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Benefits of Community Garden 2010


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Presented by Let's Grow Akron,Inc

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Benefits of Community Garden 2010

  1. 1. The Benefits of Community Gardening Community Organization Crime Prevention Cultural Opportunities Education Food Production Health Green Space
  2. 2. Community gardens increase a sense ofcommunity ownership and stewardship.
  3. 3. Community gardens bring people together from awide variety of backgrounds including age, raceculture and social class.
  4. 4. Community gardens build community leaders.
  5. 5. Crime Prevention Community gardening is recognized by many police departments as an effective community crime prevention strategy.
  6. 6. Community gardens provide opportunities to meetneighbors and build block clubs.
  7. 7. Community gardens increase eyes on the street.
  8. 8. Cultural Opportunities Community gardens allow people from diverse backgrounds to work side-by-side on common goals without speaking the same language.
  9. 9. Community gardens offer neighborhoods an access pointto non-English speaking communities.
  10. 10. Community gardens offer unique opportunities for newimmigrant families who tend to be concentrated in low-income urban communities to: Take advantage of the experience of elders to produce a significant amount of food for the household. Produce traditional crops otherwise unavailable locally. Provide inter-generational exposure to cultural traditions. Offer a cultural exchange with other gardeners. Learn about block clubs, neighborhood groups and other community information.
  11. 11. Educational Opportunities
  12. 12. Community gardens offer the opportunityto teach youth about: Where food comes from Practical math skills Basic business principles The importance of community and stewardship Issues of environmental sustainability Job and life skills
  13. 13. Community gardening is a healthy, inexpensive activity for youththat can bring them closer to nature and allow them to interact witheach other in a socially meaningful and physically productive way.
  14. 14. Health Benefits
  15. 15. Studies have shown that community gardeners and theirchildren eat healthier diets than do non-gardening families.
  16. 16. Eating locally grownfood reduces asthmarates becauseindividuals are ableto consumemanageable amountsof local pollen anddevelop immunities.
  17. 17. Exposure to green space reduces stress andincreases a sense of wellness and belonging.
  18. 18. Green Space
  19. 19. Community gardens add beauty to the community and heightenpeople’s awareness and appreciation of living things.
  20. 20.  Community gardens filter rainwater, helping to keep lakes, rivers and groundwater clean. Community gardens restore oxygen to the air and help reduce air pollution. Community gardens recycle huge volumes of organic waste back into the soil.
  21. 21. Community gardens provide a place to retreat from thenoise and commotion of urban environments.
  22. 22. Community gardens have been shown to actuallyincrease property values in the immediate vicinitywhere they are located.
  23. 23. Credits PowerPoint presentation by Lisa Nunn Benefits of community gardening gathered from: Photos courtesy of Elaine Evans, Kamil Bialus and Lisa Nunn