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Are you thinking of buying a Kindle?


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heck out these useful reviews

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Are you thinking of buying a Kindle?

  1. 1. ==== ====Check out these reviews if you are thinkibg of buying a Kindle<iframe src="" style="width:120px;height:240px;" scrolling="no"marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" frameborder="0"></iframe>==== ====For avid book lovers and readers, and those who do LOTS of traveling, Amazon Kindle isabsolutely the gadget that you should have. In this Amazon Kindle 2 review, I will demonstrate thefeatures and the Amazon Kindle 2s edge over the first version.The Amazon Kindle 2 is the improved version of the Kindle 1.0, with its sophisticated and stylishtablet that you can easily handle. Aside from making the Amazon Kindle a lot more functional andportable, its improved graphics and faster refresher speed makes it a complete package. It offersan experience that significantly hammers physical books. In the Kindle 2 however, you can onlystore 1,500 of them. Talk about big things coming in small packages! It is also a compactelectronic book that is used as an audiobook player and a wireless web browser. The first version,Kindle 1 was first released in the United States on November 2007. It was on February 2009 whenAmazon announced the improved version, the Amazon Kindle 2.Kindle 1 vs. Kindle 2 ReviewThe Kindle 2 offers an improvement over the Kindle 1. The major developments are as follows:HARDWARE: Kindle 1 has been said by few to be awkward looking. Moreover, the navigation isconfusing and bizarre. The Kindle 2, on the other hand, looks sophisticated with keyboards thatare more friendly and functional. The device is also thin which just adds to its aesthetic look. Whenholding the device, you can easily read with it using one hand which is something that is difficultwith the other. The screen also clearer than the original version which now has 16 different shadesof gray as compared with 4 in Kindle 1.SCREEN REFRESHER SPEED: As compared with the original Kindle, Kindle 2 refreshes itsscreen 20% faster. This is really a great improvement because it just means that the device cantake more information and change it to another while switching pages.BATTERY LIFE: Battery isnt much of an issue since the Kindle doesnt really take that muchpower. Kindle 1 would usually last for more than a week before you have to charge it again andthe Amazon Kindle 2 has a 25% longer battery life! Well, a much longer battery life is nicealthough not actually necessary. What is really good in Kindle 2 is the option of using a USB or ACadapter when charging.SOFTWARE: For this Amazon Kindle 2 review, weve seen that not that much has changed withKindle 2. The noticeable changes include the search options and dictionary that are now easy to
  2. 2. use. You dont need to look up the meaning of the words on a separate screen. In Kindle 2, it is inline with the word, a much convenient way to look and read. Moreover, general menus are moreorganized and better.Amazon Kindle 2 Review PROS:TRAVEL: In our Amazon Kindle 2 review, Kindle 2 surely is great for travel. You dont need tobring heavy books in your luggage. You just need this device packed with several books.FILE STORAGE: You can email DOC, TXT and even PDF files to your own Kindle email addressfor storage.BOOKS AT ANYTIME: Almost all books that you need are on the Kindle store. There are just afew exemptions like some esoteric reference books. And as the technology is advancing,especially in the cyberworld, more publishers now go eBook.Amazon Kindle 2 Review CONS:DELICATE: If you are the kind of person who tends to throw your bag whenever and whatever,then this is not for you. Kindle is very sensitive, especially now that it is thinner.NO SD SLOT: It doesnt allow you to expand your memory but it holds about 1,500 books. Still, agreat number of booksPLANE TRAVELS: Flight attendants will ask you to turn it off during take off and landing. In fact, itdoesnt use any currents like other electronic devices do. Its basically an epaper.In summary for this Amazon Kindle 2 review, the Kindle 2 addresses the few problems that Kindle1 has while improving performance and points us to something really interesting; it is the future.Amazon has surely captured the world of eBooks.Lately, Ive been working on a website that reviews the Amazon Kindle 2 even further: reviewingAmazons main e-reader competitors, emerging issues / stories, Kindle accessories, and user tips!CLICK HERE to get the latest scoop / reviews on the Amazon Kindle 2 and related products.Article Source: ====
  3. 3. Check out these reviews if you are thinkibg of buying a Kindle<iframe src="" style="width:120px;height:240px;" scrolling="no"marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" frameborder="0"></iframe>==== ====