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  1. 1. The South African Secondary Sector and Construction Industry Graeme Boy Economics 2007
  2. 3. In 1994 there were fewer than 20 black architects out of 2650 working in the country Major Problem facing the Secondary Sector
  3. 4. Construction Industry Employs 864 million Accounts for 7% of workforce Total expenditure = 96 375 million Total income = 100 442 million
  4. 5. Aspects of the Construction Industry at Present
  5. 6. construction company example For skills development and contribution to the economy "The extent to which Group Five achieves its goals is largely influenced through our abilities to collaborate with each other and form collegiate working relationships."      M.H. Lomas : CEO Group Five
  6. 7. There are many construction companies like Group 5 in the secondary sector making a huge impact on the economy
  7. 8. Group 5 Training Programme An employee can enter the programme at the lowest level and progress through to the top. The Group Five Academy