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If you've ever had any doubts about the profitability of email marketing, consider the points in this slide show. An email list is still your number 1 online business asset.

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  • NOTES: This slide show will cover 8 important reasons all businesses should be participating in email marketing. Add your logo and any other personalization you’d to this slide.
  • NOTES: In a recent study, the Direct Marketing Association found that for each $1 that a company spends on email, they get $40.56 back in profits. For companies running their own email companies, they can expect an even higher rate of return.
  • NOTES: Email marketing is inexpensive because all you need is an autoresponder, some content and marketing savvy. While you will have to pay for an autoresponder, you can create your own content and add your marketing savvy. Even if you hire writers or marketing advice, the costs are still relatively low.
  • NOTE: Traffic, social media and email marketing are all important assets to grow and nurture. However, email provides the most value because you can better command your subscribers attention and an email list is something you own. Your follower lists on social media are just on loan to you from the social media sites. Of course, traffic and social media can be leveraged into getting more people on your email list, so they are definitely worth pursuing.
  • NOTE: Email goes right into your subscribers inbox. They asked for the information, so you have permission to contact them directly. Email can be made highly personal and addresses your recipient more directly than an update on social media or elsewhere. In addition, the average Internet user checks their email frequently, giving you plenty of opportunity to get their attention.
  • NOTE: When we open our email, we expect to see commercial offers. Not just the unsolicited kind, but offers from the newsletters we’ve signed up for and from companies we’ve purchased from before. But when we go to a blog or social media site, we expect more content and very little self-promotion. Email is the perfect medium for selling and should be used by businesses readily.
  • NOTE: It’s easy and inexpensive to target your database for the best results. You can separate customers based on the products they buy and then email them offers for similar products. You can collect personal data like their geographic location, interests and more to create more personalized correspondence. Subscribers can also share their preferences with you, so that you deliver with the frequency and type of content they wish to receive.
  • NOTE: When it comes to email, users are more likely to scan through everything to make sure they don’t miss anything important…making it more likely for your email to get noticed. If you’ve ever looked at your Facebook Reach on a post, you’ll find it’s very low. While Facebook is highly social, it’s less personal and users are less likely to feel they have to check on all the updates that they missed. Or when someone is looking at RSS feed, they will also likely look at it more casually and not worry if they miss something.
  • NOTES: A lot of people think that social media is taking over email. We’ve already explored a few reasons why that’s just not true. A list of 1000 Facebook followers will not yield the same as list of 1000 email subscribers. It’s also harder to measure your social media results, making it harder to improve your performance in a meaningful way. Commercial updates aren’t as readily expected via social channels as they are with email and your updates on social media are seen for a very short time. Of course, if you’re popular, you increase your update lifespan through the sharing of your content. The thing is, if you’re popular on social media, there is no reason why you can’t have a much bigger email list and the bigger your list, the more likely your email is to be seen. Social media is a great complement to your online marketing efforts, but never should replace marketing through email.
  • NOTES: Email is still a viable and powerful marketing medium that you own completely. It’s important for every single business, no matter whatever marketing methods you use. For this slide, add your logo or product image. Also, include a very relevant offer for your slideshow viewers.
  • Why Email Marketing

    1. 1. [INSERT YOUR LOGO] 8 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Email Marketing
    2. 2. #1 High Conversion Rates According to the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), email produces an ROI of $40.56 for each dollar invested.
    3. 3. #2 It’s Inexpensive
    4. 4. #3 It’s Your Most Valuable Asset
    5. 5. #4 Direct Follow Up
    6. 6. #5 It’s Commercial by Nature Unlike other mediums like social media, people expect to receive commercial offers and promotions via email.
    7. 7. #6 Segmentation & Targeting
    8. 8. #7 Better Chance of Being Seen While not everyone opens every single email they receive, being in someone’s email inbox increases your chances of getting noticed dramatically.
    9. 9. #8 Social Media is Not Enough
    10. 10. Learn More & Get Started For more marketing help and advice, visit us http://graspitmarketing.com Or Follow us on at http://twitter.com/graspitmktg