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Presentazione inglese green totem stefano (2)


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Presentazione inglese green totem stefano (2)

  3. 3. OUR MISSION Design, development, sale, installation and service of innovative multisensory systems of communication to the public. hardware + software + ideas = turnkey system “Integrate different systems, communicating and interacting with each other, to provide global solutions; create useful and educational products, in pace with the times and functional to eco-sustainability of the planet”
  5. 5. GREEN TOTEM IDEA Green Totem it’s not only a multimedia totem, but it is an idea that gradually develops thanks to the creativity of our engineers and our Customers' demands. Green Totem combines the rewarding Waste Eco- Compactor and the Electric Vehicles Charging (optional) with a D.O.O.H. system: Digital Signage plus the Geco Personal Signage (HotSpot point for an effective “one to one” proximity marketing ). SMART POINT | GREEN POINT
  6. 6. GREEN TOTEM is ECO-SUSTAINABILITY FIRST SORTING WASTE REWARDING SYSTEM integrated with a large number of INTERACTIVE APPLICATIONS. GREEN TOTEM reduces the volume of waste (by 90%) and has a positive effect on the environment reducing emissions of CARBON DIOXIDE arising from their cycle of transportation, processing and treatment, ensuring the entire area of waste management an important qualitative step forward. SMART POINT | GREEN POINT
  7. 7. GREEN TOTEM is ECO-SUSTAINABILITY “The waste isn’t a cost but a gain” Waste sorting and compaction drastically reduces the supply chain cycle of recovery and reuse of recyclable materials. GREEN TOTEM is an advanced Reverse Vending Machine: automatically separates and compacts the waste, recognize and reward your gesture, informs you, advises you and connects you to the "world that you want“. SMART POINT | GREEN POINT
  8. 8. GREEN TOTEM |AWARD GREEN TOTEM,to reward the user and emphasize his worth act of collection, will print and issue a shopping voucher (or a digital coupon, via QR-code, on his smartphone / tablet or a premium on fidelity card points) reserved for him. The type and value of the bonus will be defined by the customer, with the chance of using all his "creativity" and his marketing strategies, always with the full support of Geco. SMART POINT | GREEN POINT
  9. 9. GREEN TOTEM | FIDELIZE Rewarding collection – Recycling is right User loyalty via bonus, fidelity card and/or with personalized offers on smartphones/tablets. The user can access at any time to his profile and its offerings.
  10. 10. GREEN TOTEM |ADVERTISE Communication, institutional information, advertising, Digital and Personal Signage always available to the users A concrete initiative of social responsibility and environmental awareness improves the image of the customer an his brand Customized Design in line with the corporate image and fulfilling every fantasy and creativity of the brand
  11. 11. GREEN TOTEM |COMMUNICATE HotSpot WiFi & Screen Multimedia The user accesses the services easily. He can surf the WEB, download coupons, videos, music, news,..., interact with the targeted promotions and the events proposed to him. SMART POINT | GREEN POINT QRcode
  13. 13. GREEN TOTEM | ELECTRIC CHARGER The system is designed to be equipped with a Charging point for Electric Vehicles (bikes, motorbikes, cars) In this way, to the separate waste collection, we combine a real and valuable service for SUSTAINABLE MOBILITY. This creates a mix of great communicative impact. SMART POINT | GREEN POINT
  14. 14. GREEN TOTEM | SECURITY 180 panoramic camera, microphone, speakers and SOS button. A vigilant "eye" for the protection and the safety of persons and properties; an emergency point, an important “lifeline". SMART POINT | GREEN POINT
  15. 15. GREEN TOTEM | MULTISENSORY Fragrances, perfumes and sweetness notes diffused through simple ventilation but guided by a "directed" strategy that uses the sense of smell as a sensory channel of communication. Olfactive marketing & communication SMART POINT | GREEN POINT
  16. 16. GREEN TOTEM | TECH PLUS RFID CAMERA AUDIO * CONTROLLER NFC NARROWCASTING TOUCHSCREEN SMART POINT | GREEN POINT * Innovative “sound actuator” – every surface becomes an extended loudspeaker (even water)
  17. 17. GREEN TOTEM | WHY PLUS: • Immediate reduction of waste volume, resulting in cost savings for storage and handling • Prompted profit: the waste already separated and compacted has a higher market value and immediately convertible into cash • Easy education to use thanks to the various mechanisms of loyalty, incentive and fun related to gesture • Additional income with the integration of technologies and spaces for promotions and advertising • Great "Green" image for those who adopt the system • Customized design in line with the corporate brand
  18. 18. GREEN TOTEM | D.O.O.H. D.O.O.H. (Digital Out Of Home) Digital Signage and Mobile at the service of an effective Proximity Marketing. A new way to interact with customers. • Digital Signage managed remotely and Mobile Internet for communicate and interact with their targeted users in public places, influencing consumers choices • New level of relationship with consumers based on immediacy, on real-time information • Number of contacts multiplied in comparison to those obtained with normal paper billboards and leaflets. The average of the observation time is 60% higher • The "proximity" allows consumers to easily take advantage of promotions by purchasing quickly • This combination of technologies allows you to spread messages in the right places and reach easily potential consumers (target)… “call to action”
  19. 19. GREEN TOTEM | DIGITAL SIGNAGE DIGITAL SIGNAGE represents the ideal solution … to expand and improve the ability to communicate. Green Totem is Digital Signage ! Thanks to Digital Signage the proximity (marketing) communication to the audience (at points of sale, in public open spaces or inside buildings) becomes simpler, more flexible, more effective and with a higher quality/price ratio, compared to traditional systems. Connected via LAN or WLAN, these panels (screens, monitors, totems) form a communication network whose contents can be dynamically changed with the only purpose of let the users "to receive a message in a specific place in a specific time."
