Monica's Narritave


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Monica's Narritave

  1. 1. In Another LifeBy: Monica Shum
  2. 2. Chapter OneA family of seven only one set of twins, Paige and Chloe, they had really nice,caring and kind personalities. They were special, but they just didn’t know it yet.It was just an ordinary Sunday morning in September, it was starting to get colderout. Like any other ordinary Sunday morning, they, Paige and Chloe Stevens, wereinventing, what they like to do every Sunday. Oh yeah, sorry I forgot to introducemyself, I am Kate Smith. I am both their best friends. Anyways, back to Paige andChloe. In total, they have come up with around twenty-one inventions but only fiveof them have been successful. All of their inventions have been very creative butthe successful ones have been more creative than their other inventions. Thesenames might sound weird to you like they did to me at first but you will get used tothem, these inventions will soon turn into the old iPhone 21. The “Planter”, it is whatthey use to water their plants and what they use to plant their plants. The next onthat they came up with is called the “C.H.M.”. It stands for the clothes hangermachine; it hangs up their clothes for them. The third one is called the “Town Rider”.You sit down in it and tell it where to go and it takes you there. The fourth one iscalled “End It”. If you were having an argument with one of your family members offriends, it would solve your argument by thinking of both of the sides and whatwould work for both of them.They were just deciding what they were going to invent when they came across andidea. They got inspired from the “Friend”; it was a robot that was already invented.The robot talked to you when you were bored. They wanted to make a robot that didthings for you, like a maid. The cool thing about is that it can read your mind. Notwith everything but when you want a glass of water, it would get up and get youone. The twins thought it was cool and nobody would ever think of that idea, whichwould nobody ever think of. Nobody, ever.They had to make all of the blueprints for their robot before they went to buy thematerials. They had to know where all of the wires plugged in, how many of onematerial to buy and how the robot would function. They worked really hard for areally long time. Finally finished all of their blueprints so they went to the mall. Theyworked from 7:30am-11:30am on the blueprints. While they were in the mall, theydidn’t see anything that they needed. They had to buy screws and all those things,they also had to buy tools because they didnt have any tools at their housebecause they were really old and rusty so they threw them out. They looked andlooked, three shops in total, in Toolz, Handy Dandy and Ricky’s Tool Box. Nothing.Finally they found this one store, it didn’t have a name but they saw everything thatthey needed. They guessed that it was an unpopular store. The things that were inthe store were mostly new. If any of the materials were old, they have barley been
  3. 3. used. So they spent their whole afternoon looking for their supplies, a wrench, ahammer, and screws. They bought a lot more then they needed, because justincase they lost some of their supplies they had extra.When they got home, they checked if they had all of their supplies and they got itall. They tried to put everything together but nothing would fit! They flipped thepieces and did everything that they could to try to attach the pieces together. Noneof them would fit. So they finally tried to put all of the pieces together in another wayand here is something funny, somehow they all fit together but they used all of thepieces. It was weird because they had not planned on using all of their pieces. Theyall fit together! They were not sure what they build would do but it looked kind of likea box. A large box with antennas and many other things sticking out of it. It wasreally big, it was huge! They thought that there were way too many things stickingout of it so they had to spend another hour fixing up their machine. They used thetools that they bought from the store to do all of that. They took some time too dothat, well an hour or so.I thought that their invention was pretty amazing because of all of the cool featuresthat it had, I also thought that nothing. Nothing, in the world could be cooler thanwhatever they have just invented. I was there and I witnessed the whole thing. Iknow what it is like to be friends with the most cool inventors on earth.The invention of whatever it was, was really well designed, huge, there was a mix ofdifferent colours. They went in and tagged along behind them. When we got in towhatever this thing was, I heard many voices speaking at the same time. Wait,never mind those were the voices in my head. Over some loudspeaker in theirinvention there was a voice, the voice was a bit mumbly. It said something like “Goback time, 1829.” I didn’t quite get anything that the machine was saying but Paige,Chloe and I knew that we would be on a long adventure. We stepped right out ofthe big box, which was now known as the time traveler because we didn’t wantanything really bad or really good to happen to us right now.We decided to try the machine out after