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Sports Package - The Royal On The Waterfront


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Book your sporting functions with The Royal On The Waterfront. Contact our functions coordinator and discuss your requirements and arrange a site inspection. For more information visit us:

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Sports Package - The Royal On The Waterfront

  2. 2. Just minutes from Perth CBD, THE ROYAL ON THE WATERFRONT offers the perfect location to cater for your event. Whether you are enjoying our newly refurbished bars or our generous alfresco area, there is enough space to give everyone their own view of East Perth’s vibrant Claisebrook Cove. TO MAKE A BOOKING CONTACT OUR FUNCTIONS COORDINATOR Rikki Chesson (08) 9221 0466
  3. 3. This pack is designed to provide you with all the information you need to book your Sporting function. To discuss your requirements and arrange a site inspection please doesn’t hesitate to contact our functions coordinator. – CONTENTS – SPORTS PACKAGES 4 FOOD 5 BEVERAGES 6 VENUE SPACES 6 OTHER INFORMATION 7 TERMS & CONDITIONS 8 CONFIRMATION FORM 9
  4. 4. Sports Packages Package 1 0 - 6 Guests Private booth Private TV Reduced menu Complimentary drink on arrival Direct access to sports bar Waiter / Bartender Raffles & prizes Reserved for 4 hours $400 Package 2 10 + Guests Private bar area Wide screen TV’s Platters Complimentary drink on arrival Direct access to sports bar Waiter / Bartender Raffles & prizes Reserved for 4 hours $1000 Package 3 20 + Guests Private bar area Wide screen tv’s Platters $ 600 bar tab Direct access to sports bar Waiter / bartender Raffles & prizes Reserved for 4 hours $2000
  5. 5. FOOD Finger food will be catered for all sports packages. Please choose from one of our two menus. MENU OPTIONS MENU A 5 SPICE SALT & PEPPER SQUID / SWEET CHILLI GOURMET MINI PIES / TOMATO SAUCE ASSORTED HOMEMADE DIPS / TURKISH BREAD SAUSAGE ROLLS / TOMATO SAUCE MINI CHEESE BURGERS / BRIOCHE BUN MENU B ASSORTED HOMEMADE DIPS / TURKISH BREAD TEMPURA VEGETABLES / DIPPING SAUCE SHITAKE & LEEK SPRING ROLL / SWEET SOY ATLANTIC COD GOUJONS / TARTARE SAUCE FANTAIL PRAWNS / JAPANESE BREADCRUMBS REDUCED MENU SPICY ASIAN STYLE LAMB RIBS / an asian slaw FIVE SPICED CRISPY SQUID / citrus sweet chilli PRAWN PIZZA / lemon & garlic, spicy sausage, cherry tomatoes, roquette, black pepper, lime mayo MARGHERITA PIZZA / cherry tomatoes, torn mozzarella, bazil, olive oil CAPRICCIOSSA PIZZA / ham, cacciatore sausage, mushrooms, olives, red onion, torn mozzarella
  6. 6. BEVERAGES There are two beverage options available for functions at the Royal on the Waterfront: INDIVIDUAL PURCHASE Guests purchase their own drinks utilising the bar facilities – OR – BAR TAB Guests are provided with wristbands and their beverage orders will be charged to your tab. Price limits may be implemented on bar tabs, this can be increased on the day of your function should you choose to. You may choose to limit beverage options for your guests by preselecting a condensed offering.
  7. 7. VENUE SPACES THE ROYAL ON THE WATERFRONT is open plan in design; which includes the bar, restaurant and alfresco area. Spaces are not private rooms but cordoned areas within the venue. Contact our functions coordinator to arrange a time to inspect the venue prior to making any function booking. Please note with any Alfresco area, guests must be seated at all times when consuming alcohol. This is a Liqour Licensing restriction and unfortunately something we are unable to be flexible with. Public walkways must be kept clear, in the event that your area crosses a public walkway it is accepted that traffic will be passing through the area.
