Is google wasting your time


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Google creates a perceptual trick making us think it is working well, when in fact it performs very poorly. Most of us are wasting around one hour a day because of poor search.

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Is google wasting your time

  1. 1. Is Google Wasting Your Time? You could be spending more time on Google than you think
  2. 2. Firstly, some benefits • Google helps us find things quickly • Google helps us locate things easily • Google provides us with information instantly • Google provides apps to help run businesses • Google is starting to understand us much more • Where would we be without search engines anyway?
  3. 3. We don’t use Google well • In the UK 90% of searches are three words or less • Yet Google increases its accuracy the more words we use • We spend more time searching because our initial search phrases are poor • People do not spend enough time thinking about the best search words to use
  4. 4. Google is not as accurate as we think • On average we only click on Google results 12.7% of the time* • Google therefore has a failure rate of 87.3% • This is worse than it was four years ago when accuracy was 48.55% •
  5. 5. Google’s perceptual trick • Because Google is fast we perceive “activity” that produces “results” • Low intellectual demand tasks, such as search, that produce instant “results” appear to us to be working, even if they are not • Google rewards us every time with something interesting from every search we do • That reward makes us think what we are doing is good • As a result we become “blind” to the fact that most of the time it is inaccurate
  6. 6. Google wastes your time • Each time you search, you have to re-search because of the inaccuracies • Each search takes extra time • Those regular, frequent episodes of search and re-search add up • Google is wasting about one hour of your day, every day because of this
  7. 7. What is the solution? • Think before you type – pause for a second or two • Type search phrases of seven words or more • Save search results so you do not have to repeat them – use a tool like Evernote • Get to know Google’s advanced search tools
  8. 8. More help? • For more advice on how you can boost your office productivity by using the Internet in better ways, contact Graham Jones • • +44 118 336 9710 •