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SIP presentation


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Published in: Education, Technology
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SIP presentation

  1. 1. SIP Presentation Grant Deaton
  2. 2. Topic, rationale for choice based on need Providing extra review sessions and activities for NF Woods students to review for VOCATS Exam. Why is this important?
  3. 3. Project Nuts and Bolts Purpose- student achievement Goals- students and teachers Implementation- 1 year and on-going Technology- review sessions and more Expected Outcomes- 94% proficient
  4. 4. Student population, teacher population and other stakeholders 1800 students at high school Over 1300 students bused NF Woods each day 20 teachers at NF Woods and over 30 class subjects taught. 4 administration in NF Woods Office
  5. 5. Obstacles, lessons learned Obstacles  Transportation  Student attendance  Teacher support Lessons Learned  Teacher leader confidence  Importance about working with staff.
  6. 6. Resources Human:  I need teachers to give me feedback on the surveys.  I need my administration and leadership team to help with ideas and solutions during meetings.  I need teachers to jump on board with this project and help with review sessions.  Students need to attend the review sessions. Materials:  Laptops for teachers  Laptops for students  Angel with review activities for students to access  Survey Monkey for the survey