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OurCamden Business partners


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OurCamden is a new social enterprise, providing a membership primarily -although not exclusively- for those over 50 who Live. Work. Play in Camden.

Our goal is to work closely with local businesses. These slides outline how.

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OurCamden Business partners

  1. 1. The Journey……….
  2. 2. Our Starting Point………. • We’re not underestimating the challenge • We see the Business Sector as one of our strongest assets • We want to increase spend in the local economy. • We want a two way relationship with local businesses, not just expect everything for free! • We want our partnership to support you growing your business.
  3. 3. Our Team……….
  4. 4. What we are about………. • Primarily improving the lives of Over 50’s who live, work or play in Camden • Reducing social isolation, increasing local spend and improving health and well being • Increasing connections between Citizens, Community organisations, Businesses and each other • Our goal is 5000 members within 18 months!
  5. 5. What we are about………. • Assets. Everyone has something to offer • Connections • Fun- Vibrant and quirky • Quality
  6. 6. Being a member will mean………. • Deals with Camden Businesses to make it cheaper to shop, go out and look after yourself • Access to a full Calendar of Events- a third included in the price of membership- creating experiences to remember and friendships forever • Access to Practical Services for help around the home and garden • A range of opportunities to learn new skills & hear new ideas in the KnowHow Shop • Access to our online platform with more offers, our own dating service and a whole load more.
  7. 7. How can we help you………. Bring new customers to your business- by making a deal for our members • Straight discount or offer- e.g. 20% off or Buy one Get one free • A date limited deal – e.g. Up to the end of March • A time limited deal- promote a time for which you wish to increase trade (e.g. offer ffor a Tuesday afternoon • A specific product/service from your portfolio
  8. 8. How can we help you………. Other ways to increase your revenuesselling memberships, organise events, rent out space Promote your business- sessions in the KnowHow shop (with an opportunity to upsell), a page in the directory, advertise on our online platform
  9. 9. Interested? Contact Sassaka Amena