  8. 8. FUNCTION TYPES Pub crawls, 18th birthdays, hens & bucks nights and wedding receptions are not accepted functions. 21st birthdays are permitted after consultation; parents must be present at both the cosultation and the event. AV & ENTERTAINMENT Due to licensing restrictions, bands/DJ’s and other live entertainment is not permitted Venue house music will be played within the function space, personalised selections or requests are not allowed. Microphones or other external AV is also not permitted. Should there be a television in your function space, this may be used for visual personal use i.e. photo slideshows, but remember the rooms are not exclusive. DECORATIONS If you require decorations for your function, please consult the functions co-ordinator to ensure these will be permitted in the venue. Please note that confetti or table scatters of any kind are not permitted. PARKING & ACCESS Free street parking is available on Royal Street monday to saturday from 6pm and all day sunday. City of Perth parking complex 81-95 Regal place, East Perth. Free YELLOW cat bus from CBD stop number 32: Haig Park Circle. Nearby train stations : McIver or Claisebrook. TENTATIVE BOOKINGS We do not accept tentative bookings. Reservations will only be confirmed on receiving a confirmation email from the venue to the client. ALFRESCO Please note due to our venue license, the alfresco area must be closed and cleared one hour prior to closing time of the entire venue. BYO POLICY No food or beverage of any kind will be permitted into the venue. Birthday / celebration cakes are accepted and may be brought in for the occasion. OTHER INFORMATION
  9. 9. FOOD To avoid under-catering, functions we require all functions cater for at least 75 % of their confirmed guests from our finger food or suggested menu options. This includes a minimum of 5 finger food items per person. All food and canape´ orders must be finalised and confirmed in writing 7 days prior to the date of the function. THE ROYAL ON THE WATERFRONT does not accept any changes after this time. Please communicate the dietary requirements of your guests at the time of the booking. BEVERAGES All beverages are charged on a consumption basis, THE ROYAL ON THE WATERFRONT does not offer drinks packages or discounted beverage for functions. RESPONSIBLE SERVICE OF ALCOHOL THE ROYAL ON THE WATERFRONT complies with Western Australian responsible service of alcohol legislation. All staff are trained in the Liqour Licensing Accredited ‘RSA’ ( responsible service of alcohol) and may refuse to serve alcohol to any person who they believe to be intoxicated or acting in disorderly conduct. Any intoxicated person will be removed from the venue. DAMAGES & CLEANING Organisers are financially responsible for any damage to the property, building, furniture, fixtures and fittings during and immediately following the function. This includes any costs for repair or replacement; the organisers of the function are also responsible for damage caused by their guests, outside contractors or agents prior to, during and after the event. PAYMENT Payment must be finalised by cash or credit card one week prior to the event. If payment is not made a week before the function, the credit card given when booking will be charged the total amount due. All prices are inclusive of GST. CONTENT OF EVENT If THE ROYAL ON THE WATERFRONT has reasons to believe that any function will affect the smooth running of the venue, its security or reputation, management reserves the right to cancel at its descretion without notice or liabilty. CANCELLATION POLICY More than one week prior = 25% of cost of package Less than one week prior = 50% of cost of package Less than 3 days prior = 100% of cost of package TERMS & Conditions
  10. 10. FUNCTION CONFIRMATION FORM PERSONAL & COMPANY DETAILS Contact Name: _________________________________ Business Name: ________________________________ Email Address: _________________________________ Mobile Number: ____________________________ Address: ________________________________________________ Post Code: __________ FUNCTION DETAILS /____/______ Commencement Time: _________ Conclusion Time__________ Number of Guests: __________ Contact on the Day: _________________________________________ CREDIT CARD DETAILS Full Name on Card: ______________________________ Credit card type: Amex Visa MasterCard Card Number: _______/_______/_______/_______ Expiry Date: _____/_______ CCV: _______ Signature of Cardholder: __________________________________