we told some of our family and friends.What we basically spread around was that Paige and Chloe just built a timetraveling machine. Everybody that we told didn’t believe us for some odd reason.They all knew that Paige and Chloe invented many cool things. Why didn’t theybelieve us? After we tried to persuade them that they actually invented a timetraveller machine that talks, we decided to go back to their house and test it out, aswe were going to do. All three of us decided to test it out together. We stepped inagain and heard the exact same voice as we did last time but something wasdifferent, I could hear it. This time it said something like “Go back time, 2000.”Chapter TwoSuddenly, as fast of a blink of the human eye, a bright flash that looked like ablinding camera flash lit up the whole entire world, it seemed like. During the timewhen we were getting teleported we went through a really long tunnel, there werefunny illusions all over the tunnels walls. It seemed like only less than a second thatwe were in the tunnel for. Finally at the most random time ever, we suddenly fell onsomething gooey, muddy, squishy. It was the most disgusting feeling ever! I openedmy eyes and felt a painful feeling in my eyes. I couldn’t breathe! I quickly tried to
  4. 4. push my way to the top of whatever I was in. I got to the top and breathed in andout really quickly. I looked around me, I couldn’t see Paige or Chloe anywhere! Ithought that their time traveler machine put us all in different places. Out ofnowhere, I felt something brush my leg, I screamed a high pitched scream.Something popped up in front of me and behind me, they were the exact same,they turned around and I realized that they were Paige and Chloe. Phew, I wasn’tscared or shocked anymore. That was close, I thought that they were some scarymonster. Then I looked down and since it was clear at the top, I could almost seethe bottom. I say that because all of the trash was at the bottom. I saw many, many,many gross things, like trash and all of it was in mud. The grossest thing ever, Ithought to myself.After we got out of the gross muddy water, we tried to brush all of the stinky trashoff our bodies, we looked around. It looked nothing like our time. Everything was oldand ripped up. Nothing was in place, by in place I mean I recognized nothing. Therewere old buildings, old shops, no phones or any electronic device and there wastrash all over the ground. I guess that people litter here. After I looked at all over thetown that I think I lived in, I think that I live in this town because in the distance I sawa small house about two stories that looked like my house. I also saw many carsand trucks on the roads and I also saw a few people peering out their balconies. Itwas really loud where I was. Some people were yelling really loudly at each other,there were some birds singing, that noise got annoying after a while and the noisefrom all of the cars add to how loud it already was. We had to walk a while toactually get to where we were now.Now I am here looking around with my two best friends, Paige and Chloe exploringthe world how it used to be. Then I turn around and see Paige and Chloe again, Ilook back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. I tell the set oftwins who I think are the real Paige and Chloe and they are because they arewearing their bracelets that match mine. They see them and then they also seeanother me coming out of somewhere and meeting them. Paige, Chloe and I allthink that we should spy on them because all three of us were starting to get a littlebit creeped out. We follow them and hide in the corners that they turn and wait untilthey turn the next corner then we go around.When we tuned the next corner there were three sets of eyes on us. Paige’s twin,Chloe’s twin and my twin.Chapter ThreeAs we walked closer to them, I could see that they had a slight simile on their faces.We slowly approached them, they started talking. They sounded like us! I thoughtthat they were clones. I also thought that they couldn’t be because I doubt thatthere was a cloning machine back then.They fired questions while we fired questions at them. This is how the conversationwent, “Hi, Hi... Im Paige... Im... 15... Me too...” It was a lot longer than that but thatis all I picked up and said because the conversation was going nowhere. I found outthat we looked and thought exactly the same as the person that looked like us. Weall wondered how this could happen.
  5. 5. We showed them where we landed and our time traveling machine was there. Idon’t think that it was there before! They also liked to invent things but Paige andChloe’s were a lot more modern. They wanted to know how it worked so weshowed them. They pressed the buttons while we went to the washroom. When wegot back, the machine was gone. Poof, just like that.Chapter FourI am Alana. Somehow I am now in this world where all of Maddie and Brooke’sinventions are old. We saw their mother and asked her where we are and shereplied, “In your house silly!” They had no clue what she was talking about. Wethought that she was the silly one! I looked around the house. Paige and Chloe wason a sign on one of the bedroom doors. Oh what? Are we in their house? What justhappened? How do we get out??