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Innovation Reading Club - Funky Business


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Published in: Business, Education
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Innovation Reading Club - Funky Business

  1. 1. READING  CLUB  -­‐  CITEXVI     Angela  Vazquez  Quin;an     8  NOVEMBER  2011    
  2. 2. CITEXVI  -­‐  8  NOVEMBER  2011   THE  BOOK     “Manifesto  of  what  our  6me  requires  from   business  firms  and  their  leaders“       Key  words:   ü   Global  Village   ü   Talent   ü   Compe66ve  advantage   ü   Tribaliza6on  
  3. 3. CITEXVI  -­‐  8  NOVEMBER  2011   THE  AUTHORS   Dr.  Jonas  Ridderstrale   •  Business    speaker,  writer  and  thinker.   •  Specialized   in   interna;onal   business,   global   innova;on,   and   product   development  efforts  in  mul6na6onals   •  Visi6ng  professor  at  Ashridge  Business   School   (UK)   and   IE   Business   School   (Spain).   Dr.  Kjell  A.  Nordström     •  Consultant,  writer  and  public  speaker.   •  Focused   on   corporate   strategy,   mul;na;onal     corpora;ons   and   globaliza;on.   •  Responsible   for   the   Interna6onal   Business   course   at   Stockholm   School   of  Economics.   The  2005  Thinkers  50  ranked  Nordström  and  Ridderstråle  at  number  nine  interna;onally   and  put  them  on  number  one  of  Europe  business  gurus.  
  4. 4. CITEXVI  -­‐  8  NOVEMBER  2011    F   §  FUNKY  S.A.   §  YOU  FUNKY   §  FEELING  FUNKY     OUTLINE   q   FUNKY  BUSINESS   §  FUNKY  TIMES   §  FORCES  OF  FUNK   §  THE  FUNKY  VILLAGE     q   CONCLUSION   q   DISCUSSION     q   PROPOSALS  FOR  NEXT  R.C.  
  5. 5. CITEXVI  -­‐  8  NOVEMBER  2011   FUNKY  TIMES  (I/II)   In  the  past,  a  company  had  a  great  idea  and  exploited  it  for  years  before   compe6tors.   Then,   the   original   idea   was   repeated   in   another   country   for   more  years.         PRESENT:  making  the  difference  gets  harder     Ø  Talent                                                                          Highly  qualified  employees   Ø  Globaliza6on                                                No  borders   Ø  Time                                                                              Living  in  real  ;me  
  6. 6. CITEXVI  -­‐  8  NOVEMBER  2011   FUNKY  TIMES  (II/II)   FUNKY  FUTURE   Ø  Future  is  unknown,  but  who  is  going  to  create  it?   §  People  able  to  develop  change,  evolve,  innovate!     Ø  But  in  a  society  of  high  diversity,  is  innova6on  enough?   §  Change  must  be  fast  and  unique  to  maintain  compe66ve  advantage   Ø  FUNKY  BUSINESS  should  renew  its  organiza;on:   §  Management   §  Leadership    
  7. 7. CITEXVI  -­‐  8  NOVEMBER  2011   FORCES  OF  FUNK  (I/II)   Socio-­‐economic   landscape   is   changing   rapidly   so   it’s   required  to  understand  the  main  forces  behind:       TECHNOLOGY   VALUES   INSTITUTIONS   DRIVE   CHANGE  
  8. 8. CITEXVI  -­‐  8  NOVEMBER  2011   FORCES  OF  FUNK  (II/II)   TECHNOLOGY   q  IT  get  beaer  and  faster         INSTITUTIONS   q  The  evolu6on  in  ins6tu6ons  is  slow  but  has  great  impact  on  our  world.   q  Capitalism,  na6ons,  companies,  family  concept  are  being  renewed.   VALUES   q  In  the  past,  the  values  where  local,  currently  are  global   q  But  s6ll  move  the  individual,  the  society,  the  corpora;ons.   High  connec6vity   Total  Transparency   POWER  
  9. 9. CITEXVI  -­‐  8  NOVEMBER  2011   FUNKY  VILLAGE  (I/II)   Who  can  define  the  world  today?   ü  Deregulated  global  economy   ü  Surplus    of  everything   ü  Fusion  (ideologies,  food,  product/services…)   ü  Customiza;on:  the  customer  as  a  co-­‐designer/producer   ü  Tribaliza;on:  new  tribes  based  on  a`tudes,  experiences  or  knowledge   ü  Personaliza;on:  everybody  can  be  absolutely  unique     CONFUSION    How  to  compete  in  this  world?    
  10. 10. CITEXVI  -­‐  8  NOVEMBER  2011   FUNKY  VILLAGE  (II/II)   Anybody  knows  Wally  Masur?               §  He’d  been  among  the  50  best  tennis  players.   §  He  never  signed  a  publicity  contract.   §  What  about  Sampras,  Agassi  or  Nadal?     §  Being  the  best  is  an  ADDED  VALUE   FIRMS  WANT  THE  BEST  ONES!  
