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Self evaluation form romare bearden

Students can use this worksheet to reflect on their art project.

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Self evaluation form romare bearden

  1. 1. Name: ________________________________ Self Evaluation Form – Romare Bearden Analyze means to look at something close up or to look at something in parts. Evaluate means to tell the good and bad about something. Analyze your project and evaluate the following things about it: I did my best when I was cutting out and gluing my collage materials. My picture has a balanced composition and fills the paper. I did my best when I was painting my instrument What item or items have you appropriated into your collage? To support means to back up with facts and examples. What kind of song is shown in your picture? What things have you included in your picture that support that?
  2. 2. Name: ________________________________ Evaluate your collage by writing what you did well on the project and what you would change about your project.