English Proyect


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English Proyect

  1. 1. Students: GARCIA, Jafet. PIRELA, Rosnetvy.
  2. 2. UNIT 1 – New friends, New faces. Personal Information of Rosnetvy Pirela. •Online Pen pals •What does he look like? UNIT 2 – Express Yourself. •How do they feel? •Gestures. UNIT 3 – What do you Need? - Shopping •At the supermarket. •At the mall. UNIT 4 – What do you need? Personal information of Jafet García •In the neighborhood. UNIT 5 – Vacation. •How’s the weather? •When you travel UNIT 6 – Sports and Hobbies.
  3. 3. My Hometown is Industrial Engineer! For Vacation!
  4. 4. Unit 1 – New Friends, New faces. •Online pen pals •What does he look like? Elmer Figueroa Arce 42 years old Amazing Singer!!
  5. 5. Unit 2 – Express Yourself. •How do they feel? Happy Serious Cry Bored Sometimes We have a good and bad times!!! Angry
  6. 6. Unit 2 – Express Yourself •Gestures. Waving Shake Hands winking
  7. 7. Unit 3 – What do you need? •At the Supermarket Vegetables and Fruits Candies Juices
  8. 8. Unit 3 – What do you need? •At the mall: Loves
  9. 9. INTRODUCING MYSELF Jafet García I’m Studying Industrial at URBE and Human Resources at IUNE I’m 17 years old For Vacation I like to go to San Cristobal and other cities with a nice weather. In my free time i like to study math and go to the movies!
  10. 10. UNIT 4- What do you need?
  11. 11. Neighborhood a) Hey, Jafet where are you, I’m here at the neighborhood and I dont know how I can go to URBE b)Hey! Kesha now I’m driving, I’m going to URBE. If you tell me where are you I can give you direction a) I’m Here at “LA CASCADA” you know in “LA PICOLA” b)Okey, you need to walk up la picola av. to guajira av. After this you turn left and walk up guajira av. Next to the bakery is URBE. Unit 4 Giving Directions KESHA JAFET
  12. 12. Unit 5 - Vacation
  13. 13. Unit 5 Place to visit She like to go UK because the weather It’s nice San Cristobal is her favorite place in Venezuela because the people it’s so nice She like to be crazy because she is a young lady KESHA She is from US, and she has 23 years old, she like to visit cities with a nice weather and she like to take the sun
  14. 14. Unit 6 – Sports and Hobbies
  15. 15. Unit 6 Sports and hobbies She likes to sing because it’s her life, her famous single is “TIK TOK” She likes to be crazy and go to partys because she is a young lady She likes to do sports because she like to take the sun and go to te beach!
  16. 16. REFLEXION  with this project I learned to do different things in different Microsoft Office programs, this final project was fun besides that I shared with my partner in the making of it, for me it is gratifying that it allows us to do things different, I remember things I had forgotten, such as giving directions, work with things like accounting and not accounting.  Br. Garcia Jafet