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Grant foster smartphone presentation


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Grant foster smartphone presentation

  1. 1. Smart phones<br /> ADP 1003 <br />DONE BY GRANT FOSTER<br />
  2. 2. “Research has found that smart phones are affecting productivity, communication in the work place, social engagement, and have an effect in education”. <br />Smart phones<br />
  3. 3. Table of contents <br /><ul><li> smart phones and its negative influences in the work place
  4. 4. research proving that smart phones have a negative effect </li></ul>On productivity in the workplace<br /><ul><li>Smart phone's today
  5. 5. Smartphone collage
  6. 6. conclusion
  7. 7. Bibliography</li></li></ul><li>Research <br /><ul><li>smart phones that are too intense can lead to disaster
  8. 8. Research by a team of Rutgers University states, to cure Smartphone addicts, you use the same therapy as treatment for drug addicts.
  9. 9. Smartphone's cause reduced work productivity
  10. 10. Smartphone's and networking sites create distractions in the workplace and cost employers money. </li></ul>According to a 2009 report, employees spent on average of 40 minutes per week on social networking sites while at work. And up to 6 times more on there smart phones as they can now access social networks and e-mail from smart phones.<br /><ul><li>over a one-year period it costs employers $2.25 billion, as some employers pay internet and phone bills.
  11. 11. a recent study has proved that smart phones are used also for sexual harassment in the workplace, it starts off with a friendly text, e mail or chain message. </li></li></ul><li>Smartphone's and its negative influences in the workplace<br /><ul><li>smart phones distract employees and employers from doing their work
  12. 12. this causes lower levels of productivity as less work is done
  13. 13. some people don’t give their full attention to their tasks at work as they are</li></ul>more concerned about their social life<br /><ul><li> this impacts negatively as people cannot focus 100% on innovative ideas</li></ul>As well as other factors in the work place, such as productivity<br /><ul><li>With the smart phones of today people are doing more work on their phones </li></ul>Therefore computers bought by companies are going to waste <br /><ul><li>People are storing confidential information on their phones which makes it </li></ul>Easy to get lost, stolen or deleted. <br />
  14. 14. Smartphone's today<br /><ul><li>smart phones today are equipped with the latest technology
  15. 15. camera , e mail, internet, the news, a calendar, and large storage devices
  16. 16. today's smart phones are able to download applications now you can even have </li></ul>Navigation on your mobile phone.<br /><ul><li>the phones today are competing with laptops you even get phones which look like mini laptops
  17. 17. the storage devices enable you to store all your work on your Smartphone therefore you can have a mobile office
  18. 18. smart phones are cheaper devices with more entertainment functionality built in to attract younger users. The current generation of smart phones is as much about music, movies and multi-mega-pixel photos as it is about e-mail and spreadsheets. </li></li></ul><li>Smartphone collage <br />
  19. 19. Bibliography<br />;118/4/1752<br />