European Cities & Regions Of The Future 2010


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European Cities & Regions Of The Future 2010

  1. 1. AWARDS European Cities & Regions of the Future 2010/11 The UK haS achIeveD a DoUbLe vIcToRy In FDi MagazIne’S cITIeS anD RegIonS oF The FUTURe 2010/11 RanKIngS, wITh LonDon TaKIng The Top cITy poSITIon, anD The UK’S SoUTh-eaST cLaIMIng The Top RegIonaL SpoT. JaCquElinE HEgaRty RepoRTS L JAcqueline ondon has once again been the collection of data for 223 citiesJuDging PAnel HegARty crowned fDi Magazine’s and 142 regions in Europe, ranked Senior analyst, fDi Intelligence European City of the Future, Frankfurt as the Best Large City of with Paris and Moscow following in the Future, with Amsterdam and second and third places, respectively. Oslo ranking second and third, In the 2010/11 benchmark, London respectively. Leipzig in Germany DouglAS clARk performed well across the spectrum, out-ranked Glasgow (second) and Director, achieving the top position in the cat- Valencia (third) to claim the title of RSM Tenon Techlocate egories of economic potential, human the Best Large City for FDI Strategy. resources and infrastructure, as well Edinburgh was crowned the Best as claiming second position for FDI Small City of the Future 2010/11, as Strategy. London’s domination in the well as achieving the best position of PAul gueSt competition is unsurprising given the any small city in the overall rankings UK director of research, city has attracted more than one-third – at 10th position overall. Cities from Jones Lang LaSalle more FDI projects over the past five the UK monopolised the FDI Strategy years than any other European city, category in the Small Cities group, according to fDi Markets. wit h Leeds, Edinburgh and Among the top 25 European Manchester taking second, fourth Steen RoSenfAlck Cities of the Future, the UK and and fifth positions, respectively, yet partner, Germany dominated, accounting all were beaten by Antwerp, which Miller Rosenfalck for one-third of the cities. Bucharest, was awarded Best Small City for FDI Warsaw and Budapest also put in an Strategy. appearance in the top 25, ranking The Micro European City of the 18th, 22nd and 25th, respectively. Future 2010/11 award went to London triumphed in most cate- Eindhoven in the Netherlands, pri- gories of the Major Cities group, marily due to its high positions in the though Bucharest claimed the title categories of economic potential and of the Best Major European City for business friendliness. In the same Cost Effectiveness and Vienna was category, Reading in the UK claimed awarded the Best Major City for Best Micro City for Infrastructure, Quality of Life. fDi Magazine’s inde- while Monaco achieved Best Micro pendent judging panel was particu- City for Quality of Life. larly impressed by Hamburg’s FDI The UK’s South-east was awarded strategy, ranking it as the Best Major fDi Magazine’s European Region of City for FDI Strategy, closely fol- the Future 2010/11, followed closely lowed by London, Berlin, Stockholm by Ile-de-France and Nordrhein- and Madrid. Westfalen in Germany, with only fDi Magazine’s European Cities one percentage point separating and Regions of the Future 2010/11 the top two regions. fDi Magazine’s shortlists, which took more than six independent judging panel months to research and involved recognised Flanders as the Best 32 February/March 2010
