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Example personalstatements


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Example personalstatements

  1. 1. Chemistry Personal Statement AI am currently studying A-Levels at Runshaw College, in Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry, Physics andGeneral Studies, and studied Music to AS level. The workload for 6 AS levels has been quite high, andmy ability to cope with this busy schedule shows I am able to cope well under pressure. This was alsoreflected in my achievement of 99% in my AS Physics results, 98% in AS Chemistry, full marks in GeneralStudies and over 90% in what was effectively a Maths A-level course. Currently I am particularlyinterested in Chemistry, as I enjoy discovering more about the individual characteristics of each element,for example the extremely reactive nature of the gases fluorine and chlorine and the versatile nature ofcarbon, in the compounds it can form and the allotropes it exists in.My achievement in these subjects has been marked by receiving certificates of achievement in FurtherMaths, Chemistry and Physics.In Maths I received a silver award in the UK Senior Maths Challenge shortly into the Maths course. I wasalso a member of the Runshaw team who competed in a national Maths contest in Birmingham in June2002.While at school, my responsibility was shown by my position of steward, a post similar to a prefect, in myfinal year. At college I have acted as a guide on the college open evenings and at a Year 10 SamplingDay.For my work experience at High School I worked in a pharmacy. From this I was able to develop my inter-personal skills as well as having some opportunity to observe how a pharmacy operates.At school I was a member of several bands and at college I have joined the Brass Group and the band,where I play the trombone. I am also a member of the Eccleston Brass Band which rehearses twiceweekly and Lancashire Students Concert Band, a prestigious ensemble. These activities give me thechance to work as part of a team and to experience the enjoyment of making music, which I also wasable to experience last year in an AS Music course, in which I achieved a B grade. For relaxation I playthe piano, in which I have recently passed my Grade 7.I aim to work hard in my degree course and consequently to discover which field of science I developmost flair and ability. Following this I aim to go into a job related to science, possibly in research.So far my chief interest is particularly in theoretical work, although I am also keen to research throughexperiments and develop my practical skills. personal statement BChemistry is in my opinion the most important of the sciences today. As a science of matter and itsproperties, Chemistry can be applied to almost any situation from forensics through medicine toenvironmental sustainability. It is this practical side of Chemistry that has made me want to study it atuniversity. I am particularly interested in Organic Chemistry and I enjoy working out the outcomes ofvarious reactions and naming the products with systematic nomenclature. Another aspect of Chemistrythat I am interested in is Quantum Chemistry which has a strong overlap with some of my favouritemodules of Physics. I am drawn to its often theoretical and experimental nature.
  2. 2. My studies in Geography and World Development have stimulated an interest in Green Chemistry. I feelthat this is very important due to climate change and other environmental issues that affect us. Researchin making processes more sustainable and less harmful to the environment is crucial to contributing to thefuture of planet.I have gained the position of subject ambassador for Chemistry; which involves representing theChemistry department during open evenings and helping out fellow classmates with their work. Within theopen days I have demonstrated experiments to future students and their parents, helping them tounderstand the content of the course and whether they should take Chemistry as an A level subject. Ihave also been nominated by my school for the Oxford University chemist of the year award, due to myattitude and achievements. During my ISAs I demonstrated a strong practical ability and achieved fullmarks for my practical skills. This reflects my ability to work independently and my competence athandling lab apparatus. I also volunteer to help out in a chemistry lesson once a week; this is an excellentopportunity to help others and put my knowledge and expertise to practical use.I am reading "The Problems of Chemistry" by W. Graham Richards and "The Consumers Good ChemicalGuide" by John Emsley both of which have stimulated my interest in practical applications of Chemistry.Another book "Chemistry: Facts, Patterns and Principles" by W.R. Kneen adds to my general knowledgeof Chemistry. I have also joined the Royal Society of Chemistry.I have excelled at all of my chosen subjects and have demonstrated a commitment and ability to workabove the average level in each one. For example during my GCSEs I was picked as one of the top tengeographers in my year to take an AS in World Development a year early. While taking my A2 in WorldDevelopment last year I researched and wrote a report on a local wind farm. This project was a goodopportunity to work on my own initiative and helped me develop important communication and analysisskills. I also represented Kenya in a Model UN General Assembly conference where I learned about othercultures and gained an insight into world politics.My studies in Maths and Physics both provide me with subject matter, problem solving and calculatingskills that support my primary interest in Chemistry.Outside school I have an enthusiasm for the sport of dog agility. My dogs and I have won manycompetitions and we have competed at Crufts and other major events. I also train and work with dogs forother people. This is a considerable responsibility, but one that I enjoy. I also have experience caring for adisabled child which has made me more mature.In common with my friends, I enjoy music and travel. I have played the drums in several bands and havebackpacked through a number of countries, including Brazil, Peru and Thailand. I hope to take advantageof the social opportunities at university as well as the academic ones.In summary, my skills and experiences make me well suited to study Chemistry at university. I intend totackle the course with the same determination and interest that I have shown to date and to make asignificant contribution during my studies.
