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Conversion Optimization Evangelism: Guide to Building a Team of Believers


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Presented 11/8/17 at PubCon Las Vegas

Published in: Marketing
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Conversion Optimization Evangelism: Guide to Building a Team of Believers

  1. 1. #pubcon A Conversion Framework: Conversion Optimization Evangelism: Guide to Building a Team of Believers Presented by Grant Tilus November 8th, 2017
  2. 2. #pubcon Hi, I’m Grant • Digital Product Optimization – Carlson-Rezidor Hotel Group • Director of Content Marketing – • 2017 US Search Awards Judge • Man with a Beard @GrantTilus
  3. 3. #pubcon What is Digital Product Optimization?
  4. 4. #pubcon Carlson-Rezidor Hotel Group More than 1,440 hotels in operation and under development, a global footprint covering 115 countries and territories.
  5. 5. #pubcon My Path to Optimization and Testing
  6. 6. #pubcon Previous Brand Experience
  7. 7. #pubcon Growing Interest in Conversion Rate Optimization
  8. 8. #pubcon Lots of Amazing Examples of Success
  9. 9. #pubcon Experimentation Has Gone Mainstream
  10. 10. #pubcon “Our success at Amazon is a function of how many experiments we do per year, per month, per week, per day,” - Jeff Bezos, CEO
  11. 11. #pubcon The Struggle to Build a Successful Testing Program is Real 25% lack a conversion optimization process 47% don’t follow a prioritization framework The 2017 State of Conversion Optimization Report - Adobe Digital Marketing Study -
  12. 12. #pubcon Organizations Want to Mature Merely 24% believe that their digital maturity is advanced 51% are increasing their budgets in optimization The 2017 State of Conversion Optimization Report - Adobe Digital Marketing Study -
  13. 13. #pubcon There’s a Lack of Internal Support Only 30% of organization have a single dedicated person 47% of optimizers still work at companies where CRO is not in the budget The 2017 State of Conversion Optimization Report -
  14. 14. #pubcon There’s a Lack of Professional Experience 58% of optimizers have only been in CRO roles for 0-2 years 23% optimization is nobody’s primary responsibility The 2017 State of Conversion Optimization Report - Adobe Digital Marketing Study -
  15. 15. #pubcon Across In-House and Agency Folks What Type of CRO Work Do You Do? The 2017 State of Conversion Optimization Report -
  16. 16. #pubcon Have You Considered Becoming a Conversion Optimization Evangelist?
  17. 17. #pubcon Most of Our Colleagues Have Trust Issues Circle of Trust You
  18. 18. #pubcon Who We Need on Our Side BossClient Teammates
  19. 19. #pubcon Is This Something You Believe In?
  20. 20. #pubcon Seven Guiding Principles toSeven Guiding Principles to StartStart Creating Believers in TestingCreating Believers in Testing
  21. 21. #pubcon 1. Know What You’re Talking About
  22. 22. #pubcon “The best way to sound like you know what you're talking about is to know what you're talking about.” - Harvey Mackay, businessman, author, minnesotan
  23. 23. #pubcon First You Need to Establish a Framework to Follow
  24. 24. #pubcon CXL Research Framework
  25. 25. #pubcon Wider Funnel Optimization Process
  26. 26. #pubcon Create Your Own Internal Framework Testing Framework Step 1 Step 2 Step 3Step 4 Step 5
  27. 27. #pubcon Outline Roles and Responsibilities
  28. 28. #pubcon Create the Necessary Documentation • Testing Calendar • Test Plan Template • Design Mock-up Request • Development Specifications Document • QA Template • Results Analysis Template
  29. 29. #pubcon Handpick Your Tools
  30. 30. #pubcon 2. Become the Voice for Testing
  31. 31. #pubcon Research, Data and Testing > Opinions • Become the voice of testing in meetings • Reduce wheel-spinning debates by testing • Promote research to overcome premature and often biased opinions • Say “We Should Test That” a Lot
  32. 32. #pubcon Encourage Everyone Learn More About Web Analytics