  2. 2. European Region for FDI Strategy. Benchmark is an independent data- JuDging cRiteRiA The UK’s South-east also claimed base which benchmarks global loca- EConomiC potEntialthe award for the Best Northern tions according to how attractive they • population¹ • Population growth rate¹European Region of the Future, fol- are to foreign investors. This division • Number of patents¹lowed by the Capital Region of compiled the majority of the data for • Gross domestic product (GDP) perDenmark and Scotland, in second and the Cities and Regions of the Future capita³ • GDP, purchasing power parity³third places, respectively. The Best FDI competition, with the exception of • Total number of FDI projects (JanStrategy in Northern Europe category the FDI promotion strategy, which 2003 to Oct 2009)³was dominated by UK regions, with was submitted by individual cities/ • Number of companies in R&D¹Yorkshire and Humberside ranking • Total number of FDI megaprojects regions and assessed by the judging (Jan 2003 to Oct 2009)³second, followed by Scotland and panel. These changes have made the • Total number of jobs created byThames Valley ranking third and competition even more objective. FDI (since 2005) ²fourth, respectively. • Total capital expenditure on R&D FDI projects³ Polish regions accounted for half Methodology • Employment in the knowledge-of the top 10 Eastern European fDi Cities and Regions of the Future intensive sector²Regions of the Future; however, the shortlists were created from an inde- • Global competitiveness index³ • Inflation³Bucharest and Prague regions pendent collection of data by fDi • Forecast GDP growth rate (2010)³claimed the top two positions. The Benchmark across 223 European cit-Northern Great Plain of Hungary ies and 142 European regions. This Cost EFFECtivEnEss • office rent³was awarded the Best European information was set under six catego- • Industrial rent³Region in Eastern Europe for FDI ries: economic potential, human • Price of unleaded petrol¹Strategy, followed by Lesser Poland. resources, cost effectiveness, quality • Luxurious hotel cost in city centre¹ • Minimum wage³ In Southern Europe, Catalonia of life, infrastructure and business • Cost of registering property³ranked top for Best Region of the friendliness. A seventh category was • Cost of dealing with constructionFuture, followed closely by Madrid, added to the scoring – FDI promotion permits³ • Profit tax³which was top for Best FDI Strategy in strategy. In this category, 99 European • Cost to export³the Southern Europe region. The inde- cities and regions submitted details • Cost to import³pendent judging panel regarded other about their promotion strategy and • Cost of establishing a business³Spanish regions such as Catalonia, this was judged and scored by the • Cost to set up an electricity connection for a new business³Andalucia, Navarra, Aragon and independent judging panel. • Domestic logistics costs³Castilla-la Mancha as having an Cities and regions scored up to a • Average retail price of electricity³impressive FDI Strategy and so all were maximum of 10 points under each • Redundancy costs³ • Wage of an unskilled worker³included in the top 10 for Best FDI individual criteria, which were • Wage of a semi-skilled worker³Strategy in Southern Europe. weighted by importance to give the • Wage of a skilled worker³ Ile-de-France topped the Best overall scores. Where data was avail- • Average residential property price¹Western European Region of the able only at a national rather than Human REsouRCEsFuture 2010/11 ranking, while city or regional level, a lower weight- • Unemployment rate³Flanders, Brussels Capital Region ing was generally applied. • Total ‘world top-500’ universities³ • Number of universities¹and Ouest in France were regarded • Number of university students³as the best Western European categories • European business school rankings¹Regions for FDI