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Published in: Technology, Education


  1. blogging as professional learning Graham Wegner 2007
  2. professional dialogue opportunities conferences staffroom learning teams
  3. recurring problems lack of time limited choice locked into traditional delivery modes
  4. what if?
  5. you could access other people’s classroom practices have other educators suggest resources and offer advice network with educators worldwide
  6. you could notice new and emerging trends hold exploratory discussions of ideas without the constraints of time and cost
  7. create your own blogging network 21 st century professional learning
  8. heard of this stuff? Web 2.0 (read/write web) the “Flat World” “ Digital Natives” and “Digital Immigrants.” lifelong learning exponential change
  9. some people think blogging is this but it's not
  10. A blog based presentation by Alan Levine , 2005. More Than Just Cat Diaries
  11. let's start with a personal story August, 2005
  12. discovering edublogging Steve Dembo David Warlick Will Richardson
  13. growing my own edublogging network reading posts following links and blogrolls public Bloglines accounts
  14. blogging starts as a solo activity be patient
  15. writing on my blog my work ideas about education notes from T&D sessions & conferences initiatives and projects responding to other bloggers
  16. commenting on other people's blogs offer insight build on their ideas share your experience challenge with tact point to useful resources
  17. meanwhile back at the blog comments slowly add to the conversation
  19. commenting tips add to the conversation feel free to disagree (politely) learn some basic HTML to add links encourage newcomers with comments don’t be afraid to comment on your comments!
  20. which leads to this Christian Long think:lab
  21. connect to classroom teachers education experts administrators and policy makers visionaries and radicals
  22. potential grassroots influence sharing resources and ideas open educators just-in-time Professional Learning