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Kodu controls


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Kodu controls

  1. 1. Creating a countdown timer First create a ‘referee’ object. Trees are good for this Then program the ‘referee’ First line: Sets up the start time Second line: Subtracts one each second From the ‘World’ menu item you can set the score visiblity to ‘quiet’
  2. 2. Spawning enemies First create one enemy. Get it just right. Not too hard, not too easy From the enemy’s ‘Change Settings’ menu, set to ‘Creatable’ Now it won’t appear in the game unless you create it Create a new object – a spawner – Saucers are good for this. Program it to wander around And use a timer to create enemies. You’ll find the action under Actions, Create, Creatables. Your enemy should be there
  3. 3. Kodu Challenge Make a game that: • Includes a score and a timer • Has enemies that spawn • Has objectives • Has a clear win and lose outcome • Takes place in an interesting world
  4. 4. Cut Program Properties Tools Menu Zoom Colour Size Paste Zoom Select Camera