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  • Cleaning cupboard Love ... a story.
  • Nrc Presentation

    1. 1. <ul><li>a story. </li></ul>Cleaning cupboard Love ...
    2. 2. The Introduction NRC Services Ltd is our name, a different name for a different type of cleaning company. We’re hoping to be able to build up a solid relationship with you. But first, have we got your name and address right? If not, please telephone or email us with your correct details. Our attention to detail is what makes us unique and sets us apart from the crowd. Let’s meet ... call 0114 2617222 – Ask for Graham or Joan
    3. 3. First Impressions You're looking for someone you can communicate with, who has a personality and an abundance of enthusiasm. Look no further! We're a family of cleaners and cleaning is our business. We employ our staff on the basis of personality and ability: we truly believe that you will enjoy working with us.
    4. 4. Meet the Friends You can judge a person by their friends. Come and join our party as you'll be in great company. On a daily basis NRC Services clean over 300 premises. We can provide references for similar buildings and businesses as yours, so you can feel comfortable and confident in the company you're keeping.
    5. 5. High Maintenance? We'll listen to your requirements, then we'll tailor our proposal to suit your needs and budget. We'll give you an open book quotation so you understand where the expenses lie. You'll see that our cleaners are well paid, so we get the best operatives in the business.
    6. 6. Frightened of getting hurt? 'Trust us, a long term relationship is all about being in a partnership, working together and mutual respect.' Heard it all before ... well we mean it, and here's proof: 20% of our current clients have been with us for over 15 years, and 30% for 5 to 10 years. This client retention is in line with our entirely referral based growth from under £1 million five years ago to nearly £4 million now.
    7. 7. Time for a change? There's no avoiding the issue, what about your existing relationship? I mean, how many chances can you give them, and, after all it's your happiness that counts. But it needn't be complicated, we'll help you move on, and together we'll take this whole cleaning thing to a different level.
    8. 8. Living in Sin? Although we're old fashioned, it seems the thing these days... Rather than rushing into a long-term contract, we're happy to have a trial period first. We'll prove we're worth the commitment.
    9. 9. It can be so much fun... Who says cleaning is dull? We'll show you it's a lot better when you're with someone who cares. We'll implement our systems to transform standards, and you'll be glad you made the move.
    10. 10. Kiss & tell... Your privacy is important; you don't want to compromise your position. All our staff are direct employees, security and CRB vetted as required, uniformed and carry photo ID cards. Be assured there will not be any embarrassing revelations in our relationship.
    11. 11. Be Safe... You can't be too careful these days. Cross contamination causes diseases. Our strict colour coding of cleaning equipment and materials helps prevent diseases spreading around the office.
    12. 12. Tender Loving Care… All relationships need nurturing and attention. I guess you could say we will be proactive rather than reactive when it comes to our relationship. We use dedicated managers and supervisors to inspect sites, making sure all aspects of our service are to the highest standards.
    13. 13. Happy ever after ... We've said it before, we're old fashioned and we believe in long-term relationships. With the cleaning sorted out and running smoothly, you'll have more time to concentrate on the important things in your life. We’ve introduced ourselves, so how about introducing yourself as we would love to provide you with an obligation-free quotation for cleaning services. Respond to the e-mail, and we will be in touch ...