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gksf 2010


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gksf 2010

  1. 1. Grand Kerala Shopping FestivalDepartment of Tourism , Rema Vihar, Diamond Hill Road,Vellayambalam, Thiruvananthapuram.Phone : 0471- 4064020 Fax : 0471- 4064019 e-mail : Jan 18th, 2011{]kn-²o-I-c-W-¯nvFÃm FUn-j-p-I-fnepw {Km³Uvv tIcf tjm¸nwKv s^Ìn-h kok¬ mev dp-s¡-Sp¸v s¡ saKm dp-s¡-Sp¸v C¶v {Km³Uv tIcf tjm¸nwKv s^Ìn-h-ensâ saKm dp-s¡-Sp¸v C¶v sshIp-t¶cw A©v-a-Wn¡v Xncp-h--´-]pcw iwJp-apJw ]mÀ¡n S-¡pw. tjm¸nwKv s^Ìn-h sNbÀampwB`y-´-c-þ-Sq-dnkw hIp¸v a{´n-bp-amb tImSn-tbcn _me-Ir-jvW³ saKm--dp-s¡-Sp¸v ]cn-]m-Sn-bpsS DXvLm-Sw nÀÆ-ln-¡pw. Xpd-ap-J-þ-bp-h-P--t£a hIp¸v a{´n hn. kptc-{µ³ ]nÅNS-§n hnin-jvSm-Xn-Yn-bm-bn-cn-¡pw. kwØm-¯v PnsI-FkvF-^n cPn-ÌÀ sNbvX 6304 Øm]--§Ä Unkw-_À H¶p-ap-X Pp-hcn ]Xn-©v hsc hnX-cWw sNbvX m¸Xv e£-t¯mfw k½m Iq¸-WpIfn n¶mWv saKm k½m tPXm-¡sf Is−-¯p-¶-Xv. tjm¸nwKv s^Ìn-h-ensâ Ah-km BgvN-bn hnX-cWw sNbvX k½m Iq¸-Wp-IÄ D]-tbm-Kn-¨p-sIm-−pÅ Bdm-aXv{]Xn-hmc dp-s¡-Sp¸pw C¶v S-¡pw. saKm dp-s¡-Sp-¸n aq¶v t]À¡v H¶mw-k-½m--amb Hcp Intem Xn X¦w e`n-¡pw.c−mw k½m--ambn GÀs¸-Sp-¯n-bn-cn-¡p¶ Ac-In-tem{Kmw Xn X¦w Bdv t]À¡v e`n-¡pw.PnsI-F-kv-F-^nsâ mem-aXv kok-Wn {]Xn-hmc dp-s¡-Sp-¸nepw kv{Im¨v Bâv hn³k½m--§-fnepw kzÀ®-¯n-f-¡-ap-−m-bn-cp-¶p. saKm dp-s¡-Sp-¸n-tm-S-p-_-Ôn¨v iwJp-ap-J¯v kwKoXþr-¯-þ-lm-ky-hn-cp-¶p-sam-cp-¡n-bn-«p-−v. {Km³Uv tIcf tjm¸nwKv s^Ìn-h-ensâ {_m³Uv tjmhmb CuPv]vjy³ Xqdmr¯hpw knnam ]n¶-Wn-Km-bnI tPmÕv bn-¡p¶ kwKoX hncp¶pw saKm dp-s¡-Sp-¸nv sImgp-t¸-Ipw. A©v aWn¡v S-¡p¶ saKm dp-s¡-Sp¸v ae-bm-f-¯nse {]apJ Nm-ep-IÄ ssehv sSen-ImÌv sN¿pw.