Letter Sounds


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Letter Sounds

  1. 1. Do You Know These Letters and Sounds? Ll Oo Gg Hh Created by Robin Davis
  2. 2. Circle the letter Ll l k F L M y d b
  3. 3. Circle the letter Oo j s O E a v o l
  4. 4. Circle the letter Gg D h i g s f G n
  5. 5. Circle the letter Hh R h B o H f j u
  6. 6. Draw a line from the uppercase letter to the lowercase letter. L o G h O l H g
  7. 7. What beginnings with Ll?
  8. 8. What beginnings with Oo?
  9. 9. What beginnings with Gg?
  10. 10. What beginnings with Hh?