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ADA,150 Reasons for Becoming a Member


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Great brochure with 150 reasons to become a member of the ADA (American Dental Association). Here are just a few: #14 Volunteer programs to help the needy at home and around the world. #123 Free industry reports to help improve your practice. #79 Dentists sharing their clinical experience. #146 Consumers believe our purpose is to improve oral health.

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ADA,150 Reasons for Becoming a Member

  1. 1. Imagine what we can do together. 150 Reasons to Be a Member
  2. 2. 1 More than 157,000 dentists 16 Legal support to maintain the 35 Free caries risk assessment forms. working together. dentist and patient as treatment decision makers. 2 Highest level of participation 36 among health care associations. 17 Expanded programs with no dues increase in 2008 and 2009. 3 Patient education materials with credible content and 18 Support for states that cutting-edge graphics. want to implement community 36 20,000 member e-mails to water fluoridation. 4 Resources to make your Congress delay the FTC Red practice more efficient. 19 Free Guide for Compliance Flags Rule. with the New Red Flags Rule. 5 Resources to be a better dentist. 20 Research to advance 20,000 member 6 A powerful voice in Washington, understanding of oral e-mails to D.C., and the state capitals. systemic health. Congress delay 7 Legislative decisions about 21 Work with the American Hospital the FTC Red oral health care made with Association on guidelines for Flags Rule. your input. the prevention of infective 8 Legislative decisions about small endocarditis. business made with your input. 22 Tools and tips to help 37 Support to exempt dental 9 Give Kids A Smile® Day, the your practice thrive at practices from the FTC Red largest charitable oral health Flags Rule. program in the U.S. 23 ADA CE Online—earn CE when 38 Support for legislation to allow10 ADPAC, the number one health and where it’s convenient for you. small business loans for dental care PAC in 2008 elections. offices in underserved areas. 24 Essential Oral Health Care11 The Paffenbarger Act supported by nearly 39 Support for legislation to permit Research Center (PRC) 60 cosponsors. dental school graduates to holds over 70 patents. deduct more interest on their 25 Evidence-based dentistry Web student loans.12 Funding for ground-breaking site at dental research. 40 OralLongevity™ campaign 26 Programs to enhance your to encourage seniors to visit13 $1.4 million disbursed for leadership skills. their dentist. research, education, access to 27 Programs to help you improve care and charitable assistance by 41 OralLongevity™ advertising your community. the ADA Foundation. reached more than 14 28 Institute for Diversity million consumers. in Leadership. 42 National broadcast about oral14 29 Significant discounts on health during pregnancy reached patient education and practice 4.1 million people. management products. 43 Support for states to increase the 30 Find A Dentist on Medicaid reimbursement rate. drives new patients to ADA 14 Volunteer programs to help the 44 Development of bone graftingVolunteer at home and around the member dentists. needy materials to enable dentalprograms 31 Free Advertising Basics for implants in one help the Dentists: A Guide to Federal and 45 New product information that’sneedy at State Rules and Standards. unbiased and scientifically soundhome and 32 Credible scientific information at from the ADA Professionalaround the your fingertips. Product Review™.world. 33 Contract Analysis Service 46 Ninety percent of ADPAC- review of unsigned dental supported Congressional seats benefit contracts. won in 2008.15 Legal support for dentists’ 34 ADA Dental Minute 47 Support for elected officials rights in lawsuits with managed broadcast more than 10,000 who understand the importance care plans. times each month. of dentistry.
  3. 3. 48 Support for elected officials 66 Reforms to pediatric dental care 80 Dentists giving back to committed to the nation’s for Medicaid-eligible children. their profession. oral health. 67 Meth Mouth education for 81 Support to maintain the dentist49 Research on fluoride content students and prisoners. as the leader of the dental team. of infant formulas. 68 Flexible spending account 82 Shared belief that all50 Evidence-based clinical legislation to cover Americans should have access recommendations on fluoride dental products. to oral health care. supplements and infant formula. 69 Work with EPA to promote 83 Our Legacy—Our Future51 Other health care associations self-regulation and use of campaign to raise $500 million trust the ADA as their oral amalgam separators. for dental education. health resource. 70 Work with OSHA on 84 ADA librarians will help you52 Work with the American ergonomics self-regulation in conduct research and locate Diabetes Association on the the dental practice. published dental information. relationship of oral health 71 Work to deter on-campus 85 The Survey Center continuously and diabetes. marketing of soft drinks to collects and evaluates current53 Video news release about school children. industry data. holiday sweets aired in all top 72 Support of legislation to extend 86 Free Health Screening Program 10 media markets. special pays and bonuses for at ADA Annual Session.54 Support for student loan military and uniformed dentists. 