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Personal Inquiry

  1. 1. Causation Over training Inquiry into Exercise and Over training means to Physical FitnessFactors of getting sores workingwhen exercising - What harderare they and what causes than your ~ Contents ~them? body is capableMuscle aches, sores and of. What is Exercise?cramps and commonresults of physicalexercise, especially after When you over exercise, it makes your muscles, bones, Changesexercise that involves a heart and lungs work toolot of strength and hard and might even beenergy. They generally dangerous to your health.aren’t harmful even theycan be quite painful. Possible symptoms: Responsibility -muscle tensionFor new exercisers the -irritabilitymost common factors of -bad appetitegetting aches, sores and -increased aches and painscramps is because their -sore muscles -declining athletic Causationbody has not been used performancewith regular exercise. Butfor more experienced Over workingones, they probably areworking harder than their your bodybody is capable of.
  2. 2. Responsibility Exercise - What is it? Changes What are the changesWhat is our responsibility when Exercise is can activitywe exercise, that occur during exercising? that allows you to movewhat are the -Your heart beats faster your muscles and bones and stronger and strengthens your -You take in more oxygen lung and heart. than usual Exercise can be walking, -Endorphins are released to yourconsequences body, which causes jogging, jumping,if we’re not careful? you to feel relaxed an simulates climbing. You might you to continue not realize, but you’veIf we’re not careful enough, -Your muscles andwe’ll get injuries and its our been exercising bones get strongerjob to prevent it from since you were a toddlerhappening. First of all, a as longproper warm up is importantbecause it helps our body your active.stretch and relax and preparefor the actual exercise. After exerciseThe consequences for not -You get tiredwarming up could be having a -Your body heats up and sweatsincreased length of soreness. (depends if you exercised hardFor enough) -Your muscles might a little sore and certain places -Your heart, lungs, muscles and bones strengthenmore