  33. 33. #pubcon Showcase Your Research Capabilities Heatmaps User Testing
  34. 34. #pubcon Keep Saying It Until It Become Second Nature
  35. 35. #pubcon 3. Show Them How It’s Done
  36. 36. #pubcon Assume Your Audience is Clueless
  37. 37. #pubcon Walk Them Through the Testing Cycle
  38. 38. #pubcon Demonstrate To Them How It Will Work • Idea Generation – Process for gathering/submitting ideas – Identifying key areas for testing • Research – Focus your attention on identifying a problem – Complete relevant user experience analysis • Hypothesis – “On [PAGE], visitors are trying to [ACTION], but [SUMMARY OF OBSTACLE]. By [CHANGE/SOLUTION] we will see an increase in [GOAL].”
  39. 39. #pubcon Provide as Much Details as Necessary Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5 “If you can’t describe what you are doing as a process, you don’t know what you’re doing.” – W. Edwards Deming
  40. 40. #pubcon Create an Internal Workflow that is Simple
  41. 41. #pubcon 4. Build Trust One Person at a Time
  42. 42. #pubcon Seek Out Individuals and Share Your Vision
  43. 43. #pubcon Explain the Opportunity of Experimentation
  44. 44. #pubcon Prepare to Overcome Common Concerns Data Management Resources
  45. 45. #pubcon Have Answers to Frequently Asked Questions • What are the different types of tests? • What is personalization? • Where on the website should we be testing? • How do we measure and declare a winner? • How long does it take to run a test? • How many tests can we run? • Etc.
  46. 46. #pubcon Make Sure They Got Your Back
  47. 47. #pubcon Continue to Cultivate Testing Advocates
  48. 48. #pubcon 5. Speak Their Language
  49. 49. #pubcon Quality Communication is Essential For You to Succeed
  50. 50. #pubcon <Do You Even Code?>
  51. 51. #pubcon What Do You Know About UX & Design?
  52. 52. #pubcon Are You Fluent in Data Analytics & Statistics?
  53. 53. #pubcon Understand What Leadership, Product Managers, & Clients Care to Hear
  54. 54. #pubcon Always Speak In Terms of ‘We’ Never ‘I’ • Give praise to the team • It’s not about you • Their success is your success • User is the beneficiary
  55. 55. #pubcon Establish Lines of Communication
  56. 56. #pubcon 6. Set Appropriate Expectations
  57. 57. #pubcon Avoid Becoming a False Prophet
  58. 58. #pubcon Most Wins are Singles and Not HR’s • Winners • Losers • Inconclusive • Follow-ups • Try additional variations MLB Hit Distribution
  59. 59. #pubcon Expect Your Test to Win, Plan For It to Lose
  60. 60. #pubcon Focus Everyone’s Attention on Learning
  61. 61. #pubcon Explain the Organizations Existing State of Maturity
  62. 62. #pubcon Help Them Visualize an Example Test Control: Challenger: Hypothesis: By removing the room amount selector, improving the headline and CTA, and deemphasizing the more options menu on the global search element, we will streamline visitors ability to perform a search, thus we will see an increase in the amount of hotel searches performed and reservations booked.
  63. 63. #pubcon Teach Them About Being Humble BA
  64. 64. #pubcon 7. Teach Them How to Fish
  65. 65. #pubcon Help Them Learn By Doing • Host ideation sessions • Encourage research opportunities • Complete a test plan exercise • Be there to guide them early on
  66. 66. #pubcon Are You Beginning to Believe?Are You Beginning to Believe?
  67. 67. #pubcon Launching a Testing Program is Hard • Don't think your too far behind to get started – Only 22% have a company-wide approach to testing • It won’t happen overnight • Opportunities for growth Adobe Digital Marketing Study -
  68. 68. #pubcon You Can Do This! • By taking on that challenge means greater opportunity for those of you who succeed.
  69. 69. #pubcon Remember These 7 Guiding Principles 1. Know What You’re Talking About 2. Become the Voice for Testing 3. Show Them How It’s Done 4. Build Trust One Person at a Time 5. Speak Their Language 6. Set Appropriate Expectations 7. Teach Them How to Fish
  70. 70. #pubcon Thank You! • • •