Susan Ayers Walker 11- 5 -09 aging tech conf call


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Susan Ayers Walker speaks on Aging Tech Conference Call 11-5-09

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Susan Ayers Walker 11- 5 -09 aging tech conf call

  1. 1. Outlook for Digital Health Homecare Susan Aye s Wa ke r l r wa k r@smar sl e s com le t iv r . Smar ive s Ala tSl r li nce
  2. 2. Aging Overview
  3. 3. Global View Source: MIT AgeLab • The world's population is aging at a rapid rate. • The 50+ population is the fastest growing segment worldwide and predicted life-expectancies are high. • An American turns 50 once every seven seconds. • Within the next few years, 50% of the European Union's population will be 65+. • By 2030, in Italy, retirees will outnumber active workers. • By 2050, the median age in Thailand will rise to 50.
  4. 4. Someone turns 50 years of age every six seconds. 55 million are over 55 years of age and 34 million are over 65 years old - and that figure will double by 2030. Median age is 43. By the year 2014, the youngest baby boomers will be 50 years of age and the oldest will be 68. People over 50 account for 43 percent of all U.S. households. The over-85 age group is the fasting-growing segment of the population. By 2020, the senior population will number approximately 115 million. The current senior population possesses over $900 billion in spending money. Nearly a quarter of householders aged 65 to 69 have a net worth of $250,000 or more. Sources: The Center for Mature Consumer Studies and The Roper Organization for Modern Maturity Magazine
  5. 5. Aging at Home
  6. 6. 5.3 The Challenges of Aging Everyday Living Health Management Staying Connected and Supported • ADLs – Bathing, • Health and wellness grooming, feeding, management • Personal toileting Engagement • vision, hearing, • Interactive tasks balance • Lifelong learning phone calls, taking meds, housekeeping, • Nutrition • Social Interaction meal prep, bill paying, shopping, socializing • Exercise • Leisure Activity outside the home. • Sleep management • Emotional and • Home and personal Spiritual well being Safety, fall prevention. • Cognitive fitness • Being Supported by • Mobility and • Care coordination Caregivers Transportation
  7. 7. Future Scenario: The Connected Home
  8. 8. 4.3 Eskaton – CA/CAST - USA Eskaton National Demonstration Home -- Roseville, California This home represents the future of smart, healthy, independent living for America’s older generations. The home combines: • universal design, • consumer technologies • and green living features Source: Eskaton The nonprofit corporation Eskaton, began in the 1960s. The organization's name, Eskaton is from the Greek language and means the "beginning of a new age“. The orange "o" in the Eskaton name represents the rising sun.
  9. 9. Scenarios for Consumer Driven Healthcare
  10. 10. New Business Models –Consumers Self Manage 5) CardioNet sends doctor the patients’ cardiac report 1) Doctor places order. 4)Patient returns device to CardioNet after diagnosis. 2) Device delivered directly to the patient, ready to use. 3) Patient self installs
  11. 11. Phone Is the Most Personal Device Over 700 Million 3G Subscribers Today Forecast to Grow to 1.6B 3G Subscribers by 2012 30% of US Households Will Not have a Land Line in 2010 Source: Wireless Intelligence Source: ITU, Informa, Wireless Intelligence, Instat, IDC Estimated for 2008
  12. 12. Wireless Mobile Devices and Biosensors will Transform Fitness and Healthcare Source: Qualcomm, D. Jones, Silvers Summit 2009
  13. 13. Trends and Opportunities
  14. 14. Ideal Development and Barriers Payer and Government Healthcare Provider Full or Partial Supportive Disease Effective and Reimbursement Policy Management efficient care and prevention coordination Successful Product Deployment Vendors, Developers Consumer , Local caregivers Business Model Underlying Consumer Caregiver is affordable Infrastructure in education and buy-in and scalable place trust
  15. 15. Questions ?