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Social Media facebook strategies & positioning
Top 10 french online retailer
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English graph insider social analytics e commerce france october 2012 us version

  1. 1. Social Media facebookstrategies & positioning Top 10 french e-com Sept / Oct 2012 http://www.graphinsider.comhttps://www.facebook.com/graphinsider
  2. 2. Executive summary :e-tailers strategies are ROI oriented • GRAPH INSIDER exclusive study on facebook fan pages engagement of french top 10 e-tailers • GRAPH INSIDER methodology: unique deduplicated engagement • Key Learnings on e-commerce actors: – Positioning & strategies are not the same – Race fans is not the primary objective, engagement is key for brand preference & traffic generation to website – Engagement on branded content is critical to generate earn media & social recommendation of products and services – The most engaging posts are about products / services / promotions – Facebook Ads leverage reach and visibility of engagement on branded content
  3. 3. facebook fan pages : top 10 french e-tailers 1. Amazon 2. Ebay 3. Cdiscount 4. Fnac 5. Priceminister 6. Groupon 7. Voyages-SNCF 8. Carrefour 9. La redoute 10. Vente-privée
  4. 4. Graph Insider methodology • Double-entry analysis – quantitative based on KPI Graph Insider platform – qualitative through most engaging posts • Reprocessing facebook insights • Deduplication of engagement on fanpage & posts to allow vision of interactions on a unique basis for comparison • Daily monitoring of the 1100 first French fanpages
  5. 5. 7 Key Performance Indicator to measure success• Declared fan / engaged fan • Engagement rate – A declared fan is a fan of the page. – The engagement rate is the number of individual fans who have – An engaged fan is an individual fan who has interacted at least carried out at least one interaction with the fanpage. once (like, comment, post) with the page during the selected – This corresponds to the percentage of your fanbase who were period. actually engaged during the selected period. – Example: Antoine has liked and commented on the page; – A 10% engagement rate means that 10% of your fans Antoine is counted just once interacted at least once with your fanpage over the selected period• Interaction – An interaction is an engagement: like, comment, post made on • Page activity rate the page – The pages activity rate is the percentage of responses the page makes to user comments and posts. – With an activity rate of 10%, this means that you respond to 1• Repetition post / comment made by your users out of every 10. – Average number of interactions per engaged fan. This is – Please note, we only count responses from the page itself, not therefore an indicator of your fanbases activity. from community managers who have a different profile – If the average repetition of your fanpage is 2, that means that your engaged fans have interacted on average twice with your • Page response rate fanpage – The pages response rate is the percentage of responses to user posts from the page.• Fanpage posts – Please note, we only count responses from the page itself, not – The number of posts made by the page as well as the pages from community managers who have a different profile profile picture changes
  6. 6. With an average of 230,000 fans, fanpages studied aremore dynamic than the French averageA real engagement dynamic :• Fans are active, with an engagement rate of 2.6%, 10% higher than the average French• Community managers are reactive with a high average rate animation of 18.1% (7 times higher than the French average)
  7. 7. Disparate situations : Groupon interacts, Amazon is completely silent
  8. 8. Over the last 4 weeks, Cdiscount recruited 70% of new fans in the Top 10. • La Redoute and Cdiscount fanpages are by far the most powerful in volume and weigh nearly 2/3 of the total. • Recruiting fans is dynamic and guided by two fanpages: – Cdiscount made ​significant recruitment efforts (+76 500 fans a month, & maintaining best engagement rate to 6.5% of the fan base!) – Amazon (smallest fan page) developed his fan base with a +60% volume in a month thanks to Sponsored posts
  9. 9. Fanpages more interactive than the national average, but only 1 of 5 fan gets a response from the brand • Lot of posts from community managers, more than 1 per day on average • Repetition averaged 1.7 is fairly homogeneous on all players, except for Vente-privée which involved most loyal fans (2.2 interactions per fan only) • 9/10 actors give themselves the means to animate and respond to requests from fans (18.1% on average) • La redoute is the most active fan page in rate animation. 25% of posts or comments from fans brand interaction
  10. 10. The e-commerce players have attitudes more or less active with their fans•CDiscount: first actor in terms of engagement : fans of the brand represent 25% of the total, but bylistening, mark weighs 62% of the commitment of the Top 10!•Voyages SNCF & Expedia overperform their marketshare also
  11. 11. Except Amazon, Top 10 players let their fans comment on the fan page • Cdiscount generates far more engagement volume interactions. • Over the period, Saturday is the day most active
  12. 12. The most engaging posts are related to products, services or promotions• The first 9 posts are related to products / services / promotions. This brings up a new behavior within Facebook, highlighting the concrete expectations of fans
  13. 13. 1st post in terms of unique engagement : CarrefourLaunch Christmas catalog with contestReference to catalog and website dedicatedhttp://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=216646748466740&set=a.177026835762065.40094.176105152520900&type=1&relevant_count=1
  14. 14. 2nd post in terms of unique engagement : Voyages-SNCF Bookings are now open for holiday seasonhttp://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=423753571019759&set=a.159671450761307.34666.132906510104468&type=1&relevant_count=1
  15. 15. 6th post in terms of unique engagement : Cdiscount Offset positioning with reference to product page • Over 5000 likes • More than 2000 shares • Nearly 200 commentshttp://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151098346637672&set=a.437349012671.217645.102653497671&type=1&relevant_count=1
  16. 16. Focus Cdiscount: positioning offset that works well with thecommunity • Cdiscount positioning is shifted but always a goal "product" and traffic on site. • These actions are paying off and fanpage is very active: – 38 posts, just behind Priceminister with 39 posts – 6.5% rate of engagement (the most engaged fanpage) – 15.5% growth in the fan base vs. 7% average growth of the top 10 e-commerce & 4.6% average growth for French Fanpages – 14% rate animation
  17. 17. Conclusion • Different social strategies implemented by actors in e-commerce reflect their positioning & maturity • The posts are most engaging about products / services / promotions, which clearly highlights importance of having fans that correspond to its positionning. • An effective social strategy is broken down into steps – Engagement through branded content – Creating a virtuous circle, word of mouth and Earned Media – Leverage reach & visibility through advertising • Sector historically late on Facebook that actively engages and does not hesitate to use advertising to maximize the reach and scope of its social actions • The challenge for e-retailers is now to integrate social recommendation on their web site to personalize the customer experience.
  18. 18. Contactscontact@graphinsider.com