Strategy. n Major cities have a population of • Graduates, tertiary³ more than 1 million. • Gross enrolment rate, tertiary³ • Gross enrolment rate, secondary³note n Large cities have a population of • Gross enrolment rate, primary³In April 2008, the Financial Times Ltd between 500,000 and 1 million. • Labour force with tertiaryacquired fDi Markets and fDi n Small cities have a population of education³ • Public education expenditure³Benchmark. fDi Markets is an inde- between 250,000 and 500,000. • Human resources in sciences andpendent database tracking global FDI n Micro cities have a population of high-tech industries²on a real-time basis and fDi less than 250,000. n • Economically active population² (continued next page) February/March 2010 33
  3. 3. RegIonSeuRoPeJuDging cRiteRiA toP 25 euRoPeAn citieS: oVeRAll toP 10 MicRo euRoPeAn citieSquality oF liFE RAnk city countRy RAnk city countRy• Unemployment rate³ 1 London UK• Number of International 1 eindhoven netherlands 2 paris France 2 Cambridge UK baccalaureate schools¹• Average residential property price¹ 3 Moscow Russia 3 grenoble France• Number of hospital beds³ 4 Stockholm Sweden 4 Oxford UK• Death rate³ 5 barcelona Spain• Health expenditure³ 5 Bordeaux France 6 Dublin Ireland 6 Basel Switzerland• Life expectancy³• Quality of life index³ 7 vienna austria 7 neuilly-sur-Seine France• Global peace index³ 8 Frankfurt Germany 8 Reading UK• International tourism arrivals³ 9 Brussels Belgium• GDP per capita² 9 Galway Ireland 10 edinburgh UK 10 Gent BelgiuminFRastRuCtuRE 11 Madrid Spain• Number of international 12 Amsterdam Netherlands destinations served³ 13 Copenhagen Denmark toP 10 noRtHeRn euRoPeAn citieS• Upload speed³ 14 Hamburg Germany• Download speed³ RAnk city countRy• Number of ports¹ 15 Zurich Switzerland 1 London UK• Type of port¹ 16 Berlin Germany 2 Stockholm Sweden• Size of port¹ 17 Munich Germany• Airlines served¹ 3 Dublin Ireland 18 Bucharest Romania 4 edinburgh UK• Number of terminals¹• World port rankings¹ 19 Oslo Norway 5 Copenhagen Denmark• Major railway lines to the city¹ 20 eindhoven netherlands 6 Oslo Norway• Access to markets¹ 21 Cambridge UK• Time to export³ 7 Cambridge UK 22 Warsaw Poland 8 helsinki Finland• Time to import³• Internet access at home³ 23 helsinki Finland 9 Manchester UK• Telephone lines³ 24 Manchester UK 10 Oxford UK• Mobile phone subscribers³ 25 budapest hungary• Logistics performance index³• Network readiness index³BusinEss FRiEnDlinEss toP 10 MAJoR euRoPeAn citieS toP 10 eASteRn euRoPeAn citieS• Number of jobs created by FDI¹ RAnk city countRy RAnk city countRy• Number of companies within the 1 London UK 1 Bucharest Romania high-tech manufacturing sector³• Number of companies within the 2 paris France 2 Warsaw Poland high-tech services sector³ 3 Moscow Russia 3 budapest hungary• Number of companies within the 4 Stockholm Sweden 4 Prague Czech Republic knowledge-based sector³ 5 barcelona Spain 5 bratislava Slovakia• Growth of high-tech manufacturing firms³ 6 Dublin Ireland 6 Krakow Poland• Growth of high-tech services firms³ 7 vienna austria 7 Kyiv Ukraine• Growth of knowledge-based firms³ 8 Brussels Belgium 8 Pilsen Czech Republic• Top 1000 world banks³ 9 Madrid Spain 9 Brno Czech Republic• Days taken to start a business³• Hiring costs³ 10 Copenhagen Denmark 10 Wroclaw Poland• Difficulty of redundancy index³• Ease of doing business index³• Corruption perceptions index³ toP 10 lARge euRoPeAn citieS toP 10 SoutHeRn euRoPeAn citieS• Economic freedom index³• Innovation index³ RAnk city countRy RAnk city countRy 1 Frankfurt Germany 1 barcelona SpainFDi pRomotion stRatEgy 2 Amsterdam Netherlands 2 Madrid Spain• Number of staff