Deliver the right message at the right time


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Illustration through ExpressClub.

Alpha Card Merchant Services and Affinion International @ Relationship Marketing congres (Stichting Marketing)

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Deliver the right message at the right time

  1. 1. Deliver the right message at the right time Illustration through ExpressClub Relationship Marketing Congress , 07.05.2009 Marie Scuvée, Alpha Card Merchant Services Ante Rimac, Affinion International 1
  2. 2. The company The approach Some references 2
  3. 3. Affinion Group + 300 clients 19 millions members Global leader in Affinity Marketing North American Expertise in multi-cghannel direct marketing 3.500 employees world wide; Affinity Membership 400 millions messages sent per year 1000+ outside the US Presence in 11 countries and 18 markets $ 1.5 billion turn over US participation fund Appolo as Leader in direct marketing for invazlidity and shareholder death insurance North American Enrichment programmes for current accounts Insurance & Packaging (package) Marketing expertise in branches network animation 35 years of service 70 million members worldwide Point based programmes on added value Over 800 million direct marketing pieces mailed Loyalty services annually 100 billions points distributed 46,000 marketing campaigns conducted over the 2 millions customer calls per year last decade 80 million telemarketing contacts annually Over 1 million new online members added each year 20 years of service Multiple industry experience including financial, 70 programmes on more than 100 segments retail, travel, entertainment, e-commerce and Partnership with 12 banks out of the EU top 20 direct response TV Nearly 19 millions members in 13 countries 25 core products with custom flexibility (200+ versions) Servicing in 11 different languages 3
  4. 4. Some global references : Affinion’s presence Europe: Benelux office: South Africa: North America Major accounts managed from Brussels office: 4
  5. 5. Affinion International Business model: • Affinity marketing • Membership principle •B2B2C Main target: Enrich the customer relation in order to: • Create more revenues • Increase the link with the customer Product lines: • Based on consumers' needs • Regrouped in categories like travel, leisure, lifestyle, insurance, security Competence domains: • Acquisition • Retention • Animation • Revenue generation 5
  6. 6. Affinion helps partners maximize the Lifetime Economic Value of their customer relationships Incremental Fee Income Fee Income Loyalty / Loyalty / Retention Retention • Products and services sold Partner • Rewards programmes or stand alone or bundled enhancements Customer • Expanded segmentation • Solutions bundled with Base partner products for differentiation Brand Utilisation Core Brand Utilisation • Solutions designed to increase transaction activity • Offerings that create incremental customer contacts 6
  7. 7. Turn Key Provider Fee Income/Revenue Membership programs with Classical point based non core services programs Competitive Differentiation « Packages » « Loyalty » Loyalty/Rewards Client Influence Consumer Behavior Objectives & Retention Affinion Motivation Product-Line Expansion Solutions Increased Utilization Distribution Expansion « Marketing « Retail » Further Segmentation services » Tactical programs focused Side selling approach with on specific needs optional membership Cross-selling Opportunities 7
  8. 8. 4 core competences Advice Integrated contact center Analysis Multi channel back office & Benchmarks Fulfilment capacities Business models Concept Full concept development Quality follow up Account management Day to day Product / Solution running development Marketing Tailor made development Creation & Partnerships Distribution Multi channel communication Communication Deployment including: Direct marketing Websites Sweepstakes, animations Newsletters 8
  9. 9. Affinion International Our know-how Marketing Fidelisation Packages Card enrichment programmes Marketing Acquisition « Club » porgrammes « Side Selling » Member get member Marketing services Cards Sweepstakes, Multi channel marketing newsletters, … Points programmes Earn Cards Burn Debit Catalogue managment Affinity Co-branded Partnerships Protection services Different themes « Cardcops » : Different periodicity Payment card protection, Different targets Security pack Virtual Safe 9
