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Designate Overview Openstack Summit November 2014


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Designate, a recently incubated Project, intends to solve the DNS needs of OpenStack by providing a RESTful API for managing DNS data with a variety of databases on many different backends. Additionally, Designate will also provide a service for integrating with Nova and Neutron. This talk will cover:

Why Openstack and operators need DNSaaS.

The Designate Architecture.

The Designate API.

New Features Since the Last Summit, including MiniDNS, Server Pools, the Version 2 API.

The Next Steps For Designate, including the Version 2 API, additions to Server Pools, and MinDNS.

Come see who is involved, and how easy it is to get involved in this exciting project.

This talk is a general overview. It will cover the problem statement, architecture and general features.

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