M-071 Marriage/ (Married Couples Only) Family Burt Jones Islam: A Threat on the Horizon. The clash of BC M-105 Preachers cultures—Christianity through the eyes of a Muslim in light of history and current events. David Lipe Elders Skills: Practical Advice on Handling BD M-114 Elders Conflict David Dont Overlook the Obvious: Evangelism M B M-174 Small Church Shearer Grows Small Churches into Large Ones. ◊ Melvin Sapp Success, Gods Way: Synergize—Together M CD M-162 Deacons Everyone Accomplishes More Matt Jones Youth Late Night: Singing CY Teens9:00-9:30pm Kyle Butt Inescapable: Judgment Day Is Coming EH M-015 Teens9:30-11:00pm Matt Jones Youth Late Night: Basketball/Fun ‘N Games EH TeensPTP SCHEDULE SUNDAY, AUGUST 14 Time Presenter Topic Room CD Track8:30-9:15am Cindy Colley The Women of Judges--Living a Spiritual Life B A W-024 Women 1 in a Material World. Keeping the world at bay; setting priorities in time use, faithful atten- dance, entertainment choices, and fashion. Cliff Goodwin The Discipline of Fasting BD M-051 Church/Class/ Spirtual Growth9:30-10:15am Teah Babies MA Church/ McWhorter Childrens Bible April 2s/3s MB Classes Meacham Jeanny and 4 year olds/Kindergarten MC Kellee Gilpin Diane Winkler First Grade MD Kelli Barker Second/Third Grade HD 2 Kyle Gilpin Fourth/Fifth Grades HD 1
  30. 30. SUNDAY, AUGUST 14 PTP SCHEDULE Time Presenter Topic Room CD Track 9:30-10:15am Kyle Butt Inevitable: Life Is Full of Changes. Get Ready, B A M-014 Church/Teen God Will Go with You Bible Class Michael A NASA Scientist Looks at the Stars (Psalm 19) HC M-098 Church/Bible Houts Class B.J. Clarke God Wants to Give Us Joy, But He Doesn’t B BC M-021 Always Want Us to be Happy Dwight When the Rooster Crows. This lesson will BD M-047 Fuqua encourage you. 9:00-9:45am Alan Highers Great Bible Chapters: Blessed Is the Man ScC M-084 Church/Bible (Psalm 1) Class 10:00-11:00am Alan Highers The Rise and Fall of Denominationalism (4): ScC M-091 Church/Worship The Restoration Principle 10:00-10:45am Burt Jones Islam: A Threat on the Horizon. This class ex- SKcC M-106 Church/Bible amines the declared Jihad against America Class in light of history and current events. 11:00-12:00am Brad Harrub Heart of the Matter—How to Prevent Your SKcC M-069 Church/Worship Child from Becoming the Next Statistic 12:00-1:30pm Free Fellowship Meal. All PTPers are invited to SKcC worship at South Knoxville and stay for lunch. 9:30-10:20am Michael Great Bible Chapters: God’s Final Words— GcC M-179 Church/Bible Shepherd Revelation 22 Class 10:30-11:30am Michael Worship Service. Sermon: Can We All GcC M-178 Church/Worship Shepherd Understand the Bible Alike? 10:45-11:30am Dan Winkler Worship Service. Sermon: Loving God with BBCD M-225 Church/Worship All my Soul 4:00-5:00pm Eddy and Marriage and Famiy Counseling (call or check MA Counseling Jeanny Gilpin at registration for appointment) Sessions 5:00-5:40pm B.J. Clarke Youre Driving Me Crazy! Getting past differ- BC M-026 Marriage/Family ences to enjoy a healthy and happy marriage. 5:40-6:00pm Congregational Singing BC General/ Combined 6:00-6:45pm Alan Highers The Consequences of Sin B BC M-087 Church/Worship Dan Winkler Great Bible Chapters: 1 Corinthians 15—Up GcC M-221 Church/Worship from the Grave Michael All Leafed Out and No Fruit to Give (Mark ScC M-177 Church/Worship Shepherd 11:13) 7:00-7:45pm Tim Nuts and Bolts: Ideas that Work in Small HC M-181 Deacons Shoulders Congregations Small Church Sheila Butt Joy in the Journey: Happy Are the Bridge B A W-011 Women 1 Builders (Matthew 5:9)30
