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Wireframe Powerpoint Parts


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Sample Powerpoint Parts to create wireframe designs. Created by

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Wireframe Powerpoint Parts

  1. 1. Button Checkbox Checkbox checked Ok Cancel Checkbox checked Radio Option Tab Active Tab Radio Option 2 Tab Active Tab Tab Tab Text Field: Default Value | Hyperlink File Field Browse… Drop Down: Combobox Use this template to create wire frame models of pages. The first five pages contain examples and sample usage.
  2. 2. Sample Sample Balloon Tip Please check your user Label: name and password to make sure you entered them correctly. Places you’ve lived: M T W T F S Su Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado
  3. 3. Enter your login information: Email: Password Login… Forgot Password? Don’t have a login? Sign up… First Last Name: Name: Zip Code Lookup…
  4. 4. Sample Showing How Facebook can be Mocked up Facebook Profile Friends Network Inbox Search: All Friends > Status Updates Applications: Status Recent Everyone More… Photos Groups Joe Smith – Thinks he’s pretty clever Events Marketplace More… Matt Johnson – Is going to the store
  5. 5. Sample Showing How Gmail Can be Mockedup Twitter Search Home Find & Follow Settings Help Sign Out What are you doing? 140 Hi John Smith Currently Accept new Friend Connection? Replies Recent Archive Everyone --------------- Joe Smith would like to add you as Alex Smith Checking the parkwould you and to accept? a friend, in the city like wondering where to walk next. 23 minutes ago from web Device Updates add device Alex Smith Checking the park in the city and Accept Ignore wondering where to walk next. 23 minutes ago from web Stats Following 76 Alex Smith Checking the park in the city and Followers 95 wondering where to walk next. 23 minutes ago from web Favorites 3 Direct Messages 7 Updates 167 People Invite more
  6. 6. > North America Estimated Ship Times East Coast West Coast My location Your location Central First Class Ground South America Africa Europe Asia
  7. 7. Better Lesson Home Screen Profile | Sign Out To Do Search Resources People Thing to do Popular tasks to add My Friends My Region My State All News Mine My Friends Everyone Shopping Call Work Go Shopping– pick up eggs, milk, cheese and wine Call Walk Dog Pay Bills Get Haircut Call Mom Call Dad Get Flowers Email Call Mom– She had a question about something on her computer Excersise Fix Car– Call the dealer and see if I’m under warenty, get estimates Older News >
  8. 8. Edit resource Sign Out Search Home Resources People Units > Conference Room > Edit Edit this resource Resource Name: ABC Conf Room Availability: Weekly 9-5 Team meetings and status events, can also Primary Use: be used for demos to clients Time blocks: 30 Minutes Save Resource
  9. 9. Sign Out Search Home Resources People List of resources Title Monthly Usage Availabilily Next Available Conf ABC 90% None 10/12/2008 Upcoming Meetings Conf XYZ 70% None 10/15/2008 Board Meeting Meeting Space 60% None 4:00pm 3 hours 3:00pm Status Review Executive Conf 42% Mini-conf 1 31% 2 hours Now Morning Review Mini-conf 2 5% 5 hours Now Planning Meeting Mini-conf 3 2% 6 hours Now Mini-conf 4 2% 3 hours Now Mini-conf 5 1% 8 hours Now Mini-conf 6 0% 8 hours Now Create a meeting Add Resource