The Circular Economy for Youth

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Dec. 3, 2019

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The Circular Economy for Youth

  1. Circular Economy for Youth
  2. promoting, engaging, connecting and empowering young people around the circular economy as a means to deal with the dangers to the environment and of climate change. The project aims to empower them to take positive actions and initiatives within their local communities and to develop networks and exchange practices at local, regional, national and European
  3. Local Forums and Action Plans
  4. Exchange of information and best practices
  5. Short ‘training programmes’ including informal learning and activity based learning
  6. open educational resources
  7. Mobile application
  8. Forums will involve representatives of: youth associations, students associations, NGOs and civil society organisations, Local Authorities and youth councils, social entrepreneurs
  9. Sustainable production schemes (products-as- services business models, eco-design, sharing economy business models)
  10. Sustainable consumption lifestyles (tackling food waste, consumer-producer cooperation to support local loops, neighbourhood composting practices)
  11. Waste management (make recycling and recovery more attractive than landfill and incineration)
  12. Waste as a resource (empowering repair and re-use, anaerobic digestion of organic fraction, industrial symbiosis)
  13. One of the results of this work will be a report aimed at local policy makers and youth leaders on how to replicate and sustain those processes as a formal output. Other outputs will be local actions plans for the circular economy.