  31. 31. PTP SCHEDULE SUNDAY, AUGUST 14 Time Presenter Topic Room CD Track7:00-7:45pm Mike Vestal The Ultimate Portrait of God: The Father in the B BC M-204 Keynote/General Parable of the Prodigal Son (Luke 15:11–32) David Tomorrows Preachers/Critical Today: Producing BD M-171 Preachers Shannon Ministers. How many young men from your Breakout congregation are studying the Bible to enter full-time ministry? Are you intentional or Elders’ Breakout indifferent about it? Lets consider a model that intentionally leads young men toward fulfilling Teen Boys their place in ministry (I Peter 4:10). Youth Workers Glenn Colley Toolbox: Case Studies in Shepherding: Small M CD Elders Group Problem-Solving8:00-8:45pm Phil Sanders Homiletics: Extending the Invitation HC M-156 Preachers’ Breakout David Heres What We Do, It Might Work for You. A HD M-176 Small Church Shearer discussion of essentials for effective evange- lism and proven ideas gleaned from many.◊ Cindy Colley A Christian Womans Behavior toward the BA W-014 Women 1 Opposite Sex Steve Parents, Teens, and Sex: What to Say, and BB M-080 Parents/ Higginbotham When (Adults only) Marriage/Family Gary Homiletics: Improving Sermon Delivery BC M-060 Preachers Hampton Youth Workers Glenn Colley Toolbox: Case Studies in Shepherding: BD M-233 Elders Presentation of Solutions Jeff Archey Nuts and Bolts: Reach Out—A Simple But M CD M-006 Deacons Effective Visitation Program. “Reach Out” began as a Wednesday class; now has 12 teams congregation-wide. It consists of the “3 Cs”: (1) Send cards to guests; (2) call members missed Sunday, and (3) contact guests with a visit. It works for our elderly and shut-ins. Aim to respond THAT week.8:00-9:30pm Caleb Colley Youth Late Night: Bowling BCT Teens8:15-8:45pm Joe Wells Dont Let Life Bowl You Over BCT M-213 Teens | 31
  32. 32. MONDAY, AUGUST 15 PTP SCHEDULE Time Presenter Topic Room CD Track 7:30-8:15am Dan Winkler Early Bird: Rising a Great While Before Day, BD M-220 Members Jesus Went Forth to Pray 8:15-11:15am Celine Sparks PTP Childrens VBS VBS Children 6-9 Brint Rice PTP Camp EH C Children 10-12 8:30-9:15am Cindy Colley Avoiding Relationships with Abusive Guys. HC W-015 Teen Girls How to see the signs of unhealthy behavior. Mark Teske How to Treat a Girl with Respect (so you will HD M-194 Teen Boys gain her respect) 8:30-9:10am David Fruitful Principles for Fantastic Relationships B BC M-164 Combined/ Shannon (Galatians 5:22-26) (1). Let’s get beyond the Keynote fluff and down to the substance of strong re- lationships. Producing the fruit of the Spirit is Marriage and what creates strong, lasting relationships. Our Family souls, marriages, and children depend on it. Donna Widows: The Challenges M CD W-032 Women Widows Faughn 9:30-10:15am Burt Jones The Story of Islam: Trail of Blood HC M-110 Evangelism and Missions Todd Clippard Should Christians Drink Beer? HD M-027 Members/Teens Teah Teach Them to Know God—A NEW BA W-043 Bible Teachers McWhorter Workshop for Teachers #1. Theme: Old Testament Heroes. Visuals and storytelling April techniques to bring students of all ages from Meacham facts to "what does it mean to me?" ◊ ¤ Irene Taylor Help! My Husbands the Preacher. Where BB W-053 Women 1 wives can go for help and encouragement other than the Bible or lectureships. Mike Winkler Homiletics: How to Effectively Illustrate a Sermon BC M-230 Preachers Jerry Martin Elder to Elder: Helping Members Find Their BD M-126 Elders/Deacons Place in the Work ◊ ¤ Dale Podcasting: How to Get Started, Gain MB M-104 Technology Jenkins Traction, Maintain, and Florish Joe Wells Be Equipped. A serious look at two areas: M CD M-212 Youth Workers family and personal integrity 10:30-11:15am Brad Harrub End of Life Decisions—What about feeding HC M-075 Ethics tubes, advance directives, and pulling the plug? Glenn Colley Sex Issues/The Tough Stuff: Infidelity (1). HD M-031 Marriage/Family This lesson includes strategies for rebuilding a marriage. (Adults only)32
