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Recruiters be Micro Niche , now!


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Much has been said about being a mile deep and an inch wide but as recruiters look for growth many haven't fully embraced the benefits of being niche or even micro niche. We explore 10 key benefits of becoming a micro niche search or recruitment professional.

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Recruiters be Micro Niche , now!

  1. 1. Ten top reasons why recruiters and search professionals need to be micro niche, NOW! Much has been said about being a mile deep and an inch wide but as recruiters look for growth many haven't fully embraced the benefits of being niche or even micro niche. Without a doubt big box recruiter brands will always have a place in the generalist marketplace, have deeper pockets for marketing and are often in a bidding war driving fees down - being truly niche - micro-niche is a key strategy to punch above your weight for SME recruitment firms with many benefits. Lets explore 10 top benefits of being micro-niche in recruitment. 1: Client face challenges sourcing experienced specialist talent - the demographics are playing a part and working with knowledge specialist consultancies operating in a micro-niche manner helps them map the talent landscape and alleviate skills gaps and attract the best of the best. 2: For SME recruiters its a great strategy and your brand can beat large
  2. 2. generalists who have to stretch their brand across multiple disciplines, functions and sectors - as a micro niche recruiter you can concentrate your marketing with laser-like pin point accuracy. 3: Recruiters gain and constantly expand incredible deep knowledge in their niche and knowing key talent pools intimately - enabling them to act faster and knowing not just where talent is but what they as executives want in a career more leading to better fit hiring decisions. 4: It builds credibility in your business and people making the micro niche recruiter a subject knowledge specialists - more akin to a business advisor, a true consultant which clients rely upon to keep them updated on the trends, movers and shakers in the niche. 5: Micro-niche recruiters are by design more agile and better connected with talent in their niche than a generalist would be who at best skim the market for talent. 6: By utilising your knowledge, experience and networks you become a trusted advisor to clients and candidates and build powerful, long lasting relationship over time, with obvious benefits. 7: By positioning yourself as the expert in a micro-niche you can virtually own that market - be the “go to” person or business which you can’t do as a generalist. 8: By dominating a niche many recruiters can charge higher fees because they add value over and above the placement by using their deep knowledge as true business advisors. You gain far more than you lose. 9: It distinguishes you from all the other firms and makes you more memorable to both talent and clients - it’s easier to swim in the same pool daily than to chop and change. Recruiters working for generalist brands often struggle to really ensure they are the leader in a field, even if their desk or team is attacking a niche, there’s too much background noise to compete with.
  3. 3. 10: Focusing on micro-niches also makes it easier for search engines to find you in a competitive and crowded market leading to higher SEO scores than a generalist. Micro-niche is here to stay; it's not a fad. The issue of focus is being exhibited in the professional services area by law firms, accounting firms and mergers and the corporate finance arena. In software and technology it's already here after all an app is often a very specialist application. In areas like the medical field, ask yourself who would you rather have operate delicate surgery on you - a generalist or a specialist. The German healthcare system adopts micro niche for doctors not just surgeons, you visit a throat or muscular specialist for an ailment rather than a generalist GP, and it works. In the recruitment space the likes of Nigel Frank were early risers in the Microsoft Dynamics niche, one they clearly dominate and have spawned others whilst firms like DataCenterPeople are control the fast growing Data Centre niche to name just two clear micro niche leaders. My advice: Focus and think small. You can get a larger share of the market, deeper relationships and repeat business. You can tap into more SME client businesses, the engine of growth in all economies as well as penetrate larger firms and you will generate larger profits as a result. Additionally, join a ecosystem or network comprising other niche recruitment or search firms who don't compete with you but who can fulfil other functions and roles which enables you to remain specialist, increasing your appeal to clients, generate additional incomes via fee sharing and split fees through collaboration. Health Warning: If you really know your niche always look ahead, left, right and behind much like driving a vehicle! Your niche could be disrupted as we've seen to the likes of Blackberry - who owned a micro-niche for a while but who didn't see the likes of Apple and Samsung and other smartphone competitors coming up hard and fast behind them so stay attuned to the
  4. 4. changes – as a true micro niche operator you have the advantage here already if you stay attuned to competitors and changes. ------------------------------------------------------------------- ABOUT: Networks3R support existing SME recruitment business, experienced recruiters, search professionals and commerce and industry executives capitalise on their knowledge launch develop and scale their businesses. 3Rinside offer on-going non-executive board level strategic support to established recruitment businesses. Founded by recruitment professionals with over 70 years combined sector experience the team have launched, scaled and transacted over 150 recruitment businesses in 35 countries. To discover your true potential and find out more about how we can help you start or scale your business contact Liz Kilford on +44 203 291 3827, email or visit To get down to earth practical advice, guidance and counsel on all aspects of your existing recruitment business meet the team at and book a free consultation to find out how we can help you via #Recruitment #Executivesearch #execsearch #HR #staffing #recruiters #trends #business #startups #tips #toptips