Campus Technology 2011 -Social Media in the Classroom


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Campus Technology 2011 -Social Media in the Classroom

  1. 1. Social Media in the Classroom
  2. 2. A few notes on Social Media Make a plan • Be sure it fits “The Need” Students Goals Platform Your StrategyResources
  3. 3. A few notes on Social Media Not everyone will use it the same way 21% of people create content 37% review and comment 35% join and participate in social networking 69% are spectatorsResources
  4. 4. A few notes on Social Media It may not work the first time • Keep at it and think strategically 50% of social media campaigns launched by Fortune 500 companies will failResources
  5. 5. Ideas for Social Media in the Classroom
  6. 6. Raise your hand with Twitter • Pull more students into the discussion • Pose questions to professors and classmates in or out of class • Follow relevant thought leaders, retweet themResources
  7. 7. Connect and share with the students in your life • Private study groups • Have students create Fan Pages • Profile of an historical figure • Imaginary business or product • Students create a separate profile to protect privacy, set guidelines • 200+ Facebook Apps for Education • Poll your class as a Clickers alternative • Event invites, class announcements • Private collaborative groups with other instructorsResources
  8. 8. Text, talk and group video • Set up Skype “Office Hours” • Lecture capture • Connect classmates outside of class time • Find a tutor • Virtual field trips • Connect with foreign language students in other countries • Guest lecturersResources
  9. 9. Be visual • YouTube EDU • Tutorials • Your lectures • “Guest Lecturer” - MIT Open Courseware - Harvard Business Cases • Students to create and promote a viral video • Post relevant video links on your LMS • Explore Vimeo for more professional contentResources
  10. 10. Group chat with classmates like Skype Filter Feed better than Twitter or Bottom Line: Google Plus integrates the best FacebookResources one place social media features in
  11. 11. GradeGuru: A class support network complete with study success tools Participate in the class community The bottom line: Share study notes to collaborate Learn from classmates to build confidence, improve your grades and be recognized and rewarded Provide feedback on each others’ work • Access multiple interpretations on a difficult concept/ idea • See how successful students study Build an academic profile and reputation • Be acknowledged for excellent work Set goals, track progress, keep motivated
  12. 12. Students can earn Member Status Be recognized for being a top student
  13. 13. I agree with what you have included in your lecture summary,but I think there are some things missing. I think the main pointof the class was how the 3 theories fit togetherBut overall it helped me study for the exam. Thank you!I’m glad it helped. And thanks for your feedback! I would also checkout John’s notes on how the 3rd theory actually disproves the 1st
  14. 14. What students are saying… “It’s nice to see the styles other students use when taking notes. It shows me what is effective and how I can incorporate better note-taking techniques into my own studying.” – University of Wisconsin Student “GradeGuru has helped me maintain my grades because of the notes and tools I can use to study for an exam.” – Penn State Student “Sharing my notes has improved my student habits and the incentive is a great motivator for keeping up with class.” – Bowling Green State University StudentStudents from 1,400 universities have already signed up for GradeGuru.
  15. 15. Thank you
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