  33. 33. PTP SCHEDULE MONDAY, AUGUST 15 Time Presenter Topic Room CD Track10:30-11:15am Teah Teach Them to Know God—A NEW BA W-044 Bible Teachers McWhorter Workshop for Teachers #2. Theme: Jesus, My April Jesus. Visuals and storytelling techniques Meacham ◊¤ Evelyn The Power of a Praying Woman BB W-003 Women 1 Apple Cliff Panel/Younger Teach the Older: Let the BC M-243 Preachers Goodwin Young Men Dream Dreams. Cliff, Todd, and Todd Rob will each speak fifteen minutes and Clippard give his vision of what God can do in this Teens generation. ◊ ¤ Rob Whitacre B.J. Clarke Dont Quit Now. Most of the Great Things BD M-020 Elders Accomplished in the World Are Done by Tired Preachers’ People Breakout Jeremy Pate Family-Oriented Youth Ministry. The session MA M-141 Youth Workers deals with the philosophical/biblical approach. Adam Taming Your E-mail: Practical Advice to M B M-045 Technology Faughn Utilize E-mail Matt Vega Admissibility of the Gospel Narratives. Test M CD M-195 Evidences first four New Testament books against an- cient documents and parole evidence rules.Sandwich Sandwich sessions are for those who eat a quick bite in their roomsSessions (or get fast food) while others take a longer break off site.12:45-1:15pm Teah Sandwich Session: Teach Them to Know God BA W-042 Bible Teachers McWhorter –A NEW Workshop for Bible Class Teachers #3. Theme: “What do I do with the babies?” April Nursery/cradle roll demonstration and discus- Meacham sion of effective birth – two-year-olds classes. ◊ B.J. Clarke Sandwich Session: Distracted by Good B BC M-023 General/ Things--Regain Your Familys Focus Combined1:30-2:15pm David Bounce Class: Bounce ideas, programs, HC M-163 Youth Workers Shannon problems off David and each other Todd Why Affairs Happen. The causes of affairs; HD M-028 Marriage/Family Clippard measures to prevent them. (Adults Only) Kathy Toolbox: Let Us Mark Our Bibles (101). The BA W-049 Women 1 Pollard 101 class is for first-timers. It explains how to mark the Bible, and covers basic topics such as a Sinful Past and the Plan of Salvation. Michael Ingenious: Look Around, Gods Fingerprints BB M-099 Teens Houts Are Everywhere Evidences | 33
  34. 34. MONDAY, AUGUST 15 PTP SCHEDULE Time Presenter Topic Room CD Track 1:30-2:15pm Alan Great Men of the Restoration: BC M-085 Preachers/ Highers N. B. Hardeman Members Matt Vega What Advice Should We Give Members with B D M-198 Elders/Deacons Legal Problems? Dale Read Faster, Read Smarter, Read More MA M-103 Preachers’ Jenkins Breakout Moises American Churches Starting a Hispanic Ministry. MB M-147 Ministry Pinedo This class is in English and covers what English-speaking congregations should expect when looking to start a Hispanic ministry. Irene Taylor A Deeper Life. Making Time for Prayer and M CD W-052 Women Small Devotion in the Busy Years of Life Group Diane Watch Me Teach. Teachers/mothers observe VBS Children 6–9/ Winkler how to implement effective techniques. Bible Teachers Bonnie Outreach Awareness Class EH C Girls Ages Rushmore 10–12 1:30-4:15pm Kirk Future Preachers’ Workshop. For boys ages EH T Boys Ages Brothers 10–14; will involve learning how to prepare 10–14 and deliver sermons and devotionals. 2:15-3:15pm Louis Bible Geography VBS VBS Children 6–8 Rushmore 2:30-3:15pm Glenn Seven Minutes of Wisdom: Sex Issues/The HC M-244 Youth Workers Colley Tough Stuff: The Family Computer, Laptops, and Smartphones (Successful Strategies) Dalton Seven Minutes of Wisdom: Some Ideas that HC M-244 Gilreath Work for Us in College Ministry Allan Lay Seven Minutes of Wisdom: How I Teach HC M-244 Abstinence in the Public School Jeremy Pate Seven Minutes of Wisdom: What Ive Learned HC M-244 in my Ten Years of Youth/Family Ministry Ricky Seven Minutes of Wisdom: How Youth HC M-244 Phillips Ministers and Pulpit Ministers (and Families) Can Have Great Relationships Wade Seven Minutes of Wisdom: The Most Useful HC M-244 Webster Books in My Library Donna Role Reversal: Children Caring for Aging Parents HD W-031 Women Special Faughn Interest Sheila Butt How to Conduct a Bible Study with a BA W-010 Women 1 Non-Christian34
