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A collection of images from the internet documenting the Holocaust

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  2. 2. “ Where they burn books, they will ultimately also burn people” -The quote above is taken from a 1821 play by Heinrich Heine called “Almansor”.
  3. 6. Heinrich Himmler, Head of the SS
  4. 7. The banal face of evil
  5. 10. Members of Einsatzgruppen A
  6. 11. The Einsatzgruppen “death squads” follow Hitler’s armies into Russia
  7. 12. Einsatzgruppen in action
  8. 15. Babi Yar. Women wait for execution
  9. 20. The Jews and other undesirables are rounded up for “re-settlement” in the east
  10. 23. This was their “ride.” Usually so many people were crammed in that it was impossible to lay down. People often weren’t fed or given water, nor were they allowed out of the car. It took days to complete the journey and it wasn’t unusual for half the passengers in the car to be dead on arrival at the camp
  11. 24. Auschwitz
  12. 25. “ Work Makes You Free”
  13. 26. An aerial reconnaissance photograph of the Auschwitz concentration camp showing Auschwitz I. (August 25, 1944)
  14. 27. An aerial reconnaissance photograph of the Auschwitz concentration camp showing the Auschwitz II (Birkenau) camp. (September 13, 1944)
  15. 29. SS Guards stand in formation behind the commandant's house in the Belzec death camp.
  16. 31. Could you hurt this child because you believed she was an inferior species? Does she look “sub-human” to you?
  17. 36. Gas chamber at Auschwitz
  18. 37. A warehouse filled with containers of Zyklon B (poison gas pellets) at the Majdanek death camp.
  19. 38. Zyklon B Gas containers Hair collected from gas victims
  20. 40. An artist’s impression of the final moments of life in a gas chamber
  21. 41. Bales of hair from female prisoners, numbered for shipment to Germany, found at the liberation of Auschwitz.
  22. 42. A warehouse full of shoes and clothing confiscated from the prisoners and deportees gassed upon their arrival. The Germans shipped these goods to Germany.
  23. 44. A crate full of rings confiscated from prisoners in Buchenwald and found by American troops in a cave adjoining Buchenwald
  24. 45. Sonderkommandos burning the bodies of gas chamber victims in an open pit.
  25. 46. More victims of the Holocaust
  26. 49. American soldiers show concentration camp victims to Germans from a nearby town at the end of the war. General Eisenhower made German civilians see the camps and bury the bodies so no one could ever say that the holocaust didn’t happened.
  27. 50. a U.S. soldiers at the crematorium at Dachau. The corpses on the left are SS guards summarily executed by American troops
  28. 51. U.S. soldiers show a crematorium where bodies were disposed of.
  29. 52. A survivor stokes smoldering human remains in a crematorium oven that is still lit.
  30. 54. Camp prisoners were tattooed with I.D. numbers
  31. 56. Holocaust Memorial, Berlin, Germany
  32. 57. Holocaust Memorial, Cologne, Germany
  33. 58. Holocaust Memorial San Francisco, California
  34. 60. Holocaust Memorial, Vienna, Austria
  35. 61. Holocaust Memorial, Miami, Florida
  36. 63. Holocaust Memorial, Miami, Florida