Th Hare and the Tortoise


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Classic Aesop fable in new simplified version for young language learners.

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Th Hare and the Tortoise

  1. 1. HTTP://ENGLISHFORYOUNGLEARNERS.ORG/ The Hare & the Tortoise KIERAN MCGOVERN The quick hare races the slow tortoise. Who is going to win? A hare and a 'Oh, that's very funny!' he said. minutes,’ he thought. ‘The tortoise once 'Where do you want to race?' tortoise will never catch me.‘ lived in the same ‘Across the wood,’ said the Sleep wood. The tortoise. ‘From one end to the The hare sat down beside the tortoise was old other.’ path. He closed his eyes. Soon and quiet. When the sun was Slower he was asleep. high he liked to sleep. All the animals came to watch When the hare woke up, the The hare was very noisy. All the race. Some went to the start. sun was low in the sky. he wanted to do was race the Some other animals. waited at 'I am the fastest animal in this the finish wood,' he said. 'Who wants to at the other race me?' end of the wood. They all ! The fox raced the hare - and A squirrel came by. wanted the tortoise to win. ‘But lost. The squirrel raced the hare. 'Where is that silly old he’s going to lose!’ said the He lost, too. tortoise?' asked the hare. squirrel to the badger. ‘Tortoises ‘I’m greatest!’ the hare 'He is finishing the race, are very slow.’ shouted. ‘I’m the best!’ now,' said the squirrel. ‘But they are also very ‘WHAT!’ cried the hare. Fastest? clever,’ said the Badger. The tortoise was sleeping under The Race Finish line a tree. ‘Hello, Slowcoach!’ said The hare ran across the wood. The race started. The hare the hare. ‘I’m the fastest animal ‘Wait for me!’ he cried. quickly raced into the lead. He in the wood.’ But the tortoise was already looked back and laughed. The The old tortoise opened a at the finishing line. He crossed tortoise was still near the start. sleepy eye. 'Do you want to just in front of the hare. 'What a silly tortoise!' race me?' he said. All the other animals thought the hare. ‘He can never The hare laughed loudly. cheered. beat me!’ 'You silly old fool! You’re the 'You’re not the fastest It was a very hot day. The slowest animal in the wood.' animal, Mr Hare,' said the hare stopped. He felt very tired. loremyou want to race me?' 'Do ipsum dolor met set tortoise. ‘But you are the laziest.’ He came to a nice shady quam nunc parum repeated the tortoise. tree. ‘I’ll rest here for a few 2009 The hare laughed loudly. Tears ran down his white cheeks. Learning Activities for this text More Materials for Very Young Learners