  11. 11. CITEXVI  -­‐  8  NOVEMBER  2011   Ø  How  the  future  firm  will  be  and  operate?   “The  future  firm  must  thrive  on  its  ability  to  be  different  and  add  value  in   new  ways.”     The  company  of  tomorrow  profits  from  the  changing  circumstances  and  the   unpredictability  of  our  6mes,  FUNKY  S.A.  is:           LEVERAGED   FUNKY  S.A.  (I/V)   FOCUSED   HETERARCHICAL   INNOVATIV E  
  12. 12. CITEXVI  -­‐  8  NOVEMBER  2011   FUNKY  S.A.  (II/V)   FUNKY  S.A.  FOCUSED:   The  future  company  won’t  try  to  do  everything  for  everybody;    they  try  to   make  meaning  to  concrete  persons.             MARKET   NICHE   TRIBE   ORIENTED   PRECISE   BUSINESS   FOCUSED  
  13. 13. CITEXVI  -­‐  8  NOVEMBER  2011   FUNKY  S.A.  (III/V)   FUNKY  S.A.  LEVERAGED  (reinforcement):     INTERNAL  (responsibility  of  each  employee)   ü  Knowledge  exchange   ü  Transforming  knowledge       INDUSTRIAL   ü  Entering  new  industries  based  on  iden;fied  customer’s  agtudes.   ü  Example:  merchandising  for  fans,  in  addi6on  to  music  products.     INTERNATIONAL   ü  Global  thinking  and  ac;on     GAS   LIQUID   SOLID   IDEAS   EXPLANATION   PROPOSAL  
  14. 14. CITEXVI  -­‐  8  NOVEMBER  2011   FUNKY  S.A.  INNOVATIVE:   §  Re-­‐inven6ng  strategy   §  Fast  ac6ons   §  Innovate  with  intelligence   §  Combine  homogeneity  with   heterogeneity         FUNKY  S.A.  (IV/V)   Richard  Branson  -­‐  Owner     Each  company  should   find  the  special  receipt  
  15. 15. CITEXVI  -­‐  8  NOVEMBER  2011   FUNKY  S.A.  (V/V)   FUNKY  S.A.  HETERARCHICAL:   §  Hierarchies  of  different  classes.   §  Spagueg   structure:   apparently   is   chao6c   but   each   employee  correspond  to  a  set  of  resources.   §  Features  of  the  Funky  structure:   o  Smaller:  more  crea6vity   o  Flat:  problems  and  process    are  solved  faster   o  Temporal:  based  on  projects  and  teamworks   o  Horizontal:  any  event  implies  several  areas     o  Circular:  360⁰  perspec6ve  to  enhance  auto-­‐organiza6on   o  Open:  partnering,  networking   o  Measured:  to  iden6fy  achievements    
  16. 16. CITEXVI  -­‐  8  NOVEMBER  2011   YOU  FUNKY  (I/II)   How  to  organize  a  funky  company?   §  Forces:  dynamism,  risk  and  constant  value  crea6on   §  Leaders   §  First  step:  ge`ng  the  right  workers   §  Must  lead  employees  to  crea6vity   §  Workers  demand:   §  Orienta6on   §  Tolerance   §  Interest   §  Ajen6on  
  17. 17. CITEXVI  -­‐  8  NOVEMBER  2011   YOU  FUNKY  (II/II)   Successful  FUNKSTER:   •  BEING  UNIQUE   •  BEING  A  BRAND   •  BEING  CONNECTED   Management  of  Dreams   §  Power   consists   on   providing   interes6ng   dreams   to   move   the  persons.    
  18. 18. CITEXVI  -­‐  8  NOVEMBER  2011   FEELING  FUNKY   The  Holy  Grail  of  Business   q  Temporal  monopoly  (meaning  market  niche)   q  How?   §  Making  the  difference:   o  Low  cost   o  Added  value   §  Exclusivity:  an  idea,  marke6ng  strategy,  packaging,  culture…   §  Based   on   Emo;onal   Competence   (emo6ons   and   imagina6on)   to   understand  the  customer  and  coworkers.   q  Infinite  Innova6on   q  Emo;onal  Company      
  19. 19. CITEXVI  -­‐  8  NOVEMBER  2011   FUNKY  EXAMPLE   GOOGLE  FORMAL  FRIDAY           hjp://  
  20. 20. CITEXVI  -­‐  8  NOVEMBER  2011   ü  Importance  of  teamwork:   ü  Innova;on  starts  with  each  worker   ü  Leaders  must  propi;ate  crea;vity   ü  Funky  structure:  flat  and  circular     ü  Defining   core   values   is   a   step   to   mo6vate   and   encourage  employees                                      TRIBALIZATION   ü  Thinking  global  is  the  key,  ideas  have  no  limits   CONCLUSIONS  
  21. 21. CITEXVI  -­‐  8  NOVEMBER  2011     THANKS  FOR  YOUR   ATTENTION    
  22. 22. CITEXVI  -­‐  8  NOVEMBER  2011   PROPOSAL  1   A  book  that  challenges  individuals,  businesses  and  na6ons   to  create  originals  rather  than  cover  versions.  
  23. 23. CITEXVI  -­‐  8  NOVEMBER  2011   PROPOSAL  2   GUY  KAWASAKI   §  Silicon  Valley  Venture  Capitalist   §  Apple  Fellow   “Guide  for  anyone  star6ng  anything”  
  24. 24. CITEXVI  -­‐  8  NOVEMBER  2011   PROPOSAL  3   “The  rol  of  storytelling  in  business  sucess.”