We should build a modern incinerator in Hong Kong.                     By Ellie    Imagine yourself in a place that is pil...
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Unit assesment persuasive text final copy


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Unit assesment persuasive text final copy

  1. 1. We should build a modern incinerator in Hong Kong. By Ellie Imagine yourself in a place that is piled up with trash. You smellrotten food, rubbish, etc. Your eyes are stinging because of thesmoke all around you. That is what might happen in the future if wedon’t think of a way to manage our waste. Landfills are going to fillup between 2010-2020. So then how will we deal with all our trash?Where will all the rubbish go? As a government official, I think thatwe should build an incinerator in Hong Kong, like the ones in Japan. First of all, using incinerators is a very convenient way tomanage waste. Incinerators can be operated in any weather, andalso lasts a long time, which is useful because then we can use itmore often. Also, incinerators don’t take up a lot of land comparedto other waste management sites. They can reduce the weight oftrash to 75% of what they were originally and the volume of wasteby 90% also, which saves money from not transporting as heavywaste. Further more, there will be more space in the landfills. Since thetrash’s volume has been turned into ashes and is 10% their originalsize, there will be a lot less trash in landfills. And since there will bemore space in landfills, we can use them much longer. Additionally, having incinerators built is good to thecommunities. They can use the excess energy to help power nearbybuildings, such as swimming pools and households. It provides jobsto the communities so people can earn more money. Last but not least, incinerators do not harm the environment.The new version doesn’t pollute the air, because they have filters totake out the dioxin. And, in some cases when they burn the trash,the chemicals stay inside the rubbish. Some types of burnedmaterials turned into ashes can be used as fertilizers too. Other people might think that incinerators are very bad to theenvironment because that was how they were before. But themodern types of incinerators are harmless to the environment. Theymight also think that incinerators are too expensive. But they arewrong on that too. When they compare the cost to the amount ofspace saved in landfills, it is worth the money. To sum it all up, we should build an incinerator in Hong Kongbecause it would be very convenient, there will be more space inlandfills, they do not pollute the environment, and it will be good tothe community. I believe that this will help deal with the wastemanagement problem.