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  1. 1. Grand Kerala Shopping FestivalDepartment of Tourism , Park View, Thiruvananthapuram – 33Phone : 0471- 2560406, 2328790 Fax : 0471- 2322279 e-mail : Feb 13, 2011{]kn-²o{]kn-²o--I-c-W-¯nv ²o ¯nn ¯FÃm FUn-j-n-tebv¡pw FUn- tebv {Km³Uv {Km³Uvv tIcf tjm¸nwKv s^kvd-dn-h kok¬ mev dn-h dn k½m hnX-cWw C¶p-hsc kzÀ® k½m hnX-cWw C¶p-hsc am{Xw {Km³Uv tIcf tjm¸nwKv s^Ìn-h-ensâ {]Xn-hmc, saKm k½m hnP-bn-IÄ¡pÅ kzÀ® k½m-- hnX-cWw C¶v (s^{_p-hcn 14-) hsc am{Xta D−mhq F¶vtjm¸nwKv s^Ìn-h Ub-d-IvSÀ sIF³ kXojv ]{X-Ip-dn-¸n ]d-ªp. AXXv s^U-dÂ_m¦v imJ-IÄ aptJbmWv kzÀ® k½m--§Ä hnX-cWw sN¿p-I. Pp-hcn 31-h-sc-bm-bn-cp¶p PnsI-F-kv-F^v kv{Im¨v Bâv hn³, {]Xn-hm-c, saKmdp-s¡-Sp¸v hnP-bn-IÄ¡v kzÀ® hnX-cWw nÝ-bn-¨n-cp-¶-Xv. tjm¸nwKv s^Ìn-h-ensâssSän kvt]m¬k-dmb s^U-d _m¦nsâ sXc-sª-Sp¯ imJ-IÄ hgn kvXpXyÀl-amb coXn-bn kzÀ® k½m hnX-cWw S-¯p-¶p-−v. tjm¸nwKv s^Ìn-h-en ]¦m-fn-I-fmb D]-t`m-àm-¡-fpsS Bhiyw amn-¨p-sIm-−mWv {]Xn-hmc, saKm k½m hnP-bn-IÄ¡pÅ kzÀ® k½m-- hnX-cWw s^{_p-hcn ]Xn-mev hsc k½m--§Ä ssI¸-äm-pÅ Ah-kcw ÂIn-b-Xv. kv{Im¨v Bâv hn³ k½m--§-fpsS hnX-cWw Pp-hcn 31vXs¶ Ah-km-n-¸n-¨n-cp-¶p. C¶v s^U-d _m¦nsâ {]hÀ¯ ka-b-¯nv tijwkzÀ® k½m--¯n-p-th−n e`n-¡p¶ Hcp At]-£bpw ]cn-K-Wn-¡n-Ã. F¶pw PnsI-F-kv-F^v Ub-d-IvSÀ sIF³ kXojv Adn-bn¨p.