How To Get Good Grades


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How To get good grades: A presentation for High school and college students

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How To Get Good Grades

  1. 1. College Success Guide: The A’s, B’s and C’s Brought to you by The Easy Way to A 4.0
  2. 2. ATTENTION Please Pay Attention in Class…No Doodling…No Daydreaming!
  3. 3. Be CONFIDENT Nervousness = BAD BAD GPA Trust Yourself…Prepare Well…NO Panic!
  4. 4. College is Important More Important than Parties, Movies or TV Shows. Your LIFE depends on it!
  5. 5. DO IT! Don’t procrastinate…just DO it the Minute you Get it!
  6. 6. Effort = ??? SUCCCESS!!! When You put more effort, You increase your chance of success
  7. 7. Failure is Feedback When things aren’t working…It’s a Sign You need to Change strategies
  8. 8. Grades are More Important Than Drinks Parties Movies The Hot Chick (Or the Hot Dude) Stupid Jobs
  9. 9. Health Is…Wealth Eat Healthy Food. They keep you energetic And Give You The Energy to Study, Get up Early, Get Through it
  10. 10. I AM Believe in Yourself. You Can do it! One “F” doesn’t mean You’ll never get an “A”. Keep Working At it
  11. 11. Just for FUN Don’t get too stressed out! Enjoy college. It’s the Best part of your life!
  12. 12. Kool Lectures Lectures Are Cool…No SKIPPING!
  13. 13. Learn It The Way You Want It Identify Your Learning Style And Make The Best Of it
  14. 14. Master Your Material Skimming through doesn’t work in most faculties. Be Interested in Your classes for An easy 4.0
  15. 15. Night is for…. SLEEPING! All Nighters don’t work for most. Lack of sleep = frequent brain freeze and Unproductivity
  16. 16. Office Hours Ask Questions during Office Hours. Get to know your professors and your subject material. Professors are not Monsters! Don’t be scared
  17. 17. Participate! Lectures are Boring and Can Induce Sleep if: You Sit around and don’t participate
  18. 18. Query Your TA’s Get Help everywhere you can Every time you can For every class you have
  19. 19. Relax! Relaxed You = Intelligent You Take time to hang out with friends and do what you love
  20. 20. Study Smart! Working Hard Doesn’t Always Work BUT Studying Smart Does.. Learn more at
  21. 21. Team Work! Don’t Underestimate Your Peers! Get Help from them and work in effective groups
  22. 22. Use the Resources Use your library, Use the resources from student union Use all the resources your school offers
  23. 23. Visuals Visuals are always a great tool. Use Mind Maps, diagrams, colors for maximum effect
  24. 24. Write It Down! Writing helps you learn!
  25. 25. YOU Your Success depends on no one but YOU. Be proactive and make an effort to improve your grades.
  26. 26. Zzzzzzzz…. Once Again, give your body enough rest. You need it!
  27. 27. Visit for college success tips Images courtesy of