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Learning Design Workshop Cyprus


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Outline of content for workshop 7-8th April 2008 at University of Cyprus

Published in: Technology, Education
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Learning Design Workshop Cyprus

  1. 1. Learning design Workshop an approach to creating new and innovative learning activities Professor Gráinne Conole University of Cyprus, Cyprus 7th-8th April 2008
  2. 2. Introductions Aspirations What do you want to get out of the workshop?
  3. 3. Workshop outline Today and tomorrow’s learners What is Learning Design and why is it important? Strategies for design CompendiumLD: A tool for visualizing design Exploring Learning Design resources and tools Different ways of thinking about design
  4. 4. Activity 1 15 years ago... How were technologies predicted to impact on education? What has happened which wasn’t predicted? How do you think students’ use of technology has changed in recent years? What tools are students using to support their