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›Š— Ž›Š•Š ‘˜™™’— Žœ’ŸŠ• Ž™Š›–Ž— ˜ ˜ž›’œ– Š›” ’Ž  ‘’›žŸŠ—Š—‘Š™ž›Š–‘˜—Ž                        Š¡              Ž –Š’•...
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prize distribution


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prize distribution

  1. 1. ›Š— Ž›Š•Š ‘˜™™’— Žœ’ŸŠ• Ž™Š›–Ž— ˜ ˜ž›’œ– Š›” ’Ž  ‘’›žŸŠ—Š—‘Š™ž›Š–‘˜—Ž Š¡ Ž –Š’• ”œ ”Ž›Š•Š˜ž›’œ– ˜›    ›Š—”Ž›Š•Šœ‘˜™™’—Žœ’ŸŠ• Œ˜– Feb 01, 2011{]kn-²o-I-c-W-¯nvFÃm FUn-j-n-tebv¡pw {Km³Uvv tIcf tjm¸nwKv s^kvd-dn-h kok¬ mevkv{Im¨v Bâv hn³ kzÀ®-k-½m hnX-cWw ]qÀ¯n-bmbn {Km³Uv tIcf tjm¸nwKv s^Ìn-h-en AwK-§-fmb hym]m-c-Øm-]--§fnÂn¶pw kv{Im¨v Bâv hn³ k½m--ambn c−v {Kmw kzÀ®w e`n-¨-hÀ¡pÅ k½m--hn-X-cWw Pp-hcn 31v ]qÀ¯o-I-cn-¨p. tjm¸nwKv s^Ìn-h-ensâ ssSänÂkvt]m¬k-dmbs^U-d _m¦nsâ Xnc-sª-Sp¯ imJ-IÄ hgn-bmWv kv{Im¨v Bâv hn³ kzÀ®-k-½m--§Ä hnX-cWw sNbvXn-cp-¶-Xv. {]Xn-hmc dp-s¡-Sp-¸n-tâbpw saKm--dp-s¡-Sp-¸n-tâbpw kzÀ®-k-½m--§Äs^{_phcn 15-hsc s^U-d _m¦p-IÄ hgn hnX-cWw sN¿p-¶p-−v.