  35. 35. PTP SCHEDULE MONDAY, AUGUST 15 Time Presenter Topic Room CD Track2:30-3:15pm Luke Griffin Inscrutable: A Librarian Looks at BB M-057 Teens Numerology in the Bible. This class will cover conventional, rhetorical, symbolic, and Evidences mystical use of numbers in the Bible. ◊ B.J. Clarke The Preacher’s Personal Life (1): Ministry’s BC M-024 Preachers Deadly Undertow (the deadly Ds of debt, depression, divorce, and disobedience) Midway Heres What We Do, It Might Work for You ◊ BD M-242 Elders/Deacons Eldership Eric Lyons 40/40 Class: The Moral Argument for God ¤ MA M-118 Youth Workers/ Parents Jeff Archey 40/40 Class: Planning Sermons without MB M-008 Preachers’ Panicking. Through my years in business I Breakout learned the keyword that helps in all plan- ning and scheduling. The word is “flexibility.” Melvin Success, Gods Way: Prioritize—Do First M CD M-161 Members/ Sapp Things First Deacons Bonnie Bible Geography EH C Girls 10-12 Rushmore3:30-4:15pm Brint Rice PTP Youth Camp VBS Children 6–9 Rushmores Buckets of Bible Time EH C Girls 10-123:30-4:15pm S. Higginbo- Command to Culture: Colossian 3:9 HC M-077 Marriage/ tham (Lie Not One to Another) Family/Members Eric Owens Get Your Own Faith HD M-137 Teens Renita The Upside of the Downside: Growing in the BA W-005 Women 1 Archey Difficult Stretches of Life Alan Martin Work Hard/Play Hard. Creative Ways to BB M-123 Preachers’ Find Cheap Vacations. Never overpay for a Breakout vacation again. Take a Disney cruise with a family of four for under $500. Take a "free" Carribean vacation (by renting your house). Tricks for getting lowest prices on affordable vacations, cruises, air fares, and Disney. | 35
  36. 36. MONDAY, AUGUST 15 PTP SCHEDULE Time Presenter Topic Room CD Track 3:30-4:15pm Daniel Seven Minutes of Wisdom: Smartphone Apps BC M-245 Preachers/Youth Howell for Ministry Ministers Mark Seven Minutes of Wisdom: How to Take BC M-245 Howell Notes and Mark Your Bible During a Sermon Melvin Otey Seven Minutes of Wisdom: A Simple Formula BC M-245 for Sharing the Gospel Eddie Seven Minutes of Wisdom: Planned BC M-245 Parrish Preaching/Surveying a Congregation Matt Vega Seven Minutes of Wisdom: How to Go about BC M-245 Setting Up a Will Joe Seven Minutes of Wisdom: How to Stay at a BC M-245 Williams Congregation for a Long Ministry ◊ Ron Seven Minutes of Wisdom: How I Handle a BC M-245 Williams Church Member Counseling Session ◊ David Overseers: A Larger Vision—What God Can BD M-170 Elders Shannon Do with One Congregation. Let’s move from keeping house to accomplishing as much as we can to His glory before Jesus comes. Michael 40/40 Class: The Cosmological Argument for MA M-095 Digging Deeper Houts the Existence of God Bob 40/40 Class: Writing Articles/Responses for MB M-151 Ministry Prichard the Local Newspaper Sami Showing Children that Christianity Is the Most M CD W-045 Women Small Nicholas Fun Life: Rules, Respect, and Roaring Laughter Group Dale Jenkins Meet and Greet Zone: Churches Looking for FC Elders Preachers/Preachers Looking for Churches. Preachers Bring resumes/job descriptions. Invite some- one to supper with you (on site or off). Youth Workers 4:30-5:30pm Jerry/Denise Marriage and Family Counseling (call or go by MA Counseling Martin registration for appointment) Sessions 6:30-7:00pm Burt Jones Congregational Singing BC General 7:00-7:45pm Melvin Sapp Small Church/Big Plans: Grooming Men and HC M-159 Small Church a Congregation for an Eldership Dan Winkler Loving God with All My Strength B ABC M-226 Church/Worship Glenn Colley Toolbox: Case Studies in Shepherding— BD Elders Small Group Problem-Solving Adam How to Use Twitter for Spiritual Purposes MA M-043 Technology Faughn Jenetta May What I Have Learned about Handling Grief MB W-039 Women Special (1)◊ ¤ Interest36
