Transworld Systems was chosen by the AMA because of our proven Health Care record…  We can help medical practices resolve ...
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Transworld Systems and the American Medical Association


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Transworld Systems (TSI) was chosen by the American Medical Association (AMA) because of our proven track record in the field of health care.

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Transworld Systems and the American Medical Association

  1. 1. Transworld Systems was chosen by the AMA because of our proven Health Care record… We can help medical practices resolve their unpaid insurance claims and collect slow paying patient accounts. Transworld Systems is the only collections agency, which has a Sponsorship with the AMA.Would you agree that with rising costs and lower reimbursements, you have to see more patients just to earn thesame money? Obviously, it becomes increasingly important to get paid by patients. Would you also agree that onceyou’ve billed a patient 3 times the likelihood of getting paid on a 4th, 5th or 6th bill seriously decreases? Do younormally relinquish 30+% to third parties if and when they collect your money?An alternative to traditional collection agencies, GreenFlag Profit Recovery by Transworld Systems is yoursolution! We believe it is better to provide diplomatic contacts at earlier stages of delinquency rather thanemploying harsh tactics on older accounts. We have proven this to 20,000 + medical practices and 325+ hospitalsaround the country. We improve their cash flow and streamline their office efficiency by recovering past-dueaccounts without charging a percentage, without touching their money, and without damaging their valuablepatient relationships.After your in-house collection attempts are ignored, GreenFlag will contact patients on your behalf and remindthem of their obligation to pay. We motivate them to pay you directly or contact you to make arrangements and tostop ignoring your letters and phone calls.Other GreenFlag benefits include: • Low fixed fee averaging only $10 per account regardless of balance or location • Diplomacy – you choose the way the accounts will be handled • Thank you letter – sent to your patients after they pay, to maintain goodwill! • Results are GUARANTEED • Highest Documented Recovery Rate in the industry • All money is paid directly to you – No waiting! • Secure online transmission – No paperwork, no new software • 24/7 Online Reporting System, HIPAA Compliant • INSURANCE CLAIMS – YES!!! No more “hold time” and excuses – we will speed up reimbursement on insurance claims that do not settle within prompt-pay laws.How much time and money do you or your staff spend trying to get paid for the services you provide? Ifyou’re interested in saving time, cutting operating costs, improving cash flow, and reducing write-offs andcollection costs, call me and I’ll provide you with a free consultation and recommend a customized solution foryour practice. I’ll also show you actual results from other medical clients.At Your Service - Doug Graham “Helping Others, Help Themselves!” 805-458-1074 direct telephone number P.O. Box 276, Cambria, California 93428-0276 Toll Free 866-748-7385 ext. 25 • Fax 805-927-3537