Wayang Kulit the Shadow Plays of Bali and Java (version 2.1)


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Here is a free Powerpoint Presentation to introduce elementary school students to Wayang Kulit (leather shadow puppets) from Bali and Java.

You can use this presentation before having your students make their own shadow puppets:

Check out some student examples of shadow puppets made by third grade students here.

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Wayang Kulit the Shadow Plays of Bali and Java (version 2.1)

  1. 1. Wayang Kulit: Shadow plays of Bali and Java
  2. 2. Elements of a Wayang Kulit Show Puppeteer (Dalang) Front
  3. 3. Elements of a Wayang Kulit Show PuppetsPuppeteer(Dalang) Back
  4. 4. "The Dalang tells the story, manipulates all the figures,interprets characters and voices for each, and producessound effects punctuating speech and movement. TheDalang also sings, cues the musical accompaniment,speaks several languages, and blesses the performanceand surrounding area with mantras."www.balibeyond.com
  5. 5. Wayang Kulit puppets are made from: Water Buffalo leather
  6. 6. Next, the leather is: Sanded
  7. 7. Carved
  8. 8. Painted
  9. 9. and Gold Leaf is applied
  10. 10. The gunungan (gunung, mountain) or kayanon (forest) is the most important part of the show. It is used to signal the beginning and the end of the performance.The gunungan is placed in the center ofthe screen before the drama begins,separating the opposed groups ofcharacters that lie to the right and leftof the dalang.
  11. 11. The gunungan is placed in the center of the screen before the dramabegins, separating the opposed groups of characters that lie to the rightand left of the dalang.Unjust Just(Bad) (Good)
  12. 12. Characters with narrow eyes are refined and elegant. Thosewith wide eyes are more down to earth.If you were a Wayang Kulit puppet, what would your eyeslook like?
  13. 13. Over the head of the dalang there is a special brass oil lamp (blencong)often shaped like the mythical bird Garuda. The light shining from the lampon the head of the dalang – and making possible the projection of theshadow of the puppets on the screen – represents the divine light infusedthrough the upper chakra in the dalang (intermediary between gods andhumans).
  14. 14. The Garuda (Sanskrit: Garuda गरुड, eagle) is alarge mythical bird or bird-like creature thatappears in both Hindu and Buddhist religion.
  15. 15. The Ramayana is a popular story to tell with shadowpuppets.Here are some of the characters from the Ramayana:
  16. 16. Garuda
  17. 17. Rama
  18. 18. Sita
  19. 19. Hanuman
  20. 20. Raksasa
  21. 21. Ravana
  22. 22. Why not write your own story and perform with puppets you made yourself? Version 2.1 www.makingvisualnarratives.com