  37. 37. PTP SCHEDULE MONDAY, AUGUST 15 Time Presenter Topic Room CD Track7:00-7:45pm Daniel Practical Ideas that Work in Small M CD M-100 Small Church Howell Congregations8:00-8:20pm Caleb Colley Youth Late Night: Singing EH Teens8:00-8:45pm Burt Jones Islam: A Threat on the Horizon. The status HC M-108 Evangelism/ of Muslim women with regard to love, mar- Missions riage, and property. Melvin Sapp Is the Church the Lord Established on the HD M-158 Missions/ Earth Tonight? Evangelism Cindy Colley Joy in the Journey: Happy Are Those with BA W-021 Women 1 Enlarged Hearts (Matthew 5:8) B.J. Clarke Working without Elders: Make the Best out BB M-025 Small Church of a Less than Ideal Situation Alan Highers Hot Button Issues: The Role of Women BC M-086 Keynote Glenn Colley Toolbox: Case Studies in Shepherding— BD M-234 Elders Presentation of Solutions Cliff A Session of Prayer. Come with a prayer MA Goodwin request, or just to pray. Cliff will moderate while men pray for the lost, the brother- hood, offer supplications and intercessions, and give God praise. Matt Vega 40/40: The Credibility of the Gospel MB M-196 Evidences Witnesses. How we know the Gospel writers were honest, capable, consistent, and how to best explain all circumstantial evidence. Texas How to Use Visualized Bible Study Series for M CD M-188 Evangelism/ Stevens Greatest Effect. Texas and Jule Miller com- Missions bined their talents to produce this filmstrip/ DVD, which has been the staple brotherhood evangelism tool for over fifty years and which has led to thousands of baptisms. ◊8:20-9:00pm Todd Youth Late Night: Incompatible—Why You EH M-029 Teens Clippard Should Only Marry a Christian9:00-10:00pm Matt Jones Youth Late Night: Basketball/Fun ‘N’ Games EH Teens9:00-9:45pm Eddy Gilpin Sword Sharpening. Class members share M CD M-237 Preachers’ skeleton sermon outlines Breakout | 37
  38. 38. TUESDAY, AUGUST 16 PTP SCHEDULE Time Presenter Topic Room CD Track 7:30-8:15am Cliff Goodwin Early Bird: The Spiritual Discipline of Prayer BC M-054 Preachers Jerry Martin Early Bird: Elder to Elder/Training Church BD M-125 Elders/Deacons Leaders to Be Counselors ¤ ◊ 8:15-11:15am Celine Sparks PTP Childrens Classes VBS Children 6-9 Brint Rice PTP Camp EH C Children 10-12 8:30-9:15am Ed Melott If Its Rotten, Throw It Out. Being a teenager is HD M-132 Teens no excuse for having a bad attitude. 8:30-9:10am David Fruitful Principles for Fantastic Relationships B BC M-165 Keynote Shannon (Galatians 5:22-26) (2) Marriage/Family Rose Crayton Widows: The Opportunities (for service) M CD W-028 Women/Widows 9:30-10:15am Jaime Harper Addictions—Restoring Sanity: The Reality HC M-065 Deacons of Struggles, Hardships, Dysfunctions, and Addictions in the Church. The importance of knowing what is behind smiling faces and Ministry warm handshakes on Sunday morning (1). Glenn Colley Sex Issues/The Tough Stuff: Infidelity (2). HD M-032 Marriage This lesson includes dealing with the anger. (Adults only) Sheila Butt "Help! My Daughters Dating a Non-Christian! BA W-006 Women 1 How can I guide her without driving her away?" Eric Lyons Inconceivable: A Universe without a Maker ¤ BB M-121 Teens/Evidences Wesley A Ready Answer: Questions/Passages BC M-185 Members/ Simons Dealing with Common Arguments Made in Evangelism/ Favor of the Instrument Missions Mike Winkler Overseeing the Staff—Practical Advice for BD M-231 Elders/Church Church Secretaries and Office Workers. How Secretaries Elders Can Help Develop an Atmosphere of Productivity and Camaraderie Jeff Archey 40/40 Class: How to Start a Prom Alternative M A M-005 Deacons Youth Workers Robert R. Balancing Local Work with Meeting/ M B M-189 Preachers Taylor, Jr. Lectureship Schedules Breakout Teresa Taylor The Elders Wife as a Counselor M CD W-054 Women Gilpins Chalking for Teachers (Make and Take) EH T Bible Teachers 10:30-11:15am Jaime Harper Addictions—Restoring Sanity: Overcoming HC M-063 Deacons/ Real Life Struggles Through Godly Solutions. Ministry An introduction to a Christ-centered recovery program, based on Biblical truth (2) ¤ ◊38