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Marketing 3.01 c -technology_in_product_service_management


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Marketing 3.01 c -technology_in_product_service_management

  1. 1. 3.01-C Technology inProduct/Service Management
  2. 2. Intro• Describe the use of technology in Product/Service Management
  3. 3. Technology in Product/Service Management • Applications of Technology in Marketing:1. Point-of-Sale Systems– Scanners at cash registers, touch screens,–hand-held devices at checkout2. Interactive Touch Screen Computer– Example: Kiosks
  4. 4. Technology in Product/Service Management Continued• 3. Interactive TV – Where TV is like a computer- order movies, click on Ragu for recipes, order food• 4. Customer Relationship Management– A customer can track an order. The CRM orbusiness can track customer satisfaction
  5. 5. Technology in Product/Service Management Continued5. Enterprise Resource Planning Systems – Software that allows all parts of the company’s management to be integrated
  6. 6. Technology in Product/Service Management Continued6. Internet – Wi-Fi – Search Engines – E-mail – E-commerce
  7. 7. Technology in Product/Service Management• Interactive TV helps marketers to develop a database of their uses• This database analysis helps see the customer’s reaction to products• They are testing Interactive TV for promotion
  8. 8. Technology in Product/Service Management• Sources: –Marketing Essentials