  20. 20. GECO SYSTEM | DIGITAL SIGNAGE Content creation Content distribution Content presentation Network (LAN, WAN, Internet, ...) Page Editor IDS Server iCALM Web only Web interface Internet/Intranet All in one
  21. 21. GECO SYSTEM|PAGE EDITOR Content creation
  22. 22.  - easy to use – user friendly  - WYSIWYG What You See Is What You Get  - intuitive toolbar  - all standard formats are supported by our system  (Flash plug-in, RSS, ecc..)  - Drag & Drop  - allows the creation of pleasant and attactive content GECO SYSTEM | PAGE EDITOR Content creation
  23. 23. GECO SYSTEM | IDS SERVER Manage and control content distribution: what, where and when Content distribution NETWORK Lan, Wan, Internet
  24. 24. OPTION “SOLO INTERNET” GECO | iCALM iCALM Web only Web interface Internet/Intranet All in one All necessary tools for the creation, management and distribution of content are accessible via Internet, anywhere and from any connected device. content creation content uploading management, control and distribution of content: what content should be displayed, where and when
  25. 25. iCALM works on both "Internet" and "Intranet“ environment. In Intranet, iCALM is protected and limited in the local network of the Customer. iCALM Web only Web interface Internet/Intranet All in one OPTION “SOLO INTERNET” GECO | iCALM
  27. 27. From Digital to GECO PERSONAL SIGNAGE ONE TO ALL ONE TO ONE It’s an evolution of the Digital Signage thanks to which it’s possible to create a direct and interactive channel to each user; Geco Personal Signage is a complement to “digital infoscreens”. Digital and Personal are modular and complementary to each other. A digital versatile platform that increases interactivity and user loyalty, carrying on their "handheld devices" personalized content and interactive local services.  Targeted ADV  Entertainment (videos, TV, radio, games, downloads, local infos and news, etc.) Product information (descriptions, promotions, availability, sales, etc.)  Coupons dispenser (reports tracking coupons life)  Localizer  Access to the web and social networks  Fidelity cards scanner  Users information (reports) collected through their mobile devices  Digital leaflets = no paper = no trees cut down = eco-sustainability
  28. 28. Information Entertainment on large screens Advertisement ONE-WAY communication channel Geco Personal Signage is the personalized (one to one), mobile, interactive version of digital signage GECO PERSONAL SIGNAGE
  29. 29. TWO-WAYS communication channel Wireless Access Point (WAP) orderreceive watchjoin Information Entertainment on mobile devices Advertisement GECO PERSONAL SIGNAGE Integrated In the Green Totem
  30. 30. 1. Wide range of services -easy connection to the system -targeted information and offers by gender, age, preferences, hobbies, etc. -increase of data base contacts advertiseexplore receive watch orderjoin Geco integrated solution | PERSONAL SIGNAGE
  31. 31. 1. Wide range of services - vouchers & coupons unique and personalized - greater consumer loyalty - quick usage of the promotion - quick decision on purchases - proved increase in sales advertiseexplore receive watch orderjoin Geco integrated solution | PERSONAL SIGNAGE
  32. 32. 1. Wide range of services - excellent video quality - wide range of devices supported - video ADV, music videoclips, movie trailers, online showrooms, etc. advertiseexplore receive watch orderjoin Geco integrated solution | PERSONAL SIGNAGE
  33. 33. 2. G.U.I. Editor…to customize the services offered: Create your own style in a few minutes ! Geco integrated solution | PERSONAL SIGNAGE
  34. 34. Geco integrated solution | PERSONAL SIGNAGE 3. Stand-alone or via Internet (WiFi o 3G) HotSpot (access point) integrated in the Green Totem Stand-alone Internet GUI Editor Local WiFi connection connection
  35. 35. 4. Content management user friendly Geco integrated solution | PERSONAL SIGNAGE
  38. 38. Social Media | PERSONAL SIGNAGE Directly on your mobile screen three Social Media buttons: Facebook, Twitter, AddThis (others available). The user can comment, share and also involve his social network in real time, interacting with his friends online and engaging them in his own experience. This engagement among users amplifies the impact of any activity (promotional, informative, proximity marketing and social) undertaken at the local level.
  39. 39. Music, movies, games, news, tickets, maps, refills, etc. (possible link with wouchers ands shopping bonus) also….Content Vending Machine | PERSONAL SIGNAGE
  40. 40. Geco Personal Signage | CONCLUSIONS Geco Personal Signage platform allows to:  loyalize custormers through the many services offered  increase the attractiveness of any single business activity (eg. Shop) differentiating it from competitors  increase the return (feedback) on investment in ADV  “measure” its own audience  improve the brand image, its visibilty and allurement
  41. 41. Green Totem Green Totem generates revenue earn on three different fronts: the first one is the opportunity to sale directly to recyclers of waste; PET and aluminum have a good market value and Green Totem generates the highest quality materials, compressed and selected. The second opportunity is related to marketing, cause Green Totem, not only can be fully customized following the image of the various brands but, thanks to multimedia, incentive and loyalty systems, offers an effective One to One marketing. Third one: Green Totem can be bought or leased depending on the most convenient legal form present in your country (eg. In Italy, using the “rento form”, we have a 100% tax relief).
  42. 42. GRAZIE per l’attenzione BE SMART… …BE GECO s.r.l. Via Ugo Foscolo, 9 28066 Galliate (NO)