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Framing Images (Version 3.0)


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This presentation uses movie stills comic panels to teach about the film technique of framing images.

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Framing Images (Version 3.0)

  1. 1. Framing Images
  2. 2. Extreme Long Shotor Long Shot (extreme long shot)Taken from a very long distance.Shows many details of the setting.
  3. 3. Extreme Long Shotor Long Shot (extreme long shot)
  4. 4. Long ShotTaken from long distance.Emphasizes the relationship between one or morecharacters and where they are in the setting.
  5. 5. Long Shot
  6. 6. Long Shot
  7. 7. Long ShotGiant’s Eye View
  8. 8. Full FigureShot Shot Long(low camera angle) Ant’s Eye View
  9. 9. Medium Close-Up Medium Shot A shot that shows part of the body of one or more characters.
  10. 10. Medium Shot
  11. 11. Medium Shot Medium Shot
  12. 12. Close Up ShotUsually a torso or head shot, when dealing withcharacters. It can also be a close up of an object.
  13. 13. Close Up Shot
  14. 14. Close Up ShotAnt’s Eye View
  15. 15. Close Up Shot
  16. 16. Close Up Extreme Close Up Shot A shot of just the eyes or mouth.
  17. 17. Extreme Close Up Extreme Close Up Shot
  18. 18. Extreme Close Up Shot
  19. 19. Extreme Close Up Shot
  20. 20. Version 3.0