dedicated to 3 Oslo Norway promoting and facilitating inward 3 Rome Italy investment and systems/ 4 helsinki Finland 4 Istanbul Turkey programmes in place to train staff 5 Düsseldorf Germany 5 Milan Italy and measure performance³ 6 Stuttgart Germany 6 valencia Spain• Key initiatives under way to attract 7 Glasgow UK more investment³ 7 Lisbon portugal• Information on high-growth 8 Rotterdam Netherlands 8 bologna Italy sectors/sub-sectors in the city 9 Gothenburg Sweden 9 athens greece which offer excellent potential 10 Nuremberg Germany 10 Izmir Turkey for inward investment³• Description of incentives available to inward investors and the typical size of incentives³ toP 10 SMAll euRoPeAn citieS toP 10 WeSteRn euRoPeAn citieS• Major infrastructure and urban RAnk city countRy RAnk city countRy planning projects³• Bonus question: outline of the 1 edinburgh UK 1 paris France location’s vision for achieving 2 Zurich Switzerland 2 vienna austria full FDI potential and why it is 3 Manchester UK 3 Frankfurt Germany a location of the future³ 4 The hague netherlands 4 Brussels BelgiumNote: Information collected by fDi 5 Utrecht netherlands 5 Amsterdam NetherlandsBenchmark except for final criteria 6 Lyon France 6 Hamburg Germany– this was provided by the cities 7 Antwerp Belgium 7 Zurich Switzerlandand assessed by the judging panel.¹city data point only 8 Malmö Sweden 8 Berlin Germany²Regional data point only 9 Leeds UK 9 Munich Germany³city and regional data point 10 bristol UK 10 eindhoven netherlands34 February/March 2010
  4. 4. RegIonS euRoPetoP 5 fDi StRAtegy: toP 5 MAJoR: toP 5 lARge:noRtHeRn euRoPe quAlity of life quAlity of lifeRAnk city countRy RAnk city countRy RAnk city countRy1 London UK 1 vienna austria 1 Nuremberg Germany2 Stockholm Sweden 2 Copenhagen Denmark 2 Frankfurt Germany3 Leeds UK 3 Munich Germany 3 Stuttgart Germany4 edinburgh UK 4 Prague Czech Republic 4 Oslo Norway5 Manchester UK 5 paris France 5 helsinki FinlandtoP 5 fDi StRAtegy: toP 5 MAJoR: toP 5 lARge:eASteRn euRoPe infRAStRuctuRe infRAStRuctuReRAnk city countRy RAnk city countRy RAnk city countRy1 Brno Czech Republic 1 London UK 1 Frankfurt Germany2 Stara zagora bulgaria 2 paris France 2 Amsterdam Netherlands3 Ostrava Czech Republic 3 Moscow Russia 3 Oslo Norway4 Miskolc hungary 4 barcelona Spain 4 helsinki Finland5 Debrecen hungary 5 Hamburg Germany 5 Düsseldorf GermanytoP 5 fDi StRAtegy: toP 5 MAJoR: toP 5 lARge:SoutHeRn euRoPe buSineSS fRienDly buSineSS fRienDlyRAnk city countRy RAnk city countRy RAnk city countRy1 Madrid Spain 1 Moscow Russia 1 Amsterdam Netherlands2 barcelona Spain 2 St petersburg Russia 2 Rotterdam Netherlands3 valencia Spain 3 Bucharest Romania 3 Gothenburg Sweden4 Izmir Turkey 4 Kyiv Ukraine 4 odessa Ukraine5 Tbilisi georgia 5 Copenhagen Denmark 5 Frankfurt GermanytoP 5 fDi StRAtegy: toP 5 MAJoR: toP 5 lARge:WeSteRn euRoPe fDi StRAtegy fDi StRAtegyRAnk city countRy RAnk city countRy RAnk city countRy1 Hamburg Germany 1 Hamburg Germany 1 Leipzig Germany2 Berlin Germany 2 London UK 2 Glasgow UK3 Bordeaux France 3 Berlin Germany 3 valencia Spain4 Antwerp Belgium 4 Stockholm Sweden 4 Konya Turkey5 Leipzig Germany 5 Madrid Spain 5 vilnius LithuaniatoP 5 MAJoR : toP 5 lARge: toP 5 SMAll:econoMic PotentiAl econoMic PotentiAl econoMic PotentiAlRAnk city countRy RAnk city countRy RAnk city countRy1 London UK 1 Frankfurt Germany 1 edinburgh UK2 Moscow Russia 2 Oslo Norway 2 Zurich Switzerland3 paris France 3 Stuttgart Germany 3 Luxembourg Luxembourg4 Dublin Ireland 4 Amsterdam Netherlands 4 belfast UK5 Brussels Belgium 5 Düsseldorf Germany 5 bratislava SlovakiatoP 5 MAJoR: toP 5 lARge: toP 5 SMAll:coSt effectiVeneSS coSt effectiVeneSS