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Speech final


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Speech final

  1. 1. Speech for Transdiciplinary ThemeGood Morning,Today I will be introducing to you the Transdiciplinary theme inmy own words. Some of you might not agree with me but some ofyou will. I will explain to you my interpretation of the five aspects ofthe theme. I will also be telling you the purpose of the PYP Exhibitionand what we,the students of grade 6, have to undertake as a grade level. The purpose of the exhibition is to show our learning and ourunderstanding of the unit Where we are in Place and Time. The exhibitionis also a very big opportunity for us to show the skills we have developedover time through the Primary Years Program before jumping into theMYP. It is also a chance for us to share our knowledge to the audiencewho come here to experience the exhibition in person. As a grade level we have to undertake the process of the inquirycycle: Tuning In, Finding Out, Sorting Out, Going Further, MakingConnections and Taking Action. We must discuss possible real-life issuesand challenge ourselves with problems to be investigated. Also in ourgroups we will plan the exhibition, research, record, reflect and presentour findings with clarity. The Transdiciplinary theme itself is: an inquiry into orientationin place and time; personal histories; homes and journeys; thediscoveries, explorations and migrations of humankind; therelationships between and the interconnectedness of individualsand civilizations, from local and global perspectives. The first aspect of the theme is orientation in place and time.What this means is that you can change from time to time. Forexample, you might move houses and need to adapt to the newenvironment around you. Orientation in time means that the worldis continuously evolving. It could be evolution of transportation orevolution of humankind. The changes over time within our differentstages of life. The second aspect of the theme is personal histories. I thinkpersonal history can be what you experienced before in your lifeand what happened to you. For example, Personal history can bewhat happened to me. My personal history can also be my lifejourney. The third aspect of the theme is homes and journeys. Homesand journeys have lots of different meanings you can just betraveling simply going to war as a journey a holiday trip as ajourney or a work trip to another place as a journey. Also homesand journeys can be a place where you have shelter, a place thatyou feel safe, a place where you sleep and a place that you eat. The fourth aspect would be the discoveries, exploration andmigration of humankind. Discoveries could mean the discovery of9/4/13 Clifford Chan
  2. 2. america or the discovery of the americans.It can also bediscovering new things. Explorations could mean exploring aroundthe world or exploring places/countries.Migration is like moving around for different reasons,water,food,money,shelter or to survive.For example the silk road andplaces in africa some refugees might also migrate for a living. The fifth and the last aspect is relationships between and theinterconnectedness of individuals and civilizations, from local andglobal perspectives. This means what people from different places,nationalities, countries and how the people think about each other.This can also be know as perspective.Thank you for listening to my description of theTransdisclipnary theme. As I said earlier, not “all” of you willagree with what I have said, but I hope you understand that thisis my definition of the Transdiciplinary Theme.9/4/13 Clifford Chan