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Planning your literature search

Library Research Services workshop, October 2013
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Planning your literature search

  1. 1. Planning your literature search
  2. 2. Outcomes from today Review the information and publishing landscape, as it relates to your research area. Recognise the elements of an effective search strategy. Plan your search strategy. Identify resources relevant to your research.
  3. 3. Information landscape how does it look to you? • Discuss the types of publications you will be reading & using for your thesis - think of at least 4 different formats • Which are the most important dissemination and publication methods for research in your subject area?
  4. 4. Information landscape Books Journals Conferences Internet Reports Specialist data People Reference books Text books Monographs Novels & Plays Academic Populist Professional Company information Government information Individuals Social media: Blogs, Twitter Associations Organisations Statistics Patents Case Law Legislation Standards Performances Exhibitions Peers Supervisors
  5. 5. Why? our thoughts… Academic context Critical practice Refine ideas
  6. 6. Why? our thoughts… Defend Explain Be aware
  7. 7. Search strategy how do you search? In pairs discuss:  How you currently search for information?  Do you think you are a successful searcher?  yes / no – why?
  8. 8. Different reviews The type of literature review you undertake will affect the way you different searches search Wide range of publications Current and recent literature Go beyond your discipline Help and advice
  9. 9. Keywords common search strategy Keyword Searching
  10. 10. Author searching specialist search Jeffreys, Alec John Jeffreys, Alec J Jeffreys, A J Jeffreys, A*
  11. 11. Advice follow recommendations Supervisors Colleagues Conferences
  12. 12. Advice Browsing other strategies Browsing References Alerts
  13. 13. Citation Searching Find a good article Find out who cited this article Citations specialist search
  14. 14. Where to start Citation Searching key concepts Example thesis title: Discuss the extent to which violence on television affects teenagers What do you think the key concepts are ? There are three key concepts: 1. Violence 2.Television 3.Teenagers
  15. 15. Keywords Citation Searching identifying alternatives Violence Television Teenagers Aggression Brutality Violent Anger TV Telly Media Teen Teenager Adolescent Juvenile
  16. 16. Keywords Citation Searching identifying alternatives Broader Term Keyword Synonym Antonym Specialist Narrower Term Abbrev
  17. 17. Keywords Citation Searching combining Connector Use AND To combine your different concepts. OR To combine your alternative keywords. NOT To exclude words. “second world war” Use speech marks to search on a phrase.
  18. 18. Keywords Citation Searching spelling and truncation Database options Use Arch?ology Arch*ology Wildcard symbols (?*) to find British and American spellings. Battle* will find battles, battlefield, battlement Truncation symbols (! * $ ?) to find different word endings.
  19. 19. Your turn… complete activity 2 on the worksheet What is your research question? Generate a list of key concepts & keywords How will you connect your keywords? Identify limits
  20. 20. Search tools Books Journals Conferences Newspapers Archives Media Library All Search COPAC Full text databases Google Books Library All Search Google Scholar Subject specific databases Library All Search Subject specific databases Web of Knowledge/Scopus Nexis/Factiva Specific newspapers British Library (Digital archives) Archives Hub Specific archive catalogues Google Google Box of Broadcasts
  21. 21. Databases How to select databases to search… how to choose My Subject pages Recommendations Trial searches
  22. 22. Databases How Many Databases are Enough? how many? 3-5 quality resources Use completed theses
  23. 23. Golden Rules Golden Rules to help your search • Start early • Keep records • Modify your search strategy
  24. 24. Contact Us T: 0116 252 2018 E: E: @gsreadingroom Help Graduate School Reading Room