coSt effectiVeneSSRAnk city countRy RAnk city countRy RAnk city countRy1 Bucharest Romania 1 Riga Latvia 1 Brasov Romania2 Sofia bulgaria 2 vilnius Lithuania 2 Iasi Romania3 Kharkiv Ukraine 3 Lviv Ukraine 3 Timisoara Romania4 Tbilisi georgia 4 odessa Ukraine 4 Kaunas Lithuania5 Dnipropetrovsk Ukraine 5 Lódz Poland 5 Constanta RomaniatoP 5 MAJoR: toP 5 lARge: toP 5 SMAll:HuMAn ReSouRceS HuMAn ReSouRceS HuMAn ReSouRceSRAnk city countRy RAnk city countRy RAnk city countRy1 London UK 1 valencia Spain 1 Lille (Nord) France2 paris France 2 Seville Spain 2 edinburgh UK3 Madrid Spain 3 Birmingham UK 3 Lisbon portugal4 barcelona Spain 4 Lviv Ukraine 4 Lyon France5 Rome Italy 5 Marseille France 5 Skopje Macedonia, FYR February/March 2010 37
  5. 5. RegIonSeuRoPetoP 5 SMAll: toP 5 MicRo: toP 25 RegionS: oVeRAllquAlity of life HuMAn ReSouRceS RAnk Region countRyRAnk city countRy RAnk city countRy 1 South-east UK1 Graz Austria 1 Oxford UK 2 Ile-de-France France2 Zurich Switzerland 2 Milton Keynes UK 3 Nordrhein-Westfalen Germany3 Antwerp Belgium 3 Málaga Spain 4 Bayern Germany 5 Capital Region Denmark4 Strasbourg France 4 Bordeaux France 6 centre-est France5 Lyon France 5 grenoble France 7 Flanders Belgium 8 Scotland UKtoP 5 SMAll: toP 5 MicRo: 9 greater Dublin Region IrelandinfRAStRuctuRe quAlity of life 10 Greater Stockholm Region SwedenRAnk city countRy RAnk city countRy 11 catalonia Spain1 The hague netherlands 1 Monaco France 12 Baden-Württemberg Germany2 Utrecht netherlands 2 Salzburg Austria 13 ouest France3 Zurich Switzerland 3 Linz Austria 14 bassin parisien France4 Duisburg Germany 4 Klagenfurt austria 15 noord-holland netherlands 16 Brussels Capital Region Belgium5 Manchester UK 5 Basel Switzerland 17 zuid-holland netherlands 18 Mediterranee France 19 Hessia GermanytoP 5 SMAll: toP 5 MicRo: 20 yvelines FrancebuSineSS fRienDly infRAStRuctuRe 21 North-west UKRAnk city countRy RAnk city countRy 22 Västsverige Sweden1 The hague netherlands 1 Reading UK 23 central Federal District Russia2 Utrecht netherlands 2 neuilly-sur-Seine France 24 Yorkshire & Humberside UK3 Zurich Switzerland 3 cannes France 25 Bucharest-Ilfov Romania4 Malmö Sweden 4 eindhoven netherlands5 Lisbon portugal 5 Gent Belgium toP 25 RegionS: fDi StRAtegy RAnk Region countRytoP 5 SMAll: toP 5 MicRo: 1 Flanders BelgiumfDi StRAtegy buSineSS fRienDly 2 Brussels Capital Region BelgiumRAnk city countRy RAnk city countRy 3 Capital Region Denmark 1 eindhoven netherlands 4 ouest France1 Antwerp Belgium 5 Comunidad de Madrid Spain2 Leeds UK 2 Aarhus Denmark 6 Wallonia Belgium3 Brno Czech Rep 3 Maastricht netherlands 7 Ile-de-France France4 edinburgh UK 4 venlo netherlands 8 Yorkshire & Humberside UK5 Manchester UK 5 Geneva Switzerland 9 Piedmont Italy 10 catalonia SpaintoP 5 MicRo: toP 5 MicRo: 11 Scotland UKeconoMic PotentiAl fDi StRAtegy 12 Thames Valley UKRAnk city countRy RAnk city countRy 13 Medjimurje County Croatia1 Cambridge UK 1 Bordeaux France 14 South-east Ireland2 eindhoven netherlands 2 Stara zagora bulgaria 15 andalucia Spain3 Basel Switzerland 3 cork Ireland 16 Kent UK 4 Miskolc hungary 17 navarre Spain4 grenoble France 18 wales UK5 neuilly-sur-Seine France 5 Limerick Ireland 19 aragon Spain 20 South-west UKtoP 5 MicRo: 21 northern Ireland UKcoSt effectiVeneSS 22 South-east UKRAnk city countRy 23 Mid-west Ireland1 ventspils Latvia 24 northern great plain hungary 25 castilla-la Mancha Spain2 Jelgava Latvia3 Liepaja Latvia4 Panevezys Lithuania toP 10 lARge RegionS:5 Ploiesti Romania oVeRAll RAnk Region countRy 1 South-east UK 2 Ile-de-France France 3 Nordrhein-Westfalen Germany 4 Bayern Germany 5 centre-est France 6 Flanders Belgium 7 Scotland UK 8 catalonia Spain 9 Baden-Württemberg Germany 10 ouest France38 February/March 2010
