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Must download - Barbecue invitation to SlideShare members - at my fantasy home in the Pacific Ocean

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  • J'ai déjà reçu plusieurs fois ce diaporama par des amis Graham ! :-)) 5248 vues !!!! Quel succès !!! Félicitations et bonne continuation. Amicalement. Bernard
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  • im gonna come
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  • I needed the invitation, an invitation so humurously
    and tempting, Fantastic show
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  • The photography is so stupendous.It plays on one's imagination of being there. Well done my friend.
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  • Pleeeeeeease make sure I get another invitation next year. I enjoyed this bar-b-que sooooooooo much, and my accommodation was first class. Thank you Graham
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Invitation from Grahairs

  1. 1. A Barbeque Invitation for SlideShare Members Music: James Blunt - You’re Beautiful (Please click through slides at your own pace)
  2. 2. Invitation It is my great pleasure to invite you to a barbeque next weekend Venue: My House in the Pacific Ocean Please RSVP using my SlideShare comments field at…
  3. 3. Please take your time browsing through the slides You must be absolutely sure that you want to come!
  4. 4. First, my luxury bus will collect you and take you to the port
  5. 5. The bus has a nice living area…
  6. 6. with comfortable chairs…
  7. 7. … and a great TV !!
  8. 8. Then one of my little boats will take you out into the Pacific Ocean to your personal beach cabin
  9. 9. My place in the Pacific Ocean... My House Guest Accommodation
  10. 10. Here is the barbeque area The Barbeque Location
  11. 11. This is where you will be staying!
  12. 12. I am sorry, but there is no garden immediately next to your accommodation...
  13. 13. But you will have access to your own private island!
  14. 14. The views are quite good...
  15. 15. But...if you don’t like your view, I will find you a better one!
  16. 16. The views from the beach are great too!
  17. 17. Your personal masseuse will give you a relaxing massage after each swim
  18. 18. You will be bathed in beautiful sunlight
  19. 19. ...and the Sunsets are Stunning!
  20. 20. You can watch the planets...
  21. 21. ...or simply watch the sun set behind the trees
  22. 22. You will have soft romantic lighting at night time
  23. 23. ...and a sumptuous dinner on the veranda
  24. 24. Your own personal butler and maid will stay nearby
  25. 25. I hope the bed is comfortable enough for you
  26. 26. Your fishing and snorkeling equipment are under the bed...
  27. 27. or you can simply watch the fish through the glass floor
  28. 28. Now... I just need your decision...
  29. 29. no yes Please click yes or no Just click the box to confirm if you are coming
  30. 30. no yes Please click yes or no
  31. 31. no yes Please click yes or no
  32. 32. Oops! the ‘click box’ is currently not working so please RSVP in my SlideShare comments field I really hope you can come! Thank You Most backgrounds courtesy of Powerbacks®