  10. 10. Strong Long-term Relationships with Diverse Affinity Partners Over 5,200 affinity partners – 17 of top 20 U.S. credit card issuers – 7 of top 10 U.S. mortgage companies – 17 of top 20 U.S. debit card issuers – 13 of top 30 European retail banks INDUSTRIES SELECTED AFFINITY PARTNERS Banks Retail Credit card issuers Insurance companies Internet Telecom, Utilities & Media Many of our key distribution partners have been with us for more than ten years 10
  11. 11. ExpressClub: How to increase customer loyalty & customer intelligence in a B2B environment ? 11
  12. 12. American Express • World wide: Historically first global payment scheme Activity in 130+ countries 93 million cards Spread into consumer cards, business cards and corporate cards Large product range from basic up to very exclusive products Co-branded products Membership Rewards (Card loyalty program) Several million acceptance points Travel Agencies Insurance products • BeLux Alpha Card is the unique American Express Card issuer & Merchant acquirer in Belux (joint venture American Express & Fortis) Active for 11 years Full American Express product range Issuing of the cards Management of the merchant network 12
  13. 13. The challenge • Context: While chains and key accounts are considered as strategic partners (targeted marketing,..) we want to be perceived as Business partners by medium & smaller merchants. We want them to be proud of the American Express network ! The independant merchants are crucial for the perception of coverage We have to build a competitive advantage for our merchants and confirm our Value based pricing The challenges were: Retention – How to increase customer loyalty ? – How to increase the value of our customer relation ? Animation – How to generate positive interaction with customers ? DB enrichment – How to increase our customer intelligence ? 13
  14. 14. The answer: ExpressClub • The Answer: ExpressClub makes your time easy! American Express offers affiliated merchants, business and leisure benefits with free access for eligible Merchants • Structure: Save your time (business oriented benefits) Benefits based on DISCOUNTS 3 categories to help merchants to run their business Spend your time (leisure oriented benefits) Benefits based on ADD ON & EXTRA’S Benefits ranked in function of time available Tips & Tricks Some nice extra’s to make the life easier Fairs agenda, usefull links, legal line 14
  15. 15. The answer: ExpressClub The approach: Web based platform; online offer collection Accessibility from (.lu) or directly : ° Protected website (merchant n°) with a public home page (teaser) Communication plan: Acquisition mailing: Letter + flyer + give away (mouse pad) The website See next slide Regular supporting actions and communication: E-news letter for the members where e-mail is known Program awareness & animation Recap paper mailing to entire base of the eligible members Stimulate merchant visits on the website and sustain awareness of the entire base Regular sweepstakes Incentivize the data gathering & create animation 15
  16. 16. Full integration in the current corporate website: • Aim is to make the customer experience as smooth as possible • Sustain the fact that the offer is integrated 16
  17. 17. Integration with the Access protected by the corporate site navigation affiliation number Split into different categories 17
  18. 18. Split of the business Details of the selected offers benefits by categories Split by time available 18
  19. 19. Ergonomic, easy and straightforward internal navigation Take care of the convenience of use Sustain program awareness Stimulate e-mail gathering 19
  20. 20. Internal ergonomic Extra Tips & tricks navigation 20
  21. 21. E-mail adress is playing a crucial and central role: for the same affiliation different users possible; the e-mail adress is the differenciator 21
  22. 22. Customer intelligence enrichment through: • usage tracking • information / details gathering 22
  23. 23. Reinforcement of the links with the customers via a growing personalisation of the interactions 23
  24. 24. Early results - conclusions • Measurable results (3 weeks after launch): More than 40 000 pages viewed 11,3% response rate (unique visitors) On average 11.4 page views/visitors, meaning they navigate on the site, discover it and visit different areas (business&leisure) • Pre-conclusions: We are adding value to our customer relationship We are creating opportunities for increasing the customer intelligence We are delivering the right message at the right moment. « Even in harder time, American Express invests in the relationship with their best partners, the Merchant Network .» 24
  25. 25. Thank you ! Marie Scuvée Merchant Marketing Manager + 32 476 760804 Ante Rimac Director Benelux + 32 477 724 483 25