  6. 6. RegIonS euRoPetoP 10 SMAll RegionS: toP 10 WeSteRn RegionS: RegionS: loWeSt inDuStRiAloVeRAll oVeRAll Rent (ScoRe out of 10)RAnk Region countRy RAnk Region countRy VOLGA FEDERAL DISTRICT1 Capital Region Denmark 1 Ile-de-France France2 greater Dublin Region Ireland 2 Nordrhein-Westfalen Germany POMURJE3 Greater Stockholm Sweden 3 Bayern Germany LVIV REGION4 yvelines France 4 centre-est France FAR EASTERN DISTRICT5 Västsverige Sweden 5 Flanders Belgium6 Bucharest-Ilfov Romania ZÁPADNÉ SLOVENSKO 6 Baden-Württemberg Germany 0 2 4 6 8 107 Thames Valley UK 7 ouest France8 vienna austria 8 bassin parisien France9 northern Ireland UK 9 noord-holland netherlands citieS: totAl fDi MegAPRoJectS10 Prague Czech Rep 10 Brussels Capital Region Belgium (ScoRe out of 10)toP 10 lARge RegionS: toP 10 WeSteRn RegionS: BUCHARESTfDi StRAtegy fDi StRAtegy MOSCOWRAnk Region countRy RAnk Region countRy SAINT PETERSBURG1 Flanders Belgium 1 Flanders Belgium LONDON2 Brussels Capital Region Belgium 2 Brussels Capital Region Belgium3 ouest France 3 ouest France WARSAW4 Comunidad de Madrid Spain 4 Wallonia Belgium 0 2 4 6 8 105 Wallonia Belgium 5 Ile-de-France France6 Ile-de-France France 6 noord-holland netherlands citieS: nuMbeR of uniVeRSity7 Yorkshire & Humberside UK 7 Greater Zurich Region Switzerland StuDentS (ScoRe out of 10)8 Piedmont Italy 8 Karlsruhe Tech Region Germany9 catalonia Spain 9 Lorraine France LONDON10 Scotland UK 10 zuid-holland netherlands PARIS ROMEtoP 10 SMAll RegionS: toP 10 noRtHeRn RegionS:fDi StRAtegy oVeRAll ISTANBULRAnk Region countRy RAnk Region countRy MADRID1 Capital Region Denmark 1 South-east UK 0 2 4 6 8 102 Thames Valley UK 2 Capital Region Denmark3 Medjimurje County Croatia 3 Scotland UK4 South-east Ireland RegionS: totAl inWARD fDi 4 greater Dublin Region Ireland (ScoRe out of 10)5 Kent UK 5 Greater Stockholm Sweden6 navarre Spain 6 North-west UK SOUTH-EAST, UK7 aragon Spain 7 Västsverige Sweden CENTRAL FEDERAL DISTRICT, RUSSIA8 northern Ireland UK 8 Yorkshire & Humberside UK ILE-DE- FRANCE9 Mid-west Ireland 9 South-west UK10 northern great plain hungary NORTH-WESTERN DISTRICT, RUSSIA 10 Thames Valley UK COMUNIDAD DE MADRID, SPAIN toP 10 noRtHeRn RegionS: 0 2 4 6 8 10toP 10 SoutHeRn RegionS:oVeRAll fDi StRAtegyRAnk Region countRy RAnk Region countRy citieS: totAl coMPAnieS1 catalonia Spain 1 Capital Region Denmark WitHin tHe HigH-tecH SeRViceS2 Comunidad de Madrid Spain 2 Yorkshire & Humberside UK SectoR (ScoRe out of 10)3 Lisbon Region portugal 3 Scotland UK4 andalucia Spain 4 Thames Valley UK MOSCOW5 Lombardy Italy 5 South-east Ireland KYIV6 Comunidad Valenciana Spain 6 Kent UK AMSTERDAM7 Piedmont Italy 7 wales UK SAINT PETERSBURG8 Lazio Italy 8 South-west UK9 Tuscany Italy 9 northern Ireland UK EKATERINBURG10 aragon Spain 10 South-east UK 0 2 4 6 8 10toP 10 SoutHeRn RegionS:fDi StRAtegy toP 10 eASteRn RegionS: toP 5 eASteRn RegionS:RAnk Region countRy oVeRAll fDi StRAtegy1 Comunidad de Madrid Spain RAnk Region countRy RAnk Region countRy2 Piedmont Italy 1 Bucharest Romania 1 northern great plain hungary3 catalonia Spain 2 Prague Czech Rep 2 Lesser poland poland4 Medjimurje County Croatia 3 Kozep-Magyarorszag Hungary 3 Lviv Region Ukraine5 andalucia Spain 4 Masovia poland 4 greater poland poland6 navarre Spain 5 bratislava Region Slovakia 5 Mogilev-podolskiy, Ukraine7 aragon Spain 6 Silesia poland vinnitsa8 castilla-la Mancha Spain 7 Lesser poland poland9 Herzegovina Bosnia- 8 Lower Silesia Poland Herzegovina 9 greater poland poland Split-Dalmatia County Croatia 10 Kozep-Dunantul Hungary February/March 2010 41