FuelDefend SE Asia Presentation 2012


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NeckIt! Anti-siphon devices
- Stop Fuel Theft in Commercial Vehicles
- Now in SE Asia.

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  • Worlds biggest range of fuel anti-siphon devices for trucks, vans, buses, municipals & construction. Over 1M sold globally
  • TruckProtect’s NeckIt – the best security available. Thick aluminium & robust.
  • TruckProtect’s NeckIt – made from 5mm thick aluminium & TUV approved. Excellent fitting designs.
  • TruckProtect’s NeckIt – The only device to successfully pass the 6mm pipe test.
  • TruckProtect’s NeckIt – easy installation (5 mins) with no drilling, riveting or gluing.
  • TruckProtect’s NeckIt – Europe’s Top Fuel Anti-Siphon Device. Europe’s Best Fuel Anti-Siphon. A Quality Product for a Quality Truck.
  • Worlds biggest range of fuel anti-siphon devices for trucks, vans, buses, municipals & construction. Over 1M sold globally
  • Worlds biggest range of fuel anti-siphon devices for trucks, vans, buses, municipals & construction. Over 1M sold globally
  • FuelDefend SE Asia Presentation 2012

    1. 1. FuelDefend Global LtdNeckIt! Fuel Anti-Siphon Devices (ASDs) Distributed in Malaysia and SE Asia by FuelDefend SE Asia A Division of AiTACS-AP Sdn Bhd www.fueldefend.com
    2. 2. Fuel Theft from CommercialVehicles Is Universal…..w.truckprotect.com From the USA to the UAE! Including Malaysia! www.fueldefend.com
    3. 3. What we have seen in Malaysia…….w.truckprotect.com How does this stop: A New Volvo – nothing fitted. 1.Fuel spillage? 2.Unhappy driver? What losses possible? Had pressure applied? How long to fit? www.fueldefend.com
    4. 4. What we have seen in Malaysia…….w.truckprotect.com ‘Belt and Braces’ A New Scania – nothing fitted. Good that it tells people - stop! What losses possible? What design for optimum fuel flow? Anti-spillage and welling? Fitting time? www.fueldefend.com
    5. 5. What we have seen in Malaysia…….w.truckprotect.com Fuel Delivery in Shah Alam www.fueldefend.com
    6. 6. What we have seen in Malaysia…….w.truckprotect.comLarge number of local modificationsDifferent by Brand and Supplying Dealer?What variety of fitting and supply costsvariances? www.fueldefend.com
    7. 7. Theft of Diesel does occur in Malaysiaw.truckprotect.comThere are local solutions....• But without professional design and testing - no Diesel Flow testing to ensure no blowback/spillage/welling - drivers complain of slow fill rates with fuel blowing back over them• No Safety Sign-Off for Designs - extended neck increases risks of fuel tank damage in accidents - Swedish Volvo Safety Engineers cannot endorse extended designs - It takes just one accident to become a Disaster.• No consistency of Design - different by Brand and Supplying Dealer? - welding adds a day in the workshop for modifications - what variety of fitting and supply costs variances?• What quality assurances do they give?So: Are they user friendly? Do they do the JOB? Is an accident waiting to be a disaster? www.fueldefend.com
    8. 8. Potential Cost of TheftLitres/Week Stolen - Fuel Cost/Litre - RM 1.80/Litre Monthly Quarterly Yearly 5 Litres 36 117 468 10 Litres 72 234 936 15 Litres 108 351 1,404 20 Litres 144 468 1,872 30 Litres 216 702 2,808 This is for one Prime Mover! www.fueldefend.com
    9. 9. Fuel Subsidy Down? Potential Cost of Theft Litres/Week Stolen - Fuel Cost/Litre - RM 2.40/Litre Monthly Quarterly Yearly 5 Litres 48 156 624 10 Litres 96 312 1,248 15 Litres 144 468 1,872 20 Litres 192 624 2,496 30 Litres 288 936 3,744 This is for one Prime Mover! www.fueldefend.com
    10. 10. The Future Cost of Theft?• Fuel RM 1.80/Litre • Fuel RM 2.40/Litre• 15 Litres/Week Stolen • 20 Litres/Week Stolen• 100 Trucks • 100 Trucks• Total cost of Thefts • Total cost of Thefts• RM 140,400 • RM 249,600 www.fueldefend.com
    11. 11. www.truckprotect.comFuel Defend Global LtdDevelopers of the NeckIt! Anti-Siphon devicesAn Idea started in a Diamond Mine…….• Founded 2005 - Market research across several Continents - Consultation with Manufacturers/Workshops/Hauliers - Fuel Flow/Design carried out with Cardiff University• Products launched in 2006 - Over 500,000 sold since then across the Globe - Latest New Market is the MB Dealer in ChileIntroduced in Malaysia August 2012 www.fueldefend.com
    12. 12. Fuel Defend NeckIT! ASD’s• Stops petty theft siphonage• 120 litres/minute filling rate• Original Tank Cap used• Minimal increase in neck height• No Splash-back/fuel welling/foaming• Securely Fitted in under 10 Minutes• German TUV Quality Assurance www.fueldefend.com
    13. 13. NeckIt! ASD’s 5mmwww.fueldefend.com
    14. 14. NeckIt! ASD’s 5mmwww.fueldefend.com
    15. 15. NeckIt! ASD’s 5.5mm 3.5mm 6mmwww.fueldefend.com
    16. 16. www.truckprotect.com NeckIt! ASD’s• No maintenance• Technically Simple • Built to do the Job• No welding • Withstands serious attacks• No drilling or gluing • Tough, single piece• Fully transferable aluminum• • TUV and ISO standards Lifetime Warranty www.fueldefend.com
    17. 17. NeckIt! Fittingwww.fueldefend.com
    18. 18. But Fuel is stolen from other pointsuckprotect.com SenderStop! - stops fuel being taken from the sender unit DrainBlank! - stops fuel being taken from the Tank drain TankBlank! - stops fuel being taken from a blanked off 2nd Tank * Awaiting updated product information www.fueldefend.com
    19. 19. NeckIt! World’s Best Range of ASDs.uckprotect.com • Trucks – all OEMs Metal & Plastic tanks • Iveco & Mercedes Vans & Chassis • Bus & Coach • Construction Equipment • Agricultural Machinery • Refrigerated Trailers • Rapid development of new Product www.fueldefend.com
    20. 20. StopSpill!• NeckIt! + StopSpill! = The Ultimate for Fuel Safetyand Fuel Security• Addresses the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)agenda. www.fueldefend.com
    21. 21. I NeckIt! – Van Models • 50 litres per minute fill rate • Easy to fitIveco Daily Chassis and Van MB Sprinter Chassis and Van Toyota and Fuso models being considered www.fueldefend.com
    22. 22. NeckIt! • Special Models – Reefers • Refrigerated Trailers • Fits Carrier/ThermoKing etc • Bespoke models • Can fit special Trailer OEM tankswww.fueldefend.com
    23. 23. www.truckprotect.com NeckIt! • Special Models • Plant/Construction • JCB/Komatsu/CAT/Volvo etc • Unique fitting ring system • Original cap fits back on www.fueldefend.com
    24. 24. FuelDefend SE Asia NeckIt! Fuel Anti-Siphon Devices (ASDs) A Division of AiTACS-AP Sdn Bhd (Company Number 878519D) Graham Carmichael (MD) GSM: 019 553 9195 Email: Graham@FuelDefend.com www.fueldefend.com
    25. 25. FuelDefend SE Asia Sekian terima kasih! www.fueldefend.com