  3. 3. Pharmacy Personal StatementThroughout my secondary-school experience I found out that science was what I was proficient at,and particularly enjoyed thoroughly. My academic success in science has lead me to pursue studies inthe disciplined field of Pharmacy, a scientific subject which has a captivating appeal to me as it fulfilsthe requirements of having a high chemistry content ,as chemistry is my main favourite subject withmany interesting theories and facts which allow us to make sense of life in general, and being able toprovide a helpful service to the community. Also Knowing the wide range of tasks a Pharmacistcovers, it has strengthened my passion for the subject, I have learnt of Stop-Smoking programmesand Methadone dispensing which help the local society to quit negative habits and improve theirhealth. Health, a key part in society I would like to make a difference to.To increase my scientific problem skills and to enhance my knowledge I currently study AdvancedHigher Chemistry and Advanced Higher Physics, these subjects are preparing me for the busyworkload of a university degree and provide me with insurance that a highly scientific degree is theright degree for me, Advanced Higher will provide me with an opportunity to think logically and
  4. 4. rationally and conducting individual research with regards to the projects which give me a little insightas how it can relate to research projects in a scientific degree. My consistent punctuality andattendance rate in school portrays strong dedication to learning.Within school I have taken up a number of activities this year. Actively taken the role of a prefectgives me sense of responsibility and acts as inspiration to the younger students by leading a strongexample of excellence. I am currently taking part in a buddying system which allows me to befriendyounger students and help them to feel comfortable at school, Soup Run is another activity whichallows me to express my caring nature towards people in need. Outside of school I am currentlyvolunteering twice a week at a local charity shop ( Barnardos), this allows me to be proactive in mycommunity and help towards a good cause. It has helped me increase my customer communicationskills which are vital as a pharmacist, where customer communication is of paramount importance indispensing the correct medicine and advising the patient to effectively use the medication regardingtheir illness.A weeks work experience in a community Pharmacy was extremely beneficial as it increased myinsight into the field and helped me gain a clear understanding of what the job involves, in terms ofthe management of a pharmacy and customer interaction. I also gained valuable skills by being ableto interpret prescriptions, manage different drug orders and appreciating the fact that a Pharmacy ismainly busy and a calm and collective character should be portrayed at all times. As a personal goal Iwould enjoy working in a hospital to be part of the healthcare team, providing assistance to the otherstaff in order to run the health service efficiently with a clear role to play. My academic studies arebalanced through playing cricket for a local team, working as part of a team where everyone has aspecific role to play. Alongside Cricket, Taekwondo is a martial art which I have been practicing forthree years now. It allows me to feel confident in my own natural ability in a variety of differentaspects of life.As an enthusiastic and self motivated student I am determined to succeed at university and reach mypotential as a strong student of Pharmacy. Furthermore, the degree granting me a passport to be partof and to contribute my efforts to the National Health Service.