87 Programs to support the unique forgiveness programs for 73 Evidence-based clinical needs of new dentists. dentists in underserved areas. recommendations on pit and 88 Nearly half a million needy kids55 Course to manage fissure sealants. were treated on Give Kids A emergencies related to sedation 74 Graduate-level business training Smile Day® 2009. and general anesthesia. from the ADA and Northwestern 89 Credible information that’s56 Collaboration with the University’s Kellogg School easily available. American Dental Society of Management. of Anesthesiology 90 State and regional political 75 Success Dental Student Research Foundation. education training seminars. Programs to enrich the dental57 Immediate help if your office education experience. 91 Work to establish and maintain or home is damaged in an high standards, ethics and 76 Medicaid Provider Symposium emergency or disaster. integrity in dental education. to increase oral health access for58 Financial assistance for dentists Medicaid recipients. 92 Trusted source of credible struggling due to injury or illness. oral health care information 77 Access to Dental Care Summit. for the public.59 You’re not alone. 78 Commitment to pilot the 93 More than 4 million visitors60 Scholarships for Community Dental Health annually to students of diverse racial Coordinator model to improve and ethnic backgrounds. access to care. 94 Endorsed providers make it easier to manage your practice.61 Going Green initiative with recommendations for “greening” 95 Endorsed providers free up more your dental practice. time to care for your patients.62 ADA/Forsyth EBD Course helps you appraise and implement new treatment options. 79 96 Preventive care for your practice. 97 Preserving dentistry—health care that works.63 Support and solutions for 98 Positive relationships with state managing stress, depression and 79 Dentists sharing their clinical and local dental societies. substance abuse. experience. Dentists 99 More than 300 products carry64 Solutions for an ergonomic office sharing the ADA Seal of Acceptance. and avoiding work-related injuries. their 100 Support for states to increase65 Work with ANSI and ISO to clinical Medicaid funding for children’s develop standards for lead in experience. dental care. dental materials.
  4. 4. 101 Work with states to halt the 119 Discounts on hotels and car rentals. 134 Support for the Indian distribution of false information Health Service to promote 120 One number to call for answers. about amalgam safety. volunteerism in clinics and 121 A staff of 400 ready to assist you. develop educational tools.102 Dental schools receive free ADA Practice Management 122 Reduced membership dues for 135 Tips to develop an effective Library Resources. student dentists. marketing plan and acquire new patients are in the free103 Volunteer opportunities in downloadable brochure, 123 the online International ADA Marketing Resources. Volunteer Directory. 136 Sample patient satisfaction104 A common goal to care for surveys to download at those in need. Discovering that volunteers get 123 137 A reliable resource for back as much as they give. information about compliance106 Feeling good about to changes in HIPAA regulations. your profession. Free industry 138 A staff of experts to help107 ADA Humanitarian Award for reports to you understand more than volunteer service in the U.S. help improve 6,000 pages of health care and abroad. your reform legislation.108 Huge member discounts off practice. 139 A seat at the table in the debate registration fee to the country’s about health care reform. largest dental meeting, ADA 140 Tips on to prepare your Annual Session. 124 Evidence-based clinical dental team to deal with H1N1.109 Opportunity to see all the latest recommendations on oral cancer screening. 141 Effective Infection Control DVD products and technologies at and workbook available through ADA Annual Session. 125 The ADA Principles of Ethics and the ADA Catalog.110 60% of CE course seats are Code of Professional Conduct helps us live up to our obligations 142 Support for increased free at ADA Annual Session. as dental professionals. competition in the dental benefits111 Networking with your colleagues. marketplace and the repeal of the 126 Legislative support for a loan McCarran-Ferguson Act.112 Free subscription to JADA, repayment program for dental the most-trusted scientific school faculty. 143 Free booklet for members, publication in dentistry. McCarran Ferguson Act—Some 127 National Dental Key Points for ADA Members.113 Free subscription to Benefits Conference. ADA News, the most-read 144 ADA-branded oral health publication in dentistry. 128 Led opposition to taxes on information available free health care services, including to consumers in 4,800 Rite114 Five JADA international editions: employer-paid health benefits. Aid stores. India, Mexico, Portugal, Spain and the Middle East. 129 The Resident Report— 145 More than 85 percent of information for dentists pursuing consumers are aware of the ADA.115 Immediate updates of breaking advanced dental education. dental news on and 146 Consumers believe our purpose in e-publications. 130 The Washington National Health is to improve oral health. Policy Externship, a collaboration116 Second generation amorphous with the American Student 147 Competitive prices on life, disability calcium phosphate-fluoride Dental Association. and business overhead insurance. complex developed at the 131 Strategic partnerships with oral 148 No sales commissions on Paffenbarger Research health industry leaders. insurance plans. Center (PRC). 132 Support for national 149 Easy, affordable117 Improvements to fluoride- licensure examination. retirement planning. releasing varnishes by the PRC. 133 Programs designed to meet the 150 Displaying the ADA member118 EBD Champions, unique needs of Federal Dental logo enhances your reputation promoting the practice of Service members. as a dentist who cares about evidence-based dentistry. the public’s oral health.