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Are you a GERK? Geek, nerd, dork, ADHD, Perfessional Me.


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A "GERK" is a geek, nerd, or dork (some with ADHD) who values being a good social citizen.

They consider themselves to be a “professional.” (I.e., they blend the personal with the professional. They want their work to be part of their personal identity.)

They are mindful of social context – both online and in the physical world – despite the challenges of being easily distracted

They have an aptitude and enthusiasm for tech and social media. (I.e., they actively participate and engage with others in online communities.)

They embrace their weirdness. It is what makes them successful.

Gerks are more likely to be active, expressive, emotional, and willing to risk making social faux pas so they can grown as social beings.

"Social" to them is more than a platform. It's a expression of one's true self and a bridge to genuine connections with other beings.

Your “geek” is your passion
Your “nerd” is your expertise
Your “dork” is your self.

How are you channeling your inner gerk?

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