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Conole Lams


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Conole Lams

  1. 1. Cloudworks Strategies for developing sustainable virtual communities for design Gráinne Conole, LAMS Conference 5th December 2008, Sydney
  2. 2. Resources and events Tool development Helping teachers make effective Empirical use of technologies to create evidence better learning activities for students Cloudworks CompendiumLD Workshops Schema Cloudfests Summits Design challenges Andrew Brasher, Paul Clark, Simon Cross, Juliette Culver, Martin Weller, Perry Williams
  3. 3. RSS feeds Playlists Follow and be followed Friends APIs Many repositories of good practice, but how do you develop the community??? Share Embed Comment Aggregate
  4. 4. ‘Social networking makes little sense if we leave out the objects that mediate the ties between people Engeström Design framework for sociality Enabling practice Mimicking reality Building identity Actualising self Bouman et al.
  5. 5. My social network How can we encourage a culture of sharing ideas and designs? Why has there been little uptake of educational repositories? Can we apply web 2.0 principles to an educational context?
  6. 6. Development Vision statement Cloudfests Prototyping Paper clouds Design summit Course Design Challenge
  7. 7. Vision • Enable people to find, share and discuss learning and teaching ideas • Connect people with similar interests • Showcase work • Provide a place for different communities • Encourage sharing
  8. 8. Principles • Low barrier to entry • People-orientated • Open site, open content • Target particular communities • The site acting as a conduit
  9. 9. Cloudworks v 0.1 Find and share designs Resource Clouds bank Storm Tools clouds People Web 2.0 principles: tagging, profiles, user generated
  10. 10. It’s so easy to be very abstract ... and not catch people’s interest. Because you can’t quickly get a feel for what was actually done, that worked or didn’t work. ... [“Semi-collaborative learning”] was just terribly abstract, I couldn’t sort of work out what it was, what this range of activities were, it just didn’t get me there quick enough. If you notice things that are abstract, you can say: Oh, and how did that work? or give me an example, I did one like this! ... It didn’t worry me that it was abstract. What worried me was: how the hell does he make that work in an OU teaching context! The ones that started to catch my interest were where I could quite quickly get a sense of a device or an approach... [“Citing exercise”] got me straight there. Within two or three sentences, I kind of grasped what it was that they had done and it caught my imagination.
  11. 11. ‘Shortcuts to new thinking’ We’ve had notorious difficulties over the years in getting anybody to talk about teaching and share teaching practice. They’ll all talk about research; that’s fine. But there’s also no compulsion to talk about teaching.... I’m on our staff development committee, and we find out all kinds of quite interesting courses and things that would be really relevant to people. And they say, oh well, I’m too busy researching, and I don’t want to do that! (Laughs) ... So if there is a strong lead that this is an important thing to do and it’s just something that people do routinely, yeah, you get them to write. But otherwise I think you’ll just have a few very interested people.
  12. 12. It’s not a repository it’s a conversation Success stories Visual designs Concrete vs. abstract Quality control Transferable designs Barriers to contribution Changing practice Ownership Comments make it come alive Openness
  13. 13. Ascilite conference Cloudscape Overview of the cloudscape: a space to post and discuss ideas seen at Ascilite Design a short course in a day Import existing Clouds Workshop on New clouds New clouds Secondlife added by delegates Paper on mobile learning Peer OULDI assessment site criteria CompendiumLD Academic Talk Web Peer Assessment Follow and be followed Information literacy
  14. 14. Cloudworks v0.2 Social networking site for finding, sharing & discussing learning and teaching ideas and designs
  15. 15. All clouds
  16. 16. Who and what I am following, who’s following me My cloudstream dynamically updates
  17. 17. Cloudscapes Workshop Course Research topic Conference Design team Topic Tool Project
  18. 18. Stalls really useful 18th September2008 Amazed at how Design challenge: much we achieved design a short course in a day are you up to it???
  19. 19. OER Guidelines repository on selection Select Design Learning tools environment OER Design Use Design cycle Design repository Evaluate Monitoring tools Data Data representation tools analysis tools
  20. 20. OL-Net network People/networks Meta-analysis/ synthesis Tools, methods, approaches Designs, evaluations, case studies Hewlitt Foundation
  21. 21. References • OU Learning design initiative - • Cloudworks - • Cloudworks: Conole, G., Culver, J., Well, M., Williams, P., Cross, S., Clark, P. and Brasher, A. (2008), Cloudworks: social networking for learning design, Ascilite Conference, 30th Nov – 3rd Dec 2008, Melbourne, • CompendiumLD: Conole, G., Brasher, A., Cross, S., Weller, M., Clark, P. and White, J. (2008),Visualising learning design to foster and support good practice and creativity, Educational Media International,Volume 54, Issue 3, 177-194. • Design schema: Conole, G. (2008), New